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The potato did it.

Christmas. Trying to do something nice for my spousal unit. She always cooks. I took over to make the turkey, mashed spuds and gravy and green bean casserole. (Fancy, I know…) I’d already done the cookies and banana bread the day before. The turkey was browning nicely. Time to cook the spuds and put in the casserole. I peel the spuds into the eatamus-everythingus side of the sink, put them on to cook, then start to straighten the kitchen preparatory to dishing up dindin. I blithely grind up the peels….and the water backs up into the other side of the sink! ARGHETH! No time to think. Dumped some draino in and went back to stirring the gravy. Then behind me, CJC tried a plunger…in a sink filled with groundup potato peels and draino. Yummy. Then a snake, which got caught in the drain hole. (Mind you, we can’t see through the muck. I shooed her out and finished dinner with that lovely stench of draino filling the air.

Curiously, dinner wasn’t bad. Afterward, I got the snake free of the drain holes, put dishes in the dishwasher and rinsed a few things out in the tub, said screw it and went to enjoy the evening with CJC.

Next AM, the sink was still floating. Nothing for it. All a plumber would do is take it apart and see what he could see. So…I pulled all the cleaning stuff out from under the sink and started taking the trap off….which drained the sink (yummy), but the trap was clear. Oh, oh. What was weird was, water run into the sink still backed up, even with the trap off! WHAT?!? I pulled everything else, but it was all clear. Still don’t know why that first test failed.

But then I started investigating the pipe running out to the well. YUCKO. Clear enough why it was stopped. We have a bad tendency to put stuff down the kitchen sink that we probably shouldn’t, and I paid for it, digging really disgusting stuff out of that pipe. Then, I sent the snake down through it looking for more hidden treasure. I think I found at least one other obstruction, tho it didn’t really pull anything out. I reached the full length of the snake, wound it back up. put everything back together again….turned on the water…and prayed to any god that might be enjoying the show. Fortunately, it drained clear, didn’t leak and after a couple of loads of dishes and thorough cleanup…it’s still draining smoothy. Whew. Talk about dodging a bullet….

It was the potatos. I know it was the potatoes.

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  • Chemical drain clearers and “eatimus everythingus” do not play nice together. The chemicals tend to tear up the seals and the blades on the “eatimus”, and you end up with a leaking piece of machinery under the sink.

  • Hanneke

    Cluedo, plumbing style? I’m in awe of your handyness (is that a word?) with all the stuff that needs to be done around the house, and the daring to just do it, instead of dithering, asking for help or calling in a plumber (which I confess is often more my style).
    I hope your flooring tomorrow goes smoothly, with no snow or mud on the garage path and nice level underfloors; though square corners and straight walls are probably too much to expect.

    I’d love to see the pictures of the moon bed when you’re finished, it sounds lovely and very special. But also very finicky to put together, especially if you have to figure it all out yourself, with lots and lots of tiny pieces and useless Chinese instructions.
    Though if the paint irritates CJ’s airways it might irritate her eyes as well, and you might have to wait a bit after her second eye is done. Never mind, something beautiful like that stays beautiful even if you have to wait for it a bit.
    Sorry I didn’t answer earlier, I was at my parents for a long Christmas weekend, giving my brother’s flat the yearly cleaning-out and filng his paperwork, and helping my dad with some computer stuff. He’s getting much more unsure with anything new, or anything that needs organising, and asking for my help with stuff he used to do himself – he’s become a lot older this last year (he’s almost 80).
    I’ve been busy this month – it started off with me staying at my sister’s house to look after her two kids (one of whom had hurt his foot and needed ferrying everywhere instead of being able to bike to school himself – there are no schoolbusses in the Netherlands, except for handicapped kids going to special schools) and three Icelandic horses when she went to hospital for her operation, and for the week after she came home (’til the teens got their Christmas holiday and could take over the caring). That used up my vacation days, so now I have to work the Christmas and New Year holiday week, and had to get my dad and brother sorted over the Christmas weekend. Luckily, that’s a very quiet week at work and a good time to get things done, and try to gain on the backlog accrued in my time at my sister’s. I’m very glad my boss is flexible enough that he allowed this!

    • Wheee! you’re a good daughter and sister! That’s a lot of helping out. Heh heh…y’wanna come here and help with the expletive deleted filing? This year: going electronic! I’m sick of papers! 😀

      Is your nephew’s foot okay now? Three icelandic horses? I wanna come visit YOU! 😀 And hugs to your sister.

      I’m going to try and get a few “in progress” picks of both the floor and the bed. It’s not that it’s that hard…I have picks…but somehow, when I sit down for the evening, my brain goes into “dumber than dirt” mode. OTOH…Two blog posts in a week…That’s better than I’ve done for months. Maybe pics will happen yet!

      • Hanneke

        Yeah, my sister loves Icelandic horses and sweaters. She found an online shop that sells the real Icelandic wool and pattern books, and is knitting her own cardigans from those patterns, but with buttons instead of closed sweaters because she’s just starting on hot flashes. As she has to stay quiet for several weeks after her belly operation the knitting is growing apace, but she’s healing well, and so is her son’s foot – luckily not broken, just pulled the underfoot ligament.
        She’s been to Iceland for her summer holidays and taken part in herding the horses home from summer pastures (now that’s something you might like, if you & CJ ever get a book tour over there, or win the lottery), and she’s got a little old mare with allergies and asthma (she gets the same Ventolin as I do, just a few more puffs, through a baby inhaler placed over one nostril!), and her son (a gelding) who’s 18 years old and was born in my sister’s stable, and another 18 year old gelding who is best friends with the mare. Sadly, my sister hasn’t been able to ride since she tore her knee ligament more than 2 years ago, but luckily these horses have their stable open to the paddock and orchard-field and keep themselves exercised, they just need the usual feeding and stable-care, and medicines for Lista; not as much brushing because they never get saddled anymore. A lot more physical hard work than I’m used to in my desk job, but enjoyable, and nice to be able to spend time with my sister and her family. Theoretically, I was supposed to be able to work part-time from there, the same as working from home; in practice, I didn’t have the time and couldn’t get my laptop accepted on her internet, so it doubled as my Christmas holiday a bit early. It was fun.
        I quite forgot to send my Christmas cards out, though, and it’s a bit late now.

        Those undersink choppers are almost unknown in Holland – people see them on vacations, but they’re not installed on Dutch sinks. Anything that needs chopping to go down a drain isn’t put down the drain but gets thrown in the garbage or the compost bin (including rice and fat residues – solids mostly don’t belong down drains, in Dutch perception, except for what goes down the toilet). Considering your blockage and the comments, I think I’m quite content that it should stay that way!

        • Indeed. I’m an idiot not to compost all kitchen waste. I’m trying to change that. Our kitchen has not been conducive to collecting. I’m hoping to change that with the new arrangement next year.

  • WOL

    You are a gem, a rare jewel. Greater love, etc., than sorting through drain muck to clear the drain. I agree. It was the potato peels. “My” disposal is out of whack, too. The blade is locked down. Turn it on and all it does is buzz. Resetting does naught, and I tried to move the blade by hand, and it was well and truly bound down into immobility. My mom and my BFF were coming to dinner and the apartment supervisory staff are on holiday. At least my drains are clear (touch wood!)

    I “cooked” turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes but Prater’s did the prep, so no potato peels, etc., in my picture. I just turned on the oven and bunged the stuff in. I got the smallest sizes of everything they had, but I’m still eating left overs — which is just fine with me.

    I was a bad girl and bought a used Playstation 3 on Amazon, and the game Journey with my Xmas money. I’ve been longing to play that game for literally years. Of course, there’s a foot of snow on the ground so whether FedBlex or Bug Brown can get it to me is another story. There’s more snow in the forecast.

    Y’all stay safe and warm, cuddle with kitties, etc.

    • Journey? Oooo.haven’t heard of that. Good for you!

      Haven’t cooked a turkey in literally decades, but this one went well despite the uncertainty of a new oven. Decided I need to get a thermometer to check the heat settings. I did cookies this year and times were off. I think it’s thermostat is reading low….

      Sounds like the motor is OK, just a stuck blade. There s/b a hole in the bottom of the unit that will accept a (probably 1/4″) allen wrench. It allows you to wiggle the blades better than putting a hand in. Hopefully, it’s nothing more than a pesky bit of bone or (if it were mine, a tiny rock from a plant. :D) Disposals can be a little futsy to put in, but not that bad. When we got the new sink, I had to replumb the underneath to fit everything in. I have a tendency to make do with what we have as much as possible, and I’m sure an actual plumber would giggle him/herself silly, but it works. The trouble we had here was in the old section, not mine. 😀

  • ready4more

    Several years ago we had a similar backup. ReadyGuy called the plumber… yep it’s the potato peels and the coffee grounds and all of the stuff we should be composting. Plumber Cliff who is a real sweetie recommended we grind beef or pork bones (not chicken) whether we normally would or not, to keep the disposer blades sharp and pour all leftover grease into a jar for recycling or disposal at the landfill. He also had a shortened end of a mop or broom about 3 feet long which he inserted into the disposer and used to lever the disposer blades around until they moved freely and would once more grind. Picture McBeth’s witches churning their cauldron. He saved us a lot of money not having to replace the disposer, and we haven’t had a problem with our kitchen plumbing since.

    One lives and learns.
    Son and his girlfriend have returned to LA along with their two puppies.
    Post holiday count: 3 adults, 1 moping dog, and 1 superior cat to supervise.

    • most disposers also have a small allen wrench included with them. There’s a place on the underside of the motor housing that you insert the allen wrench and can turn the blades that way if they’re jammed. I tend not to want to put anything into the disposer from the top, as if it starts moving on its own, you can get a serious whack upside the head when the object comes flying around or out of the disposer.

      If it’s really jammed to the point where you can’t move it with the allen wrench, you can take a short length of pipe (or the loop end of an adjustable wrench) and use that for extra leverage.

  • Ours went belly-up with rice. We do not throw anything down now because the blades have stopped spinning and I do not want the guys inside here without one of us also here.

  • Does it buzz? If not, Have yu tried resetting? Once it’s buzzing, you can look to the blades as the likely culprit. I can usually get the blades free with a bit of hand jiggling the blades, but that allen wrench is a really good thing to know about.

  • WOL

    Journey is a fantastic game — no weaponry though. The graphics and music are ravishing. I’ve played the sound track so much. I just love it. Here’s a screen capture of the game being played that sold me on it:

  • witchyg

    tater peels are the disposal’s Achilles heel lol. did that myself but only once. almost glad i don’t have one in the apartment because i know i’d put things down it i shouldn’t hehehehe

    glad your meal turned out yummy!

  • I can fix most of the stuff in my house, at least, the essential stuff…..but when it comes to major appliances, such as a furnace, I’m over my head. Yesterday afternoon, the house started feeling a bit chilly at a time when it should have been about 68 degrees. Looked at the thermostat, it read 60. This was the first warning that big trouble was ahead. Apparently, the electronic control unit in the furnace has a bad motherboard, so a replacement could be as high as $200 for a new one, or maybe $100 for a salvaged unit. It will also depend on whether the service guy has a salvaged unit available that will be compatible with my furnace.

    So, the house is now a balmy 55 degrees F, or 12.77779 degrees C, depending on where you are in the world. It’s not bitterly cold outside, but it’s below freezing.

    BTW, there’s a small cat outside that I have seen several times, I don’t know if it’s feral, but I certainly don’t want it coming to harm out there. I’ll probably end up making a small bed for it out of a storage tub….Walmart’s got them for about $5.00 and putting something warm in there after cutting a hole in the side, should help. Maybe some food to lure it into the tub…..we’ll see…I hate to see them outside when it’s bitter.

    • furnace guy has come back and re-evaluated the furnace. I stood there and watched him as he did it, and watched what he did. The blower motor also has an electronic control unit and IT’S gone bad, too. Combined cost of a new blower and the main ECU would be $1,200 on a 14 year old furnace.

      According to Consumer Reports, they recommend that if the furnace is that old, it’s better to replace it than to try to repair and then wait until the next part goes bad, repair that, etc.

      So, he quoted me a price of $2,400 for a new furnace, which is in the ballpark range for this size, etc., and so I paid him a deposit to order it. Maybe tomorrow night, if he’s able to pick it up tomorrow and install it tomorrow night, I’ll have heat. At least, it’ll be under a manufacturer’s warranty for at least 5 years. He’s also throwing in a free labor warranty for a year…..

      He says the furnace I have is way over what is needed for this house. While 60,000 BTU is fine, the furnace is apparently a commercial application, and whoever sold this to the owner of the house either convinced them or was convinced by the owner to install it. The parts are about 10 times more expensive than for residential furnaces, and give no additional benefits, other than when they break, they’ll drain the wallet faster.

      • and…this morning, I had a root canal done on an upper molar, left side. Next Tuesday, I go for a temporary crown for that tooth, and a permanent one maybe near the end of the month. Starting the New Year off expensively! I’m glad I have both medical and dental insurance…..

        • It’s now Saturday, Jan 9, and the furnace is fixed, as of 9:30 PM EST, Thursday, Jan 7. Actually, not “fixed”, but replaced. At least, he didn’t have to replace the air conditioner and humidifier units. This one is smaller, although same heat capacity of 60,000 BTU, but fits in a smaller envelope. He modified the duct work between the furnace and humidifier unit to make a nice tight seal.

          It might be essential to survival, but when you’ve gone without heat for 6 nights, you can even consider it a luxury. Now to send in the warranty information…..

          • Obviously, I’ve been out of the loop. Wow! Glad you’re all nice and toasty now. We totally grok the luxury, after our powerless week in sub-freeze weather. Sounds like a good furnace guy, too, since he didn’t try to over sell YOU!

            Ah…Root Canals. Something I’ve avoided so far. Have a couple of crowns and after changing dentists, they’re even staying on now! 😀 That other one had every bell and whistle in the book, but the crown fell off twice in a year and a half. The new guy put it on once and it’s been on for…wow…many years now.

  • Hanneke

    Totally off topic question: has anyone here played Titan Quest?
    I got it to start learning how to play computer games, as it starts off easy and gives tutorial tips.
    In the beginning it was fun enough, whacking pigs and birds and “mythological” fantastic creatures, but I’ve got arachnophobia, and I’ve had several sessions in different regions where I’ve had to battle lots of giant spiders through forests and/or caves. It didn’t mention those in the game description!
    Occasionally getting killed by centaurs or cyclops or skeletons isn’t too bad, but I seriously dislike the spiders – those bits cause too much stress, and the game intrudes too much into my dreams, for several nights after one of those sessions, even though I’ve set the ideo-settings to show the game as small and undetailed as possible to make it feel less real and threatening. I can feel my belly tensing up just thinking I’ve got to get through another of those spider-woods, and not in a pleasant way.
    OK, here’s my first question: I’ve arrived in Delphi and spoken to the oracle; now the way out of the city is another of these nasty spider-woods, with even bigger and nastier animals. Is this the last of them, or do I keep getting them all the way through?
    Is there any way to tell the game settings to use other monsters instead of the spiders? I noticed going back through an older area without them, that as I’m now higher qualified I sometimes get blue catwomen (who are harder to kill) instead of satyrs, or if I get satyrs and centaurs and maenads and lizardmen they have more powerful shamans etc., so going through an older area is not quite the walkthrough it could have been with the original bad guys. That means the game must have some flexibility in what it spawns where, but I have no idea if this can be influenced.
    And is there any way I can disable them from respawning after I exit and restart the game?

    • Hanneke

      I have now found some forum discussions on how to defeat the giant spiders in Titan Quest, from which it’s clear that they keep on occurring and getting worse.

      I’ve also found talk about “mods” one can download to run “custom quests”, but nothing about if there’s a no spiders mod. It seems unlikely, from what I’ve found so far.
      I’m not sure I’ll continue playing it, in that case.

      • Walt

        I haven’t played Titan Quest, but spiders are pretty standard in RPGs. From Tolkien, I suppose: the spiders of Mirkwood and Shelob.

        The good news–what there is of it–is that it seems to my amateur eye like you’re doing exactly what a desensitization program would do.

        Maybe if you alternated with some free browser game(s)? Definite no-spider games I like:
        Rebuild 2 — kind of SimCity with zombies, turn based
        Astrox — SF RPG; you’re more a ship than a person; you mine and fight pirates, upgrading your ship to be more powerful; requires Unity3d plugin (free)

        These are ad-supported on Kongregate, though I think they have full screen mode so you’re not constantly bombarded with ads. Kongregate has hundreds of games, some meh, some with spiders.

        • Hanneke

          Thanks for the tips, Walt.
          I’m not sure if I’ll continue with trying to learn how to play. I don’t like zombies or other images that are purposely horrifying, and don’t like horror stories either. If I feed my brain nasty and horrifying images and stories, it’s sure to recycle them in my dreams. What I’ve never seen or graphically imagined can’t be repurposed that way. It’s one reason I stopped my TV cable service years ago – I don’t need the graphic images that go with the news, and with lots of modern movies etc. to make it hard to get my rest at night.
          I always skip those bits when rereading Tolkien, for the same reason.

          Yeah, I’ve thought about seeing it as desensitization excercise, too; but I’m not sure it will work that way or just make me extra twitchy at the slightest touch or glimpse of anything that might be a spider. If those are in the forefront of my mind I’m much twitchier than if I haven’t seen or thought about them for a while. I’m also not sure if I’d consider it worth the loss of restful sleep for as long as I’d be playing plus a bit longer. It took about a week of not playing to return my dreams to normal, after playing for a few weeks.

          And besides, it takes up an inordinate amount of time that could also be spent on reading!

          • Walt

            Let me clarify that when I say Rebuild 2 is “SimCity with Zombies,” the Zombies are definitely in a very minor role. It could be “with floods,” “with stormtroopers” or “with rabid hamsters” and the game wouldn’t change significantly. The zombies are just an abstract test for the strength of the city you rebuild. It’s not horror; it’s not a shooter.

            Both games have significant story elements. Rebuild 2 is less mechanical, with better characterization, but the graphics are cartoon-like isomorphic 2d (look down at an angle) with some still images. Astrox is more techie, space opera, with 3D graphics but few polys (low resolution).

            These won’t be as engaging as TQ, so my thinking is you’ll go back to TQ when it’s comfortable for you. As much as I like reading, I need a break from it, too, at times.

    • Like Walt says…spiders come with most shooters, but bashing them is a pretty good way to overcome the phobia. One thing about GuildWars is that you can form parties and get help against them. Taking on a champ with a zerg (BILLIONS of players! :D) is really good for what ails you!

      GW2 has wasps, my own personal buggaboo. I take a certain satisfaction now about doing them in, but I still wish they’d just go away! 😀 But I am less sensitive to them in the garden.

      On that same note…First game that hooked me was Might and Magic VI. It had spiders and snakes and all those things, but what got to me came in in the higher levels, an enemy known as a Cuisinart. Not that I have any problem with cuisinarts, but the SOUND they made gave me chills. I’d get sick at my stomach every time I heard it. Didn’t help that the first time I took them on, they made serious toast of my little team! Once we discovered that sparks and ring of fire could take them out through a wall, I was much happier! 😀 OTOH, it was years before I could play the game with the sound on!

      If you decide to give GuildWars a try, let me know and we can team up. We chat on our own mumble account and it makes it much easier to learn all the ropes. They have tutorials, but the game has so many nuances, Mentoring is much to be preferred!

      • Hanneke

        I got on GuildWars almost a year ago, when they hax a sale, and I’d been reading about how much fun it was for you and CJ.
        I thought it might be a way to connect with my oldest nephew, who is very into online games, so I joined a European server. It was quite overwhelming for a gaming newby, with so much happening too fast and me not even able to move… I got killed immediately, revived by a stranger, killed again, then totally lost and fell through a portal. I thought I’d wait until my login got cancelled for non-use (I misunderstood when asked to enter my name and gave myself and my character the same stupid name, as the names I wanted were unavailable) and then either give it to my second nephew or try again after I’d gained some experience elsewhere.
        But in december, my nephew offered to get me unlost, back to the starting village, and did so, but it was still quite overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do next or how to move and do things. He’s too busy gaming with his friends to spend time mentoring me, so tgey showed me Titan Quest and said it was a good place to start and learn how to game as a single player, before going on to the multiplayer online games, so now I’m stuck waiting another year to get cancelled.
        Or maybe I could deinstall it, but then I’d have to buy it and download it again…

        I think a mentor would be necessary for me to start off in Guild wars anyway, even if I finish Titan Quest, and the idea you might be willing to give me some help starting off is very nice. But I have no idea how to get myself extricated from my unwanted name and the European server, and started anew with a better, shorter name on the server you’re on so you could give me some tips. I also don’t know if chatting transatlantically works without phone costs.
        And thirdly, you are already a very busy woman, and deserve to spend your gaming time with your close friends and the people you love, to just relax and not have to be there for someone else for a change.
        I love that you offered, but I’m not sure it would work.

        • I wouldn’t mind at all. It w/b fun!

          We communicate via the internet on a service called Mumble. You put a “client” for it on your machine (downloaded for free from their site), hook it into our little account, get it set up with your headset, then we all get onto our little account at the same time and we talk back and forth. In our guild, we have folks from all over the world who chat together. As for the server and name, you can make up to five characters for that initial buy, so you can make a new one and give him/her a new name. They have this big megaserver system now, so the server you’re on is no problem until you start talking the higher levels of the game like World vs world, which is server against server. And my guild is Jade Quarry server-based, but that’s not important to play together. I have two “ingame” names, and their cleverness or lack thereof don’t really matter. Only people who see it are your friends. Seriously, get yourself a headset and a good mouse, we’ll get you set up on mumble and I can talk you through setting up a new character. I’ve played all races and disciplines and can at least give you an idea of the pros and cons of each. Also…if you decide a character isn’t for you, you can delete him/her and have a slot for a new character! coordinating playing times would be the hardest. 😀

          • Hanneke

            Okay, next weekend I’ll start looking into a Mumble client and a headset. Wouldn’t it work via the speakers on the machine, seeing as the only one who might be bothered by the noise is my cat, and I don’t expect she’d mind?

            I’ve got an ordinary mouse, wifi, and an ordinary but new last year Toshiba L52 laptop, not a gaming machine; I hope it works with that. After two hours of Titan Quest the machine gets quite warm.

            The weekend after that is my birthday, so maybe I can ask my family to give me the headset. I always request book vouchers and they always say “But it’s nicer to give a real present…”.
            Shall I send you an email sometime in februari when I’ve got it set up, so you can send me a time & date that would work for you? I’m luckily on a fairly flexible schedule, except for 3 birthdays in one week in the middle of februari: that’s a weekend and a half when I’ll be unavailable.

            • Hanneke

              Okay, I have now installed Mumble on my laptop but haven’t started it up yet.

              I can login to Guild Wars 2, with a new password. It was just as bewildering and overwhelming as I remembered. I tried creating a second character so I could start all over in the safe introduction area to practise a bit, this time with an Arbora instead of a human, but that got me to a different and quite bewildering starting point full of fighting. When I tried to move like I’ve been practicing in Titan Quest, using the mouse, the picture swooped wildly but my figure just stood there… and all around there was fighting and running and peple and things with different labels, and chests and information panels to click on. I remembered W for walk but not how I could do anything else, so I just stood there like a doofus without helping the good guys, clicked on a chest or two, and stopped because I’m going to have to look up and memorize the buttons I’m going to need to do anything.

              Are you sure you want to spend a little time on mentoring such a useless baby player?

              • Sorry to be so slow answering. Got the floor finished yesterday and have been putting the office back together with the rule that nothing comes in that doesn’t belong. Harder than I thought! 😀
                I’ll send you an email with some specifics, but basically, GW2 defaults to a two-fingered mouse movement of the character. i.e., the left button will move the character forward and the right will change the camera angle. Pushed together, the character moves in the direction the camera is looking. The sensitivity of the mouse (and a lot of other stuff) can be adjusted using the little gear in the upper left corner.

                And don’t worry…the sylvari are the weirdest of the races…but they’re fun to run. WADS are your basic movement keys…W moves you forward, S back, A turns you left, W turns you right. Q and R “strafes” you left and right, i.e. you kind of side step, which lets you shoot as you move.

                To access the weapon you come in with, you might need to open the hero screen (the little shield and sword icon at the top or H) and equip the weapon. In the first section, you’ll only have one skill, which you activate with the number one key. Basically, you stay alive through the beginning, and after that you’ll be in the regular map, where I can team up with you and help you with the rest.

                Anyway…I’ll send an email with more specifics. And, yes, I’m sure. It’s such a fun game because people do help one another.

  • Hanneke

    @BCS, I tried to mail you at the yahoo address, is it still current?

  • Yikes! @Hanneke, I missed your email, but yes, I got the email and will have to look at whether that’s already set up or activate it if it is not yet set up. I’ll reply via email in just a bit. Thank you!

    I’ve been remiss in checking Jane’s blog lately, but Joe was kind enough to PM me that you’d asked. Thanks, Joe.

    • Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that it’s been NEGLECTED! I’m hoping to do better.

      • Well, don’t you have a House Elf and a 10,000 year old wizard who could fill in while you’re busy doing things like clearing drain lines, laying flooring, retiling the kitchen, fishing out envelopes from the gap between the porch and the foundation, etc., not to mention trying to keep up with the overwhelming number of pine cones that seem to find their way to your yard…..

  • Aren’t a house elf and his little companion going to be busy making sure home renovations are done just right? Heh. I mean, *house* elf and all.

    Hey, Jane? WordPress seems to have rearranged itself on you in one of the recent updates.

    Recent User Comments are not showing up on the left or right sidebars. Those were handy to track what was new since the last visit, besides the Recent Posts track, which is still there.

    It seems to have added a “Sample Text Widget” with lorem ipsum dummy text under it. I wonder what that thing actually does, or is intended for? Handy for something, but not sure what, with it like that. I don’t recall seeing it in the default widgets / plugins. Whazzat? 🙂

    I’ve had WordPress move things around or drop things from the plugins / widgets in the sidebars, in other updates or theme changes. Aggravating, to have to spend time fixing what WordPress decided to do without asking and lost track of.

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