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It's done!

Well, almost. We’ve still got the baseboards, but that can wait. I’ll be posting more soon. Right now..I’m off to get my hip seen to…at last. No point til this was done.

Well…I was going to post a picture, but my site’s screwed up. Oh joy, oh rapture. Another round tuit. Ah, well, at least I’m going to be off-duty for physical labor for the next few days. I’ll get some up soon.

sheesh…they’ve changed everything. But here’s one pic of the living room. You can see the hallway to the left. Still arranging and need to put baseboards in yet (that’ll wait) but you get the idea. On my monitor, this comes through quite brown. The floor actually has a rich, red toe. For reference, the chair on the right w/b a true red. Again, on mine, looks a little on the purple/magenta side.





40 comments to It’s done!

  • Congratulations on a job completed and (knowing your level of obsessiveness errr commitment) well done. How you did it between CJ’s eyes and your hip deserves a home owners award of some sort!

    Rest up and take it easy……spring is coming!

  • Went to chiropracter today and hip doing MUCH better! Hope for full recovery on the horizon! Yippee!

  • Are we looking from the kitchen doorway into the living room? Oh heck, obviously, we are, the fireplace is in the background….and I know the layout of the living room and kitchen…..

    That’s an awful lot of stuff to have moved around. Glad those furniture glides helped a lot, and on a smooth floor, even more so. That carpet was pretty old, and I’m sure you’re glad it’s gone. Fewer dust-related sneezes, etc.

    BTW, I hope the hip gets better quickly. Mine has been bothering me just below the ball joint, it seems…..I asked a friend about how his hip felt to alert the doctor that he needed a replacement. He said it felt like a groin muscle pull, not a hip pointer. Mine feels like a hip pointer…..

    My right index finger has swollen up from the arthritis and I can no longer fully bend it. I can still play my guitars – all 3 of them…including the classical guitar.

    • Whew! Glad you can still play! Had so much fun in the evenings here. 😀

      Mine is just the entire hip. All the butt-tendon attachments were hard as rocks. Been favoring it way too long. The groin is a problem, but mainly because the outside of the leg is pulling it wonky. When they got that to release, most of the pain went away. They (the docs) are looking at that groin pain with suspicion, but I think a series of theraputic massage and stretching will probably do the trick. It was mainly the result of sitting far too long in the wrong desk chair.

      And, yes, looking from the kitchen. Marine tank is to the left.

      I had the bright idea to use some of the 5mil ply I was using for leveling the bare ply to the hardwood floor to make a little ramp up each layer. Worked like a charm. A little lift with a dolly let us get the felt glides under and once it was on the new floor…I swear we could move the full tank if we had to!

      The TV unit was actually more trouble than the tank, but the same method worked on it, so…minimal effort on our part! Yay!

      • My health issues continue to impinge….both hips hurt, kind of like hip pointers. I’m also starting to get more pain in the joint near the nail of my left middle finger, the left little finger doesn’t like to bend to do certain frettings. The right index finger is fat and looking ugly, but it works for the time being. I’ve started to feel more pain in my feet, which is probably not unexpected as that was one of the first places I started getting arthritis.

        Well, the body is old, but the heart still feels young…..ain’t love grand……

        I have considered getting rid of the carpet in this house, because the cats use it for a claw-sharpening surface, and when they run around, sometimes their claws get caught. I haven’t found any bloody spots where a claw has been torn out, but I don’t want them hurt. I have laminate in my kitchen/dining room that was installed by the previous owners to sell the house after darling D-I-L trashed it to the tune of $30,000. (If things work out with regards to paragraph 2 of this post, I might be looking for a bigger house – 4 kids, two girls & two boys, quadruplets – can’t stay in a small house like mine, especially with one bathroom!) But, I don’t want to get the cart before the horse. I had to replace my furnace in January, the old one went out on New Year’s Day, and that was $2,400 that I really didn’t want to spend. I wanted to put the electric radiant heat system in my bathroom, which warms the floor, and those aren’t all that expensive, especially since I want to rip out the vinyl flooring and put in ceramic tile. That might not happen, though.

        Anyway, next time I come out, the offer for muscle (what little I have 😉 ) still stands.

      • You’re always welcome, muscle or not! 😀

        Quadruplets???? ARGH…we’ll wait….

        • Oh, it’s even more complicated….the kids are named Austin, Breanna, Cierra, and Dakota. (Boy, girl, girl, boy). Dakota is autistic, although I don’t know to what degree.

          They celebrated their 12th birthday yesterday, they’re 4 of the sweetest kids I’ve ever known…

        • We finally got our coffee date together yesterday morning. Apparently, the day we were supposed to meet, her ex-husband and his new g/f had a fight just after the kids were dropped off at his place…..so, the kids got involved in a fight between father and g/f, and mom having to come pick them up as they were carrying their things out of g/f’s house. Ex- is to blame, as he had been nipping at the bottle, apparently.

          Anyway, yesterday morning, she said she’d be there at 10:15, and she was there on the dot. We sat and talked over my coffee and her Coke (and bagel), and when the Bible Study group came in, we shifted to another spot in the cafe. (This is a mission-based cafe, but they don’t push that on the customers.) We talked for three and one-half hours over the kids, her, me, what we like, a very little bit on our ex-spouses, and plans to go out again with the kids, this time. I told her that whatever she was doing to raise her kids was obviously the right way, because they are 4 of the sweetest kids I have ever known. I think that took her off guard, but she already knows how much I like her kids – tutoring them lets me see a different side of them than just being someone else’s kids. Yes, there’s a bit of an age difference between us, but if neither of us care, then what difference does it make. It’s not like she’s 25, she’s got a few more years than that, but doesn’t look her age at all. I felt like I was undergoing a job interview at times, based on the questions she asked me. If it is an interview, then it’s for a job I’d be happy to have. I know the pay sucks, the hours are long and involved, but the rewards are infinite.

          • Oooo…sounds wonderful. Fingers crossed!!!!

            • Thank you. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m acting like a smitten schoolboy, and then I really don’t care if I do. 😀 Other times, I wonder if this is really going to work. Up, down, up, down….

              One of my friends sent me a note, “Don’t think about what could go wrong. Think about what could go right.”

              She’s 22 years younger than I am, (and you are 3 months younger than I, so you get an idea) But if she’s comfortable with that, it shouldn’t be a problem.

              • asked her (and the kids) out to dinner, and FINALLY got her phone number…..:D

                • isn’t going to happen…..when I asked her out this afternoon, she got a scared look on her face and said, “I’m sorry. I’ve been seeing someone for several years off and on.” Well, not much I can do, except say, “I see. I misunderstood.”

                  At least I found out early in the relationship.

                  • Hanneke

                    Sorry to hear that, Joe. I was hoping for you.

                    Maybe, now she realises a nice man is truly interested in her, she will do some thinking and re-evaluation on the several years off and on person and relationship, and the reasons why even after several years that hasn’t become a firm relationship.
                    Knowing someone values one in that way can do a great deal for one’s self-esteem, and that can change how one looks at the way one is treated by others; but it’s a scary and slow process of growth to go through, if one decides to go for it. It’s much easier to slip back into the status quo.

                    • I keyed on the “off and on” nature of her relationship with this guy….I’d almost be willing to bet he’s married, and is telling the other woman that he’s going to get a divorce, but that there are “issues”, and every time it looks like he’s going to get that divorce, more issues arise. Um, yeah, I’ve seen this scene played out 3 other times with friends…..she never sees it coming until one day, it hits her right between the eyes that he’s NEVER going to leave his wife (unless she divorces him for philandering), and that he’s got “the best of both worlds”. A wife and the security (and tax breaks) that a marriage brings, and a girlfriend without the legal commitments to tie him down. What happens to the kids? This affects them much more than she realizes – one of the people I was talking to this morning told me that her father did exactly this, and it really damaged their relationship with their father.
                      Maybe she’ll realize that he’s doing this, and maybe not. It doesn’t change how I feel about her kids, or how I’ll interact with them. They’re not to blame for this…..I won’t say anything to her, either, because it would just seem like I’m being jealous and trying to drive a wedge between them. That would make her angry with me, and she’d be justified. No, she has to figure this out for herself. Even then, I don’t know if she came to me if I’d be wise to get involved with her…….

                  • chondrite

                    I believe I side with Hanneke on this one. You can only hope that she realizes that a stable relationship would be better for the kids that an on-again-off-again-maybe one. And recognizes if she’s being played by the ‘maybe’.

                    • Hanneke and Chondrite,

                      Thank you both.
                      One of the women in my class at the YMCA said that her father had two women, and when the family found out, they were devastated. She told me that of all the kids in her family, she was the one who knew he was doing this and she was the most scarred by it.

                      I cannot involve the kids, I will not involve the kids. This is not in their best interests, but it is not my place to say anything to them. I will continue to tutor them, and will continue to talk to her when she comes to pick them up. I’m not changing how I interact with her, other than I’m not asking her out to dinner, or on a date, or things like that.

                    • Hanneke

                      Good for you, Joe. That seems like the best way to handle this.
                      She needs to work through this herself, if she’s willing to do that.
                      I think it’s good that you can maintain that bit of stability towards the kids, by continuing their tutoring, independently of what happens with their mum.

                    • I did see her on Tuesday past. When the kids came in, Breanna hung up her jacket and backpack and walked over to me and gave me a long, very tight hug. Since the supervisor is there, I have no difficulty in returning that hug to Breanna.

                      When Mom came to pick up the kids at 5:00, I spoke with her about what they had done during the tutoring session and let her know that the kids had been invited to watch a track meet at the local high school next Tuesday and she signed the release to let them go. I won’t be going, so I won’t see them there, either.

                      Patience is truly hard sometimes.

  • chondrite

    Hooray — it’s done! I can see the heartwood streaks easily, and the color is nice and rich against the cool toned walls. Does this laminate have beveled edges, or flat? I see the little metal table what wouldn’t accommodate gliders, and really like it; do the flowers rest on top of/ poke through the table top, or are they underneath?

    When do you guys get time off for good behavior? *house elf sticks up head, shakes finger in general direction, “I towwed dem so, but dey nevver wistens!”*

    • Yeah…the little guy is really on our case. We’ve turned on the pond, but that’s all the garden has gotten so far.

      The water lily table was one of the first BD gifts CJ gave me. The lilies are underneath and there’s actually glass that goes on top. I’m really loving the new arrangement of furniture. Looking forward to Christmas decorating!

      The edges are beveled. Wiishu will give some closeups.

      One reason I haven’t done more pix…I’m now having computer probs and trying to decide what to do. The desktop (win 8.1) does NOT handle PSP well and I haven’t had time to figure why and my laptop has gone haywire. It used to do graphics and GW2 really well and now it’s slow and painfully inaccurate. Everything tests correctly, but the game vid is horribly herky-jerky and processing of images tedious.

      I need to do taxes now, so computers need to wait. Bleh

  • Hey! That laminate flooring looks really neat! ‘Course, I like the desks and accoutrements too.

    Here’s hoping the house-elf contingent are doing well too.

  • Teegan

    I LOVE it!! It looks so much nicer than the old brown carpet! It gives the room a clean look. And to think you two did it all yourselves. Amazing.

    • It’s not really that hard, if you have a table saw and the time to take it slowly and think through the problems. We really wanted that continuous look, which was the only really hard part because we had to negotiate around doorways and such.

      Carolyn’s wanted to rip up the carpet since we first looked at the house. She was right, and it would have been easier to do before we moved stuff in, but at the time, we had our hands full repainting and moving. Besides, this floor wasn’t available then and we’d have ended up with something nice, but a lot more “normal.” This not-normal is much more us. 😀

  • Walt

    The floor looks beautiful! You make me want to put some in my home.

    It seems to be properly colored on my monitor. You might be able to adjust the monitor; some have color settings in their menus. Sounds like too much blue or not enough red: if the whites are blue-ish, the former; if they’re yellow-ish, the latter, I think.

    • Monitors vary so much. It’s one of the continuing pains in my behind. My HP laptop is very bright and impossible to dial back without compromising clarity. It’s a beautiful screen to work on, if I adjust the images themselves, but then, they’re dark on other screens. It’s RGB controls suck pond water. I finally got a dedicated color-fixer (Spyder) with it’s own program. That helped for a while, but whatever’s going wrong with the computer is now affecting output as well. I adjust the gamma in the game, which curiously runs very dark, and it stays…until I change maps. I keep waiting for the thing to crash and burn, but it keeps cranking away.

  • Jane Fancher is a totally kind and awesome human being with talents galore!! That room is just stunning!

  • Kroyd

    Very Nice! That inspires me to do something similar in my home to replace very old carpet. Its now just a matter of round tuits, as this weekend is replaceing a broken garbage disposal. It is beautiful, tho. Congratulations!

    • No kidding. I’ve got a backyard spook-light to replace, a bathroom fan and taxes. We started last fall to do the kitchen, but when we were forced to pull a piece of the carpet and saw what was underneath…it totally took priority. It’s been a long haul…my room was a nightmare to prep, but I’m really glad we did it.

  • Hanneke

    That is a very beautiful floor, such a lovely warm color and interesting … I don’t know the English word for the ‘flame’ effect of the lighter and darker wood that makes the floor look lively.
    I’m glad you’re done with most of the moving though, and without having thrown out your backs – I was a bit worried about that. Very glad you got relief for your hip, and it’s looking good to recover completely!
    Maybe, now the most exhausting physical work is done, you can start the regular daily walks again, building up slowly? I find that walking is good for those bum-hip-thigh-knee muscles that tend to get tight from sitting too long.

    • Walking is DEFINITELY on the agenda. As is dedicated physical therapy. I’ve always been super flexible, but I quit stretching regularly when we quit skating and the office chair was the final blow. The whole pelvis is just super tight. One of the real benefits of the new floor is space to exercise, because everything moves so easily. I can push the chairs and coffee table back a couple of feet, do my thing, and put them back, no stress, no bother.

      Flame is as good a word as I can think of. I find it warm and lively without being busy and like the blue of the walls, it’s a great background color.

  • Hanneke

    It occurs to me I have perhaps been rude to someone tonight. I was playing on GW2 tonight, exploring Lion’s Arch, and someone sent me an in-game mail saying something like “you’re looking good”. I think the sendrr had a name like Dennis something.
    Because I didn’t recognise the name I deleted the mail and didn’t react. Is that a correct response, or should I have answered something like “Thank you, do I know you?”
    What’s the in-game etiquette for being addressed by strangers?

    • chondrite

      Not necessarily rude, if you weren’t busy/in the middle of combat, a quick ‘Thank you’ is perfectly adequate. Lots of people don’t respond instantly, or sometimes at all. If the person continues to try to engage you and you don’t want to respond further, usually you can walk away from them, tell them ‘Sorry, busy’, change instances or mute them in the chat function if they’re persistent. Even when the person isn’t moving, they can be checking inventory, chatting with someone else, or otherwise occupied, and most polite players should back off if they get no response. Impolite players are a different kettle of fish 🙂

    • CJ

      Common abbreviations we use in GW2: ty [thank you] and the frequent response, np [no problem, meaning you’re welcome.] afk [away from keyboard for a moment] brb [be right back]; lfg [looking for a group to join for this event]. This saves a lot of typing. If someone resurrects you, particularly in a very difficult situation, say ‘ty!’ They’ll say, “Np!” Or if things are really dicey, just leap up and start killing whatever it was that’s trying to eat your rescuer. 😉

  • Pence

    much nicer to exercise on bare floor then on carpet too. Though with yoga I did need a small nonskid mat! But my allergies did so much better without all the things that hide in carpeting even with addictive vaccuming!

  • Sims

    Hello! I’m so glad I can check in with you here! Wow it looks amazing! I hope you both are on the mend quickly.

    • Hello hello hello!!!!! I’ve needed to call you FOREVER. Email still doesn’t seem to work for us. TOO WEIRD. I’m going to try again…have put you into the server’s mail list. Maybe that will do the trick. Didn’t realize that whitelisting in Thunderbird didn’t add it to the server. Meantime…have answered your PM on DoA. (Haven’t been up there much for the last year or more. Poor Wiishu. So neglected…) Give me a buzz at the home phone when you have a free braincell, OK? Number’s in that PM.

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