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Happy Halloween 2016!

Joey, Airiis, Pookii and Wiishu: Halloween 2016


I don’t know what to say, except I’ve just gone into hermit mode, big time. Sorry! I’ve been busy, and there’s just been…stuff going on. Even poor little Wiishu has been pretty much ignored. Sigh. However, all is actually well, and I’ll rejoin the human race soon. I’ll have some pics eventually, and will try to be witty and engaging! 😀

5 comments to Happy Halloween 2016!

  • It must be the moon or something!

    No need to try for wit and engagement, you always are by being yourself!

    A picture once in a while would let us know all is well.

  • P.S. I see Wishu and Pooki, but is that a new family member?

    • When I began getting “spare parts” for Wiishu, I got two backups. One was Joey, a second hand resin kid, and a second Shiwoo from Fairyland that was to be his “adventure” face (I ordered that one, then Joey came available at too good a price to pass up.) Normally, the “adventure face” works well enough, altho I’ve found myself less inspired to do the stories linked to it. (I seriously need to invest the time to MAKE him an adventure face.) This little face just LOOKED like a girl, thus was Airiis born, but she rarely comes out. I started to put the captain outfit on for Wiishu to go out to dinner with us, but when I put that wig on the adventure face, Airiis came out with a vengeance. So…I just got them all dress up for Halloween. Joey usually sits around looking cute. When I go to cons, the extra bodies come in handy, because I can get one in Naruto, one in Bren, and the Doctor outfit, which is easier to put on than the others, trades out with his PJs.

  • Yay! Witty and engaging? Aw, but you got engaged and married a good while back. 😀 And you’re generally witty anyhoo.

    Hey, welcome to Airiis, and it’s good to see the three usual suspects, I mean, er, mischief makers are…hmm…almost unnaturally well-behaved there…. Could make one wonder…. ;D

    It has been forever since I posted anything about my BJD crew. Who knows what they’ve been up to?

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