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Hazards of being a Garden Elf

I’m way behind on everything…and this is one reason why. So much to do in the garden this spring! And a certain little house and garden elf doesn’t make things any easier….

15 comments to Hazards of being a Garden Elf

  • Flashing violet eyes………”Do. It. Now.”………

  • chondrite

    Was the fire hydrant buried in that mass? No wonder the city wanted the juniper curtailed.

    • Actually, no…it was line of sight that was the problem. The fairy-home made a big lump and the branches coming out the top were just too high. We whacked the off last year and decided to just get rid of this altogether and move a couple of young ones in that we can keep a bit more tamed. The road is a one way coming downhill to our crossing. It was just getting too high. I’ve made a point to keep the hydrant free—I think legally it’s my responsibility, but I’m not sure. In deep snow years…it’s beyond tough. 😀 It can take me two hours of shoveling just to get a path open to it.

  • I was going to ask Wiishu never to argue with anyone holding a chainsaw. But then I saw that last picture. Wow! Little guy, determined! Way to represent!

    I suspect any garden faeries, brownies, hobs, gnomes, etc. are probably very happy in the back yard garden anyway.

    And. Yeah. Never mess with a woman with a chainsaw.

  • Eureka! A long while (weeks, months) ago, I had emailed CJ and you, Jane, to attempt to confirm the address I had for Closed Circle. The email attempts (3) never got through, and I intended to look where you’d sent the wigs for Augie and Zeke. I was going through things in the wee hours of the morning and located the home address. Yay! The next time I get to the post office, I will send the small item to you, for Wiishu and Pooki’s bemusement. 😉

  • chondrite

    I spent the last two trash days stuffing branches from the volunteer hedge ficus into the rubbish can for pickup. I went through loppers, the pruning saw, and finally the hatchet. That thing was like Cthulhu, with limbs everywhere, and I still have to ask the neighbors on the other side of the fence if they can move their minivan so’s I can assault the remaining branches from their side. The stump grew up through the remnants of a low rock wall. Getting it to stop putting out new shoots will be fun.

  • Saw something cool. I had ordered a simple striped t-shirt for Robby from an Etsy seller (Minipparel). When it arrived, she had included two neat graphic arts and ad/marketing items, besides a thank you card and wrapping it with tissue and yarn as a packet or sachet:

    One, a small sticker showing a boy doll wearing that tee, as a portrait head shot (a bust or mug shot). The sticker is a circle, maybe 1.5 to 2.0 inches in diameter, and has a shiny coating. The sticker backing is square, probably cut from a sheet to feed into the printer. I’m going to look for these. Super idea for a product or other custom marking. Looks fantastic and professional.

    Two, a small card stock item, maybe 2.5w x 0.75h with her Etsy store and email on the back and a picture and store name to show off her merchandise on the front. Full bleed, so trimmed, but more like label size than business card size, and it could be done in multiples on a sheet of card stock and trimmed. I’d suggest that probably needs to be done by a printer shop instead of someone’s own printer, since most personal printers still tend to choke badly on card stock.

    I didn’t take exact measurements on either of these, but the idea would work for any sizes and pre-set label/sticker/card stock. It looks really great, very professional, very arts and crafts and design friendly. Darned clever, too. The little label-sized tag works as a tiny business card and may save some due to the extra numbers / scale involved.

    Someone could do business cards and bookmarks, or bigger round stickers too.

    Hmm, the bookmarks would be a fantastic advertising idea for writers!

    Had to share this, too cool.

  • Jeeze! That last picture! Wiishu is actually GLARING! I did not think he ever glared like that! Chill, sweetie! Mama will make sure a new house will be available!

    Wiishu, did you see – Chi and I built a fairy garden (more of a porch) for Fennel at DollAKon this year? Maybe you can come to DollAKon one year and build one with us so the fairies have a summer house or maybe a tree house.

  • Hi all. I have some business on back taxes to take care of over the next couple of weeks. Don’t know yet quite what I’ll be facing, but it’s not good. I will try to let folks know a little when I know something more.

    I took some photos of Augie and a friend or two. In a couple of weeks,, I should get the photos posted. I’ll let you all know when that happens.

  • While looking for dlothes for Robby, I ran across a shirt that says, “I <3 Jacob" Now consider that Jakob (with a K) is one of the other Kidz n Cats boy dolls, a blond boy.

    After my eyes got very big at the possibilities, I had such a good laugh, and I thought about it. After a day or two, since it was cheap, I succumbed.

    I don't know quite what's going to happen, or if Robby will end up wearing it or not. But it arrived today, with a few other items that were intended to be a celebration after paying something off. … But before I found out I had to solve something else big in July.

    I already had an idea for a little culture clash in an episode for Robby. I'm undecided yet about the shirt, though. (And Robby is a young kid doll, so any storyline has to take that into account.) It would need subtlety, a light touch.

    I've also been learning the doll / figure world has its own rules, not quite how the real adult world works. … Or that it's a reflection of a very interesting look into roles and gender inside our early or imaginary lives. There may be an article in there. Mulling it over.

    Still likely to be very busy (and anxious/stressed) this week and next, until I've got immediate personal business down to a dull roar.

    But look for something past then. I will *need* a break!

    (BTW, I'm starting to think *I* might need that security blanket, given the level of anxiety. Heh… my elementary school self would say go for it, but I outgrew that a long time ago. …Still have great sympathy for Linus, though. So Robby will have something going on, since he's a little guy. Stay tuned. Or tooned.)

  • witchyg

    OMG that evil eye he’s giving you is amazing! I need to learn how to do one that good!

  • I went by to try to resolve another big step on personal business. Mixed results, I didn’t get help today and have an appointment next week before I’ll know anything more. No help on the immediate forms due, but they did take payment. Tomorrow, I’ll be mailing in the forms as best as I can figure to answer them.

    There’s a small chance I can get Wiishu’s and Pooki’s item mailed off tomorrow; otherwise, it’ll be the week after next before I can get that done. If I get it mailed tomorrow, I will let you know!

    After next week, I willl most definitely need to let off some steam and will probably have something for Augie and/or Robby up that week.

    So, so ready for this to be over and done with, and hoping there’s a workable way out of the situation. But today was a reminder that big, faceless organizations do not care, even when you want to do what’s right and ask for help in getting it done. Words cannot express how I feel about that. Only that I want something better and I’m tired of always playing catchup.

  • Hah! There’s a mini-mini item on its way today to Wiishu and Pooki by way of Mama Jane and Mama CJ. I’d expect it should arrive by the end of next week.

    Some time over the weekend, I will have a new bit up for Augie and crew, and possibly for Robby.

    Chondrite said to watch my mail. It will likely be next week before it reaches me, but last time it arrived sooner than I would’ve expected. Apparently, that seagull delivery service makes pretty good speed.

  • (Cross-posted from CJC’s blog.)

    There will likely be something upcoming at a future date. The size was smaller than I’d anticipated, and so I have this feeling of obligation for more of a gift than that. 🙂 But when I do, I want it to be something especially suited and fun for you both and for the two house-elves.

    BTW, a catnip “carrot” and a catnip…well, it was purple and conical and intended to look like a vegetable…were such a big hit with my two cats that you may want to seek those out at your local pet store or on Amazon. The purple whatsits has been through so much now that I’m replacing it. I had to get two, because Mr. Assertive wanted to steal it from Mr. Non-Assertive, and the latter gentleman deserves his enjoyment too.


    @ Chondrite ~ Oh, wow! The care package arrived much sooner than I’d expected, in today’s mail. The wool was *very* interesting, though I’m not sure what to do with it. Impressive and good looking and useful.

    The item for Robby is fantastic! Gorgeous! In fact, so nice that I expect it will be a quilt or blanket for him, rather than a security blanket. When I next get pictures of Robby, I’ll have him with it! He’ll be impressed. I sure was.

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