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Time for another overdue story!

Two years ago, Wiishu’s DoA hero, Miike, came to visit us after . So far, I’ve done up their little episode feeding the fish, but that’s only the middle of the story. Here’s another segment…

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  • witchyg

    another amazing story…thanks for sharing!

  • Wiishu is his usually sweet self (aside from pestering Pooki) and Miike, tough little guy that he is, is still working on those people skills. Heheh. I notice he eased up on that with Wiishu. Kinda suspect there’s more there than he’s letting on. ๐Ÿ˜‰ heh, and Wiishu just lets it all out there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW, I am in favor of the Hawaiian shirt for Wiishu bro.

    Heh, I found a waist chain in the right scale (I think) 1/4, MSD, 18inch, 46cm, for the upcoming arrival. But I won’t be ordering the waist chain for awhile. — That’s inspired by Miike’s original photos from last year or before.

    Robert will likely either be Robby or will turn out to be Hobart (Hobie) instead. Currently leaning toward Hobie as similar to hobby. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • There’s more to come! I just need a couple of bridging photos. They didn’t come out in the original photoshoot. Was going to get them today, but it was too windy. But Wiishu is definitely challenging Miike’s “cool guy” facade. ;D

    Robby’s going to have quite the wardrobe! Looking forward to his story. If I ever get my basement sorted and workspace organized, I’ll be making some leather and chain belts and such. Once we get a feel HobRob’s “style” I’ll make him some “accessories.” I owe some to momma-D as well.

  • WOL

    Did you ever get my email? It had a question in it.

    • No, m’darlin’, I have not. Carolyn hasn’t seen it either and anything put in on CC should come to us both. I’m going to have to look into that. How are you sending it? I wonder if we have a plugin that’s gone wonky.

      Anyway… Just go ahead and send it to my personal email. fancher at cherryh period com.

  • ยปSpiel Mit Uns!ยซ | “Play With Us!” — Robert’s box exclaims. (Kidz ‘n Cats boy, 18 inches.) The box is in German and English.

    Robert (Robby?) or Hobart (Hobie?) has arrived! I’ll have photos over the weekend. My camera battery has to charge. D’oh.

    He looks fantasitc. Very happy with him. In person, it’s clear he’s a little younger than he might look in the photos online. So now I’m guessing he’s around 5 or 6, about Kindergarten age. He’s big. I knew about what to expect, but he’s bigger in person. Good weight, too; he’s sturdy. He’s about twice the height and larger mass and volume than Wiishu. But Wiishu makes up for this in personality!

    His hair is short and brushy on top, styled that way, so he’s a little more sporty or adventuresome or mischievous. (I keep wanting to comb it into place, haha.) His hair and eye color are great, very natural. Very natural faceup; the eyebrows are a bit light and thin, though. He has eyelashes.

    The joints (11: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees) are good for posing, but the elbows and knees can bend a bit too much “backward” (opposite) from where they would in life.

    Er, he’s not anatomically correct. Not even a bulge. Sorry, buddy. Not particularly a problem, but having seen this for other jointed boy dolls, and being a guy, well, er, it feels like a boy ought to have that. :: discrete cough ::

    I am waiting on a couple of clothing items I ordered third-party, and we’ll see how he looks in them. — More fitting for this weather.

    The clothes he arrived with are high quality, and show in the pictures. But heh, they would fit for winter here. He’d be way too hot most of the time with all that on. So he’s getting something good for a little guy to play in for the summer. BTW, he comes with nice boxer (under)shorts, and the t-shirt over his long sleeved shirt will work fine.

    Some MSD 1/4 scale accessories would work for him, but not clothes. They say he can wear 18 inch doll clothes such as American Girl/Boy clothes.

    More news to come, and photos, this weekend.

    Gosh, he’s super! I would recommend any of the Kidz n Cats boys and girls, based on him. He’ll be waiting quite a while on any companions, but will surely get to know the smaller-sized Toy Box Tales crew. I like both Alister and Jakob, but it’ll be quite a while, probably, before I do anything. I’m curious what new dolls might come out in the future, besides.

    Hmm…crayons. I am sure there will be crayons. Watercolors…hmm. Oh, this could get interesting. With that hair and impish little grin, I just know he’ll get up to something. There’s a very Huck Finn vibe going there.

    Oh — I was reminded of the miniature scale-model city located in Hamburg. The name of the mini airport is the Knuffingen International Airport. As Robert’s German, it seems only fitting he should have come from the mini Knuffingen, DE airport. ๐Ÿ˜‰ — I think I’d better relearn some German, though he speaks English too.

    Smokey had to investigate. Goober hasn’t yet. — Robert / Robby / Hobie is back in his box and will likely get a spot on display, away from feline close inspections. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • chondrite

    I am declaring a mental health sick day, as last night I got very little sleep. Junior, for reasons of his own devising, has decided to howl intermittently at night when we are trying to sleep. We left the hall light on to see if that might mitigate the yowling, but he yelled more, not less. After being woken up at 3:30 a.m. (and at 2, and at 12…), my allergies flared up so I had to take my Allegra. Good thing I did; sometime over night some insect bit me on the forehead and I vaguely resemble Quasimodo this morning, only the antihistamine effects are letting me open my eye fully.

    After due research, I think Junior’s problems may simply be that he is aging and getting a trifle senile. This morning, DH observed him yowl out the screen door, then wander back and yowl at the bookshelf in the living room, then yowl at the (now vacated) bedroom. Then come over and demand his daily fix of ‘nip.

    I’m going to spend my day working on sewing, and possibly finding my pattern for D’kaan’s uniform.

  • I turned in a small part for a 3rd episode in production. This continues to be a lesson in what could be, versus what is, and in the problems and delays (including mine) despite good intentions. I hope the remaining episodes will go better, on my end and on theirs.

    I want to get pics of the new doll kiddo today, but don’t know if I’ll get them posted today as planned, or if it’ll be later in the week. This week, though.

    Font production is still ongoing, slowly. Attempts at writing have been…sort of floundering around this month and last. I think I might be near a hurdle over a plateau, but there’s been a lot of mental static, chaff, intruding from my real life self into the fictional characters, and that…well, I’ve been writing it in hopes that would get it out of my system or deal with it, and then deleting a bunch. Still tends to be chunks or new ideas that might or might not connect, and not complete in any one story.

    And…I have to get a major payment or two in this month also. I expect to be not happy with how that leaves me after, but there’s nothing as yet that I can do about it. All I can do is keep plugging away and hope I make enough progress that I can have some real improvement.

    Getting Robby/Hobie was a treat and a protest both, not budgetarily wise, but…well, I needed to do something that was just for enjoyment.

  • Ka-thunk. :headdesk: I started writing, more from Robby’s perspective. (I think he’s turning out to be Robby after all.) But that went very fast from one little episode to…I think I have a little story of mini-episodes going. I have a couple of Plot Complications, but I’m not sure how that fits yet. And it looks like that will be how Robby makes his main appearance. (There will still be intro. photos upcoming, before I get anything done story-wise.) Robby’s adventures are likely to be separate from the Toy Box Tales, but sharing a starting point from the same web pages. (Still have to work that out.) So…things are looking up!

    His sandals finally arrived, so tomorrow, I’ll get photos of him in summer clothes for here, after “arriving from his flight from Knuffingen, Germany.” (Hint: It’s a miniature scale model city, airport and trains and all. So it’s a perfect starting point for a German-made doll.)

    Hmm, and I received what were supposed to be boy’s pajamas for an 18 inch American Girl boy doll. There was an extra item too. One might work, the other, nope. So it looks like I’ll be giving that away or reselling. I also have something for a purchase last year that doesn’t fit, so that will be given away or sold. So I’m waiting on something before showing that.

    Pictures for Robby should appear this week! Stay tuned. Or tooned. … something like that …

  • I did not realize Miike was cut of similar cloth as Ki until I read the first part of your story. They would be “Whatever”ing each other all over the place! LOL!

    Happy to hear Robby has arrived, BCS!

  • chondrite

    Tomorrow is Kamehameha Day, in honor of the warrior king who united the Hawaiian islands, so I have it off, and out will come the sewing machine! I found online a digitized copy of the official TOS Star Trek uniform, pasted it to Publisher, and was able to resize it for D’kaan. I also found digitized copies of a pattern for a pair of overalls I can repurpose to make my Dollfie jumpsuit. Have I mentioned how useful copy and paste can be? I need to add pockets to a dress I bought, and finish pinning together the quilt I’m currently making, so tomorrow will be all sewing, all the time, except when I’m making pork hash dim sum for dinner.

    BCS, I checked JunkySpot and they had eye decals I could use; thanks for the tip!

  • The JunkySpot duo should be back in town after this weekend (the 13th). This usually also coincides with restocking. So they may have more cool stuff on hand a day or two later. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ordering through Parabox Obitsu (in Japan) is OK, but I’ve always had to wait a long while for it to go through customs, and then have to pick up from the post office. — Then I found JunkySpot will take requests / custom orders, if you like. This is good. haven’t used that yet, but will.

    Also, of interest for YoSD LittleFee and MiniFee MSD — On Etsty, I found WildTigerDesigns. There are kimono and yukata for YoSD and MSD, LittleFee and MiniFee. She also has Western (American/European) style clothes. These look *very* nice. Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WildTigerDesigns?ref=fp_shop&aref=42151992537

    Chondrite, did you also find a pattern for the TOS men’s uniform or Kirk’s avocado green wraparound tunic? I’d be very interested, both possibly for me and if those could be adapted down to doll sizes. (And I bet they’d be a hit, along with the women’s miniskirt uniform for Trek and doll / action figure fans.) I am pretty sure we saw a brown/rust suede jacket much like Kirk’s green wraparound tunic, during TOS, either in the Cage/Menagerie, or Charlie X. Anyway, I think an adaptation for a jacket would be a hit. At some point, I need to draw this again, probably by hand, this time.

    • chondrite

      BCS, I found a copy of the male uniform shirt pattern as seen in the Star Fleet Technical Manual. It can be copied and pasted to Publisher, and enlarged to fit a BJD. For a shirt for you, I suggest finding some nice big graph paper and enlarge it, if you’re handy, or taking it to your local copy ship and having someone transfer it to blueprint paper. Pants can be any suitably colored sweats; I found an almost perfect pair at Sports Authority for $12, or as always, Sally Ann is your friend for costuming. If you are sewing Starfleet pants for your BJD, get a secondhand black t-shirt and cut it up for fabric.

      This may not be a good url, google warning:
      sewingpatternje dot com slash sewing-pattern-star-trek-uniform

      No luck so far finding a Kirk-wrap pattern for free on the Interwebs, but I’ll keep looking.

  • Thank you. I copied the small image, but the links there don’t seem to work.

    I could size up the pattern, but I can’t sew. (Troublesome bad eyesight.) I’ll keep it on hand and see what I can do later.

    I thought to check Roddenberry.com . They have a pattern for Kirk’s green wraparound tunic, of all things! It’s $30 each. This will likely happen next month. I thought they had the pattern for the TOS men’s tunic, but it doesn’t show now. I don’t recall since last night if they have the TOS women’s miniskirt pattern there. Possibly. It looked like they have the monster maroon uniform patterns and the TNG/DS9/VOY patterns, though, including Bajoran uniform patterns.

    — Looks like it’ll be tomorrow before I get pics of Robby in shorts, tee, and sandals.

  • chondrite

    Oofff. Sewing. Pinning. Cutting. Pinning more. Sewing more. Going back and finding I mispinned something, now have to pick out the seam and repin. Zorro wants to help; thanks, but no, cat. My back hurts some.

    After a lot of this, restitching seams that didn’t hold, and some heavy modification of the original pattern for a BJD, D’kaan has her TOS uniform mostly done. I need to put on the collar and insignia, and figure out a tidy way to hem the sleeve cuffs, but it doesn’t look half bad. Note: if you are making TOS uniform for a BJD, the Starfleet Technical Manual pattern is a lot wider across the torso than most BJDs, and needs to be taken in. Also, use a stretchy interlocked material, because those tiny seams will pull right out otherwise. Once I am done, I will try to post pictures.

    I also finished a (human-sized) duster using the same dark red material as TOS uniform, and pinned the rest of the quilt I am making. A very productive day, and the dim sum turned out yummy. Now I am going to collapse.

  • Hallooooo!

    Please welcome Robby’s Adventures to the Toy Box Tales at ShinyFiction.com.

    Robby’s Adventures keep growing, and I’m outlining, so this first installment is just a taste. There will be more excitement (and plot! and a mystery or two, and lots of pretending) to come.

    There will also be separate informational pages as I get to them.

    The Toy Box Tales crew (Augie and friends) will be returning later in the year with new adventures; maybe with their first real adventure.

    One or two “Someone Else”-es will appear later this year too.

    • chondrite

      Hmmm… Paul ought to approve of Robby’s penguin companion. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I finally got D’kaan’s uniform knocked into shape! All it needs are some snaps on the back, and the various bits of braid. Her wig, OTOH… sigh. I ordered from one of the BJD suppliers on ebay, and for the amount of alteration I had to do, I might have been better off making it from scratch. I even got Green’s jumpsuit made; someone had posted digital copies of patterns for the Sunshine Family from the 70s, and with a little judicious tweaking it looks pretty good. Barbie boots even fit the size doll I am using! Pix will be forthcoming in the not too distant future.

    • Awww…he’s darling! Looks much more comfy in the shorts, but that’s quite the outfit he came with! Welcome to the world, Robby!

  • Hanneke

    Robbie looks like a very nice, very real little boy. It also looks as if it will be easier to find good clothes and accessories for this size, making it easier to get him the look you want.
    I also like the younger age, for the spontaneity and fresh outlook on the world – it makes for easy and friendly little stories, which are probably less difficult to capture in the photo-story style than the more involved and longer adventures I’d expect for the older boys. But maybe that’s just my preference; I love reading picture books with the little neighbor kids.
    I guess it depends on what kind of stories you want to tell in this way, but Robbie somehow seems much more accessible than Augie and Zeke. The very natural and excellent face-up probably also helps with that: he’s very cute!

  • Thanks, everyone! I am not used to posing Robby yet, and a few things seem tight, while others seem loose. I *think* I may like his knee and elbow joints more. (See the photos in shorts for the detail of those joints.)

    In person, he looks a little grey and olive to me, but that depends too on the light. His face and other features are very well done. (I still want to comb that hair! But I think it’s supposed to be that way. I am maybe not as radical about hairstyles as I thought, haha.)

    His torso is less solid/thick than his limbs, but he mostly balances well. I do wish the boy dolls had a bulge there, but no, they use the same body (I think) as the girls. — However, he’s really well made.

    His features and the faceup (makeup, wig, eyes, etc.) are really fine, and he’s very friendly. (That’s true of the entire line of girls and boys. Clothes for the “American Girl/Boy” line of dolls fit the Kidz n Cats dolls, and there are several people out there who make and sell outfits and some patterns. But I can already see that for some things, I might have to make a custom pattern and get someone to sew it, given the cloth. There are far more choices for the girls’ clothes than for the boys’.

    BTW, from what I’ve seen, I’d recommend the Kidz n Cats line over the American Girl/Boy line. I can’t tell if the AG dolls have poseable elbows and knees, for example. I’d like to see what new designs Ms. Hartmann comes up with next year. She has three boy dolls currently in production (Robert, Jakob, and Alister) and two or three “retired” boy dolls, and then around nine(?) girl dolls.

    I’m learning that doll age and body proportions don’t quite work like the real world. ๐Ÿ˜€ There’s more variation, and people allow the dolls a lot more room for imaginary/apparent age. For example, given Robby’s proportions, he’s probably even younger than I now think, but the dolls get older personalities and activities from most of their owners. I’d initially thought he’d fit around 10 or so, but when I got him, I could tell he’s younger (body proportions, facial features) and so I’ve put him at around Kindergarten age or 1st grade (6 or 7). But comparing with photos of real kids, he’s propably even younger. This allows for a lot more pretending and lightheartedness in his adventures, not much angst going on (we’d surely hope!) for a little guy that age. But it also means at that age, he’s a lot less likely to have experience or knowledge about many real-world things. So yes, that should make his stories more accessible and friendlier, more positive, but it may limit what he does a little…or it may mean he pretends he does those things. It might lead to comedy, the difference between the real and imagined. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had a mini-episode written out for him that will still get used, but then I saw it needed an episode or two before that, to set things up, and I thought up others. I have one episode for which I have the basic ideas, but I haven’t worked out the plot yet, or how to make it work. I also want to flesh out a backstory for him. — “Robby” it is. Since he’s a German-made doll, “Hobie” didn’t seem to work for him. As backstory, he’s German-American, but he’s mostly been overseas, so now that he’s in America, he’s going to be very puzzled, trying to fit in. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like him quite a lot already. I am not sure if/when I’d get another Kidz n Cats doll, but I expect to need to wait until next year to do so anyway. So there may be another model I’ll like too.

    Augie and Zeke and crew — The stories I’ve been thinking up for them are still tending to be more traditional prose stories, somewhere along the lines of the Robert Heinlein and Andre Norton juvenile SF stories I grew up reading. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The SF&F elements and plots…I’ve been having a tough time, because I think instead of photo-stories as I’d initially thought, the stories I’ve thought of would either be more suited to 3D computer animation, or else to one or two photo illustrations per chapter, say. Hah, I ended up imagining a whole mini-universe for them, and I’m new at this, so how to bring it to life and create episodes…whew! It also needs some overall plotting to get the larger story told. I’m inexperienced enough that I’m not sure if what I have is a set of chapter-length episodes or if there might be more than a serial novel or an anthology collection; that is, more than one novel-lenght story.

    That, and they went on the back shelf for a while. — I still think the idea is sound, and would make for something exciting. How salable or accessible to the public that is, I don’t know yet! Heh. :-/

    My current thinking is that Robby’s adventures will be completely separate from Augie’s and Zeke’s and crew.

    Those are both separate from the story-universe I still have going, that reshaped itself from what I’d first imagined back in college. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh — and a brief gripe: I have been checking for weeks now for the little Star Wars action figure for Chopper from Star Wars Rebels. But *still* he is too high-priced or unavailable. Apparently, collectors are hoarding and trying to make a quick buck. No, I really am not going to pay $40 to $60 for a figure in current, new production that isn’t yet widely available, when the usual price is around $9, and hey, it’s pieces of plastic that fit in one hand (3.75inch for the humans, smaller for droids like Chopper or R2-D2); these are the old small figures. There’s no 6 inch or 12 inch Chopper available yet. And the Hallmark ornament ana now an alarm clock (both not possible) are actually cheaper than that action figure price from all the trading. — So…it looks like it might be months before I get a little Chopper figure. (I would not ask anyone else to pay that inflated a price either. It has to go down below $20 before I’ll even consider it.) — Rant aside, at least the Sabine and Hera (the two women characters) are now affordable, though both are packaged with a stormtrooper, apparently so boys won’t get all fidgety and embarrassed if they want to buy a (gasp) girly action hero. (Dude. I had no problem buying Princess Leia or Lt. Uhura back when I was a kid. But then, y’know, I wasn’t most boys.) — Still, I’ll keep looking for Chopper every few weeks. But my enthusiasm’s cooled from when the figures first came out.

    Back on topic: Robby has not yet “discovered” things around the house, or the computer, or Wiishu. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Partly because, gee, I really have to clean house and reorganize. Really, really.) — At some point, Robby will surely discover the outside world (and Wiishu). Heheh. (And Robby and Wiishu will probably both be confused because Robby is 18 inches, about 46cm, and Wiishu is 27cm. But I’m sure they’ll manage.)

    P.S. — One side bit of fun: Since Robby is so young, he’s going to get a security blanket. But he’s going to be a bit unsure about letting me know about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I kept my blanket an unusually long time. Not quite as much as our buddy Linus, but still, at bedtime, even at elementary school age.) Robby is probably going to have a small crisis, worrying over where his blanket is, and not wanting to tell me why he’s anxious. heh, I discovered that “bedding” for his size is (conveniently) about the size of a hand towel, with the pillow probably based on a wash cloth. So an old hand towel is likely to become a certain doll kid’s security blanket. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That little penguin has been hanging around here for a few years. There’s a larger penguin too, but he’s too big compared to Robby. This little fellow was just right. But they never gave him quite enough stuffing. He may have to make a small trip for a stuffed animal hospital restuffing. ๐Ÿ˜€

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