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Merry Christmas!

11 comments to Merry Christmas!

  • Hanneke

    Hi Jane! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your loved ones, too.
    Wiishu looks so cute in that sweater (such fine detailed knitting, it’s amazing) and his specially decorated festive Christmas top hat. I love the peacock snowflake-star in the background too, lovely colours!
    I’m glad you’ve managed to find a little time to enjoy playing and decorating again, amidst all the hard work and stress of this past year; and hope next year will be a bit more relaxed.

    • Oh…so do I! I’m ready for dull. I’ve got so much to catch up on with you all. The floor will be finished some time next month, depending on weather (right now we’d have to trudge through snow to cut the boards) and then it’s just sit back and write for awhile. Next fall, we’ll get back to the kitchen.

      Isn’t that sweater darling? Can’t take any credit. It’s an ornament. It was a perfect fit! The ones I got last year from the same source were kind of boxy…short and wide for him, but this one’s perfect. He’s got another that’s got a Christmas tree on it.

      The hat was another ornament that I modded to fit on his head with a little help from the glue gun! We definitely did Christmas light this year. Just the small tree and a pretty new lighted garland for the fireplace. But I just couldn’t let it go by without SOMETHING! 😀 We gave each other new slippers and put a bow on the new kitchen appliances. Ate too much and watch Pride and Prejudice and worked on Wiishu’s new bed…which is one of those “catch up with you all” stories. 😀 His auntie Lynn gave him a beautiful moon bed for his/my birthday which I’m only now getting a chance to actually assemble. It’s about a million tiny pieces of laser cut 3mm plywood. The instructions are literally in Chinese! 😀

  • Joyous Christmas, Jane, to you and CJ and the house elves.

  • Merry Christmas, Jane, CJ, Wiishu, and Pookster.

    Did you see the email I sent your regular email address showing you the Christmas prezzie I bought myself???? If not, I can send again…..I like it…..

  • ready4more

    Michael and I wish you and your clan (human, feline, elven, piscine, etc.) a very fruitful holiday and Happy New Year. Love to you.

  • Walt

    Mele Kalikimaka!

    Excellent plumbing, Jane! Well done!

    Christmas was quiet; end of the 1st day of X-mas (from the traditional sunset start, maybe 2nd day, Gregorian?), boxing day, St. Stephen’s Feast (“Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the Feast of Stephen…”): wind gusts around 60 mph/100 kph–blustery! Not quite down to frosting–most places–but very cool. Very dry. No snow…bother.

    Getting snow down here is almost unheard of–I’m about 5 mi./8 km. from the coast. But, on the horizon is Saddleback, Santiago Peak (5,689 ft, 1,734 m) and Modjeska Peak (5496 ft, 1675 m). Saddleback is often a snow-tipped eastern backdrop to OC. And the San Bernardino Mountains, c. 11,500 ft, 3500 m, are routinely snow-topped in Winter, less routinely visible, though.

    To be sure, it’s not as wondrous (or inconvenient) as the snow dropping right atop you, but it’s a convenient white Christmas. One can drive a couple hours, get on a cable car, and reach San Jacinto Peak, well over two miles, three km high, and usually snowy in Winter.

    I like to remind people–excuse my presumption!–that the Twelve Days of Christmas isn’t just a song, it’s the time from birth to the arrival of the Three Wise Men and baptism, on 1/6, Epiphany, which starts a whole new religious celebration, until Easter (or nearly). So, if you didn’t get all your Christmas celebrating done, continue!

    Merry Christmas (all 12 days!), happy new year, and solemn(?) Epiphany!

    • Ah, yes…the joys of taking over cooking. Every time I do, something blows up! This had been brewing for MONTHS, but it took me trying to make CJC a nice dinner on a special day to manifest. I’m just glad it was so easily (and cheaply) fixed. Whew.

      Our Christmas came down today. Gotta make room for CJC’s bedroom furniture! With luck, we’ll be putting the floor in the hall and her bedroom tomorrow. It should go much faster than my room did.

  • Again, Merry Christmas to you all!

    The 26th here was crazy, with torrential rains (still happening on the 28th and perhaps turning into snow in a few hours), tornadoes around us but not coming close to our location, having friends lose their homes (they lived in rural areas), snow in Abilene on Sunday (where C’s mom lives), the temps dropping from the low 70s to the low 50s in hours then staying low so the rain is cold, and dealing with typical TX weather.

    The brats are fine. Chi is not happy I have not changed his shirt since A-Kon but i have been busy with other characters – discovering their personalities and writing bios. Also been crocheting more. Gave myself some knitting circles and rectangles so I can do ‘peg’ knitting. Already made a doll scarf.

  • That weather down there is just nutzoid!

    Oh, I’m so glad you’re making stuff! I’ve been too busy. Poor Wiishu got his sweater (straight off the hanger from Michaels) and hat (only mod was a hole in the bottom for his head) and that’s the sum total of his new stuffs…goodness…since last Christmas? ARGH!

    I’m finally working on his/my birthday present from his auntie Lynn, altho it’s now on hold again until I get the floor down. The paint, unfortunately, is asphyxiating CJc. Chi…might just feel a little twinge of green when he sees it. 😀

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