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I’m (very) slowly getting into the backlog of photostories. As any agricultural type knows, there are certain extremely important times of year that can make or break a garden. Times when the gods must be propitiated. Wiishu and Pooki heard us talking and…well…

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  • There will be more tomorrow. 😀

  • chondrite

    I’m not sure if I want to know what part ‘peanut butter’ plays in Pook’s version of drawing down the moon…

  • Peanut Butter?!? I am with chondrite in this one… heeheehee!

  • “Gets d’ peanut butters!”

    Oh. Oh golly. This is one of htose are-cane ritch-woolz, the kind that really stick!

    Robby: — So many decisions to affect the outcome: crunchy or smooth, what kind of jelly, will there be bananas involved, white or wheat, toasted or untoasted, triangles or four corners, leave the crust on or not, milk or juice or Kool-Aid…?

    Blue: — Psst, Robby? — That’s PBJ sandwiches, dude, not arr-cane ritch-woolz.

    Robby: — Ohhhh, okie-dokie.

    Blue: — Psst, Robby?

    Robby: — Ja? Yeah?

    Blue: — Lighten up. PBJ sandwiches are good, no matter how you fix ’em!

    Robby: — Ohhh. Yeah! — Hey! Can I have a PBJ sandwich now, please, bitte?

    Blue: — OK, sure. Let’s see what kind of jelly we have. Hey, we were just talking about peanut butter the other day on Shejidan!

  • Only after I wrote that did I remember I’ve got to get bread at the store.

    Good thing Robby is a virtual kid, or I’d be having a long apology while going to the store for bread! Or waiting to make some!

    However, I do have peanut butter and about three choices of jelly. So we should be good.

    Hmm, and I suspect a real scenario would’ve discussed waiting for supper (chicken with ranch dressing and some veggies, cranberry juice) versus PBJ sandwiches. But I suspect the PBJ might have won me over too! This time, anyway.

    Note: I will have one or two small photostories up, once I get the photos in, sized, and the text and pages entered. Something for Augie and crew and something for Robby. Stay tooned!

  • Hey-hey, I now have a little pre-adventure up for Augie and crew. There is a little mystery going on.

    There’s a brief (or briefless?) doll information page for Robby, which will include sizes later.

    I have a Fanzone upcoming with a micro-story in a galaxy somewhere nearby. That may make it online tomorrow.

    I have a new adventure for Robby upcoming, maybe tomorrow. I saw there is more story to the story, but I need more photos and captions to complete it.

    Tune (or Toon!) into http://www.shinyfiction.com/toybox/ for the new adventures. I will post news when Robby’s newest adventure and the Fanzone bit are posted.

    I restarted my blog last year, and anyone who would like to visit or sign up is welcome! Those who were signed up, please sign up again, because the restart did not take the former members.

    My blog is at: http://www.shinyfiction.com/blog/

    News about my audio voice work is at: http://www.shinyfiction.com/audio/ for anyone interested. I would love to audition for more fan projects, and I’d love paying gigs too. (I am new at this. I’m not a member of the actor’s guilds and don’t yet have an agent. I have been doing this on a volunteer basis and still enjoy that.)

  • The Fanzone bit is posted, but it got away from me somehow. I’m not sure what I’ve got there.

    I like better what I did with the new little adventure Augie and crew are having.

    I still have Robby’s 2nd Adventure to finish, maybe later today (Sunday the 5th).

    See the Toy Box Tales link above for all of them.

    Crunchy Adams? I will have to seek out this favorable (favorable?) peanut butter formidable jutsu!

  • Robby’s Adventures 002 is posted at the Toy Box Tales link above.

    His next adventure will have to wait due to real life circumstances, until after next weekend.

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