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Miscon 2016

Hullo, evwybodies!


We gotsa slide show fo’ you. We went to Miscon dis year, bud jus’ t’say Hi to our fwens. We were jus ‘ there for a few hours, but I gots some pitchurs!

More soon! Wemember, we’s workin’ backwards, cuz we’re so far behind, we can’t find where to starts. Sigh…

And from me…I’ll have a real post soon. Some thoughts coming out of the Nebs.

16 comments to Miscon 2016

  • Great photos! Wiishu, you have lots of wonderful friends! Thank you for sharing this adventure!

  • chondrite

    Not really being able to attend a lot of cons, I could hardly identify anyone, but it looks like such fun! The only people I thought I recognized were in Photo #30 — is that the Foglios? I particularly liked the full samurai armor! and the crafting made my fingers itch.

    Teach you to sleep in, Pook! (and don’t you get grumpy, because it was your own fault!)

    • real yoroi could be quite expensive, depending on how much gilding was on it. I’ve seen a 3/4 replica of a general’s yoroi at the Honda Engine Plant in Anna, OH. Lots of gold leaf on it. Of course, the general probably wouldn’t be fighting in the van, either. The “ornaments” on the helmet aren’t protective, they’re used to identify the leader in the heat of battle, so that his troops would know where to rally.

      Much of my kendo equipment is based on yoroi – the buton (pads) on my headgear resemble the shoulder pads on yoroi, as the pads on the gloves resemble the sleeve pads. The chest protector isn’t quite as ornate and it’s not constructed the same way, as it doesn’t need to deflect a sharp blade or an arrow or spear. We don’t have the leg pieces (suneate), as kendo doesn’t permit strikes below the waist. Naginata (the halberd) does use suneate, as there are leg sweeps allowed in that sport.

      His katana appears (I say that subjectively) to be a bit long. Usually, the blade is about 3 feet long, otherwise, it’s difficult to draw from the saya. The sword that Toshiro Mifune carried in “Seven Samurai” was known as a “horse-killing sword” and rarely carried in a sheath.

      I think he’s done a really great job on the yoroi that he has. It’s difficult to make a good replica, but I think he’s done it.

    • That’s Chad, and he’s about as much a modern day Samurai as you’ll find in the USA. These guys were trained by masters, both in martial arts and metal-working, and their business is costumes and replicas for Hollywood. I’m not sure about Chad’s history, but Dragon Dronet is a native of the Seattle area and got his start through con costume competitions. The cons gave him contacts and his own incredible creative ability did the rest.

      The sword is probably totally accurate. Chad’s…sma…er…compact. 😀

  • ready4more

    Well I guess I’ll just have to plead packing my daughter for her move across country. On Sunday she’ll be leaving along with ReadyGuy to drive the 2400+ miles to her new home and job so we only have a few days left to weed out the detritus of almost seven years in her present apartment. Did I mention DETRITUS? I know, it’s my fault for not teaching her how to clean and that it’s easier to clean as you go. It’s all coming back to haunt me now.

  • cherryhfan

    Wishu, your mommy made you the most beautiful paidhi outfit in the world. Almost as pretty as your beautiful eyes.

    • Tanks you! I weeeely likes it…excep Mom has to sew me into d’ vest right now. She’s gonna make widdow frogses to close it. I’m not sure frogses are quite wot Bwen would wears. I hopes she doesn’t make dem green. An’ how do frogses fasten a vest anyway? Hmmm…..

  • Hanneke

    It’s lovely to get to see the pictures, thank you for posting them!
    It looks as if you had a lot of fun, and some of those costumes are really great! Including Wiishu’s paidhi-outfit! He looks so grown-up and serious in the paidhi’s court finery, with his hair all neatly pulled back. How did you get a braid in it, it looks too short for braiding when it’s in his normal fluffy dandelion-look?
    And in his ordinary-boy clothes he looks so cute, just the little elf boy being his spontaneous self.
    Dragon looks really nice, and totally believable in his costume. Often it looks like people playing dress-up; in beautiful and special costumes, but with the way he wears his it looks totally natural and I could really imagine him living that sort of life hundresd of years ago.

    • The braid is a hair decoration I picked up a year or so ago. Isn’t it the perfect color?

      Dragon is every inch a gentleman…and I wouldn’t want to cross him in a dark alley. 😀 These two wear full armor as easily as the sort of casual almost sweatsy look they’re wearing in the demonstration. He’s always got a beautiful headband on. Someday I should record one of his talks. He’s always got cool “in progress” photos and film and his stories about his hollywood jobs are always fascinating, wild and funny. 😀

  • Awfully quiet on the Wiishu front……..

  • I’m trying to set up my own WordPress site….I’m taking an online course in WordPress and had the first lesson today, but am kind of confused about the assignment. Well, he’s got a discussion page just for that reason to help us if we have questions. This is a 6-week course, and then if I’m able to retain, I’m going on to the intermediate course….

  • cherryhfan

    Happy Birthday, Jane!!

  • Walt

    Happy birthday, Jane!

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