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Wiishu's Birthday Present

I was more than a little appalled to realize, when I went looking for it, that I never put up the slideshow on what is one of the coolest prezzies Wiishu (and I) have gotten. Wiishu’s auntie Lynn (my sister) sent it to us actually two years ago. It’s a bed I’d been eying on E-bay since the first month after Wiishu arrived. It’s one of the best 3-D puzzles ever. It came in sheets of laser-cut plywood and turned into this. I’ll get that slideshow put together and up, but to make a long story short…last BDay I finally got the time to start it. I got the pieces out and sanded and the first coat of paint on them…then the floor happened. And the windstorm…and everything else. So this BDay, I finally got to finish it. I made the mattress following a futon demo online, but it doesn’t roll very well. 😀 Their pillow is the pillow our little bracelet-bearer used for the wedding. Anyway…here’s the sneak peek…


6 comments to Wiishu’s Birthday Present

  • That looks really fantastic and sumptuous.

    My bed is plainer but still comfy.

    Hah, Wiishu and Pooki can be glad they don’t have a futon. I tried one while moving, years ago, and, eeeee, did I want a more comfortable mattress. (I could feel the frame underneath. The Japanese might have something with their lower mats, though I’d want the platform raised off the ground a bit more.

    U;ve mussed seeing your blog posts and pictures, and the adventures of the crew.
    But I’ve been off doing other things too, and nowbusy getting, well, busier doing that.

    • BCS, was your futon a foam mattress? When I got married, my wife had a couple of those types of futons. I bought a futon about 15 years ago when my ex- and I separated. It’s a cotton stuffed mattress, about 8″ thick. The stuffing is secured by heavy thread that goes completely through the mattress to the other side and then back again several times. It’s fairly firm, although it does roll up, it takes a lot of effort. I used it for about 13 years before I bought a traditional innerspring mattress that was custom made for me. (custom made does not equal $$$$ – I paid less than $800 for the mattress and box springs, even though it’s a queen size mattress).

  • Hanneke

    Hi Jane, it’s good to see you posting again. That moonbed is very lovely, and so are the colorful chinese silks for their bedding. The brown futon-mattress is a very good fit with the bed, and the red and pink (though not my colors) look very opulent and chinese in it, and lovely warm to snuggle under.
    (Sorry for being late answering here, I had to look up my password.)

  • chondrite

    I am pleased to see that Mr. Wiishu has his very own version of a Christmas sweater. Does the rest of the crew also have sweaters?

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  • ready4more

    Jane, Michael and I wish you and CJ the very best of holiday seasons.—Paula

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