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Carousel party—the rest of the story

51 comments to Carousel party—the rest of the story

  • The ponies look great, including the fashionable damsel with the summery hat and the trike with the teal blue, shading and dapples and knobbly horns.

    It must be a matter of perspective: I would’ve guessed the triceratops was a boy, not a girl, though, well, I didn’t look. (Not sure how you’d tell, on a dinosaur, without getting too personal.)

    Having a young lady triceratops with horses and perhaps unicorns and pegasi (pegasi?) (Oh, auto-incorrect wants to respell that to pegs or pages or…well, nothing remotely pagasus-like.) ‘Tis most excellent to have a great dino along with the equines.

    Hmm… Seahorse… Dolphins…. Oh, dear, that’s a whole ‘nother carousel, isn’t it?

    Adrianna and the mysterious unseen Ed look great. Patty and Mike look great. Though there don’t seem to be a lot of lupine peeps about.

    Shu’s virtual cuosin Smokey is parked on the back of my chair for some reason only he knows. Hiya, little buddy. Probably readingg over my shoulder. Goober is on the big plastic storage box over thataway. I’m here, so of course, they have to hang out here too.

    I’m amazed at how beautiful the carving is on the ponies and how much painting is getting done. That must be really something to paint and seal those. (Varnish? Polyurethane?)

    The little bitty palettes are great and bring back memories of the art shop. Heheh, so does Wiishu’s neat red shirt / painter’s smock and black beret. Oh-lร -lร , trรจs debonair!

    Hmm, I wonder if Wiishu is the Pointillist type of house-elf house-painter? Johnny on the Spot? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Best Wishes to all of you, and wow, a lot of people are going to enjoy those ponies on that nifty carousel.

    “Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin’ wheel spin!”
    — 3 Dog Night

    (Hmm, 3 Wolf Night? 3 Werewolf Night?)

    Despite being mostly a cat person, I grew up with a really sweet mama dog, and I’ll always love dogs too. — So there’s also a soft spot for wolves and were-folk. Including the Jargoon Pard and a few other were-critters.

    Neat, neat stuff, y’all!

  • Um, “Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel spin!” is Blood, Sweat, and Tears…..

    I’m not sure that there is a term for multiple winged horses, as Pegasus was a proper name. Pterohippus? Pterohippi (or pterohippie….:D )

  • WOL

    Pretty ponies.
    BTW Jane, I wrote you an email care of the closed circle website.

    • Yipes…I don’t see it. My email is really screwed up. I’ve got to totally clean it out and start over. It keeps eating things. I’ll check again and then see if Carolyn got it in hers.

  • Hanneke

    Thank you for this nice story. Those caroussel horses are gorgeous! And it’s clear a good time was had by all – it’s nice to see everybody happy.
    I hope your back is getting better.

    • Back’s doing much better. It was twisting to get at the waterfall rocks that did it in, I think. I’ve got these cool balls that you lie down on the floor, with one to either side of your backbone that help it to relax and realign naturally. I’m ready to be back out working but CJC’s holding firm to give it a few days.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I do apologize for Wiishus’s horrible spelling! I keep thinking I should give them subtitles! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • You and those rocks……
        Make a list of things you want moved and where you want them….
        Wait until August when I get there….
        Give me the list….
        Stand back and supervise….. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Tell me more about your back balls!

        • CJ

          The back balls are two slightly yielding vinyl balls about palm-sized in diameter. You place them either side of the spine where it hurts, on the floor, or on a firm mattress. [Floor is better.] And you simply lie on them until it stops hurting or for 10 minutes, whichever comes first. You may also find that skootching up or down a half inch can also be a good thing. Occasionally that will get a pop out of a certain spot in my back. I pulled a bonehead stunt as a kid, went off a six foot rotating steel drum that people used as a poolside water entry—only you were supposed to come off high and belly-flop. I didn’t. I stayed on too long and did a full backbend, heels literally hitting the back of my head. When I surfaced, I couldn’t move my legs at all. I got to the side of the pool, hauled out, and got all the way out with the help of friends. I was unable to move my legs for some three or so minutes more, and then a tingle and I could move. Hadn’t broken anything—for which even young and stupid as I was—I was sincerely grateful. I got up and went and sat down for quite a while. And the back at a certain spot has never been quite happy with long standing. It’s one reason I detest shopping.

        • sky_barnes

          If they are the same product I have, they are marketed as “miracle balls” and come in a two pack with an instruction book. My mom recommended them to me years ago because we have similar back/hip issues, though I got a start on mine when I slipped down a flight of stairs when I was young (7-ish), issues that were exacerbated through the heavy books I lugged around for most of my education years (my first rolling tote wasn’t purchased until the last year of my masters degree).
          I purchased my set of miracle balls at costco, in their book section, and have seen them in other book stores, and they are widely available online.
          The inventor’s site is: http://www.elainepetrone.com

  • Incredibly gorgeous beasties! I wish I could paint one, too! I love detailing intricately carved items. Actually, I wish I had been there WITH everyone, painting!

  • We debated whether the dino was a girl or a boy. I can’t remember what we decided! This is her second time around…she was on another carousel where she was the darling of all the kids…complete with long lashes, as I understand. I have to ask Mike what we decided about her. I soooo want to get down and finish her!

    Wiishu’s little shirt and hat were a last minute “HE MUST HAVE” as we headed out. I grabbed some fabric and handstitched them on the way down. They do NOT bear close examination! ๐Ÿ˜€ I need to get a better pic with all the sigs. I thought I had one, but it’s not in the folder.

    What Patty really wants is an all-horse carousel, and Ed’s making these first ones to specs of special people in their lives. It’s very cool. She hasn’t asked me, but I’d want one that was all over stars and galaxies! ๐Ÿ˜€ (I’m so predictable…) Anyway, whether or not they get painted in this lifetime is rather beside the point. It’s an ongoing labor of love. ๐Ÿ˜€ Altho, the building is well underway. Can’t wait to see how far it’s gotten. Haven’t been down for a while. Last year was crazy, and this year promises to be the same…but she’s got two new little fillies that need LOVIN’!

    Momma-D…we’d have loved to have you! The plan was to just practice this time around, then wipe them and redo…that’s one reason the dino’s so bright..but Mike’s talking about maybe not wiping her. We all kinda fell in love with her, and Ed and Adriana seemed to really like the veining. I think Adriana took notes. ๐Ÿ˜€ But the fact is, she doesn’t fit in on the horse carousel, so she might keep her bright colors and end up a standalone like the hypocanth in their dining room.

  • So…. One horsey carousel…. One fantasy / prehistoric critters carousel? Double the fun?!

    Long ago and far away, when I was but a little blue kid, well, of course, I had dinosaurs. And of course, that young, they went hither, thither, and yon. One set had a nice giant sloth and a smilodon, and those two stayed around. They *might* be packed away, or they might not have made it through the great back-and-forth after my parents passed. (I need to look.)

    Also among those very early sets was a large, hollow, plastic Triceratops, a very nice fellow (or lady) who was somehow inexplicably a bright, strong pastel magenta, hot pink. Realism in color was apparently not important for that set. The detailing on the Triceratops was good, though. Now, being a boy, I was always convinced that was a boy Triceratops; never considered otherwise, and somehow, the hot pink did not bother me either. I’m not sure how old I was when I first got him, but probably before i was even 10. That little guy ~is~ packed away, but I haven’t unpacked him recently to check him out. He is several inches on a side, still a little bigger than an adult hand.

    Hmm, he really ought to be with the BJD and action figure crew, y’know?

    So…. All this being said, I see no reason why a teal blue Triceratops can’t be a very sweet girl Trike, and be a favorite of any kid (or bigger kid) who sees her. — And it’s great that she’s getting a new life there with the other ponies.

    (I’d be in favor of a second carousel, but then, I’m not the one having to manage all that! Heheh.) (I’d also be in favor of finishing out the detailing on her and sealing her so she’s all nice and painted. — But hey, if these really, really need to be a practice run, with a redo for the permanent paint job, then that should be cool too. They’re (I hope) going to be around a good, long time with that permanent paint job, so it’s worth a practice run to get it right. — Or if the dino and some other pony are so great now, they just need a little more work before sealing, then that sounds good. Whatever looks right.)

    Hmm… Probably need the caveman / cavewoman outfit, not Western or English riding gear, when one rides a Triceratops. The fez is, however, still cool, as is the bow tie!

  • Bri

    LOL! Gotta love “dinosaur” sets that have sloths and smilodons in them. Both of those, of course, actually being mammmals, not dinos.

    Totally off topic, but “Smilodon” has to be the most delicious genus name in all of zoology. For those who might not know, this is the infamous saber-toothed cat. Something you might *not* particularly want to look up and find smiling at you.

    Really loved this slide show, Wiishu. Those creatures are really lovely, and what a hoot to be a part of brining them to life, so to speak.

    And I cast my vote on the “girl” side for the lovely Triceratops. And BTW, Wiishu, I don’t think you need too worry about giving away the secret–I’m pretty sure your Mom knows that isn’t a horsie.

    • do you tink so? Tanks, aunti-Bri. I feels much better. I’d sure hates to hurts her feelin’s.

      I do worry, doh. I tinks she’s gettin’ see-nile. She fogot about not puttin’ dis up…Sniff. Poor Mom….

  • Those are totally cool dinosaurs, Wiishu!

    (Hmm, he seems like he needs a tropical shirt for that pose. And a pilot/navigator console. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    Smilodon and that giant sloth were part of a prehistoric mammals playset, separate from the dinosaurs, and that hot pink Trike was from a smaller set of larger figures. — It’s possible (probable?) those sets are still around, but in different colors these days. The two large sets of small figures were mostly grey solid plastic. The bigger figures were hollow and very brightly colored, unrealistic. …Unless, y’know, there were hot pink triceratops running around. You just never know…. Heheh.

    These were all in the mid-70’s or thereabouts, and were really great toys to imagine all sorts of prehistoric adventures. Pretty neat little stocking stuffers, probably, they were cheap, and the enjoyment factor was really high.

    There were also a couple of series of really high quality YA/juvenile/teen level books on dinos and prehistoric mammals and other science subjects out at the time, slim hardbound oversized (around letter size) books. They’d be mostly accurate enough today. I don’t know if they are still in reprints or are long out-of-print, but they were fantastic. I think one series was a sort of “big cousin” to the Little Golden Books. One series had things like Time or Astronomy in the series.

  • Bri

    Who knows? Maybe there *were* hot pink Triceratops around 70 million years ago LOL! One thing we really don’t know about dinos is their coloration. The traditional default was camo colors–grays, browns, beiges, etc. But since the Great Dino Revolution beginning in the 70’s, the trend has been toward much more colorful beasts, reflecting the connection to birds. But, like sexing dinos, that’s something we don’t have enough info to figure out. So I put my vote behind hot pink Trikes LOL!

    Warning! Biology teacher alert!

    Oh, sweet Wiishu, one of your dinos… isn’t. The little guy in your right hand is Dimetrodon, a mammal-like reptile from the Paleozoic, long before dinos arose. I got a good laugh from this picture, because when I discussed dinos with my classes, I always invoked Dimetrodon, because he’s almost always included in those little plastic sets of dinosaurs. But he’s more closely related to *us* than to any dinosaur ;^)

    I do love your herd of various Stegosaurs :^)

  • Weow….dat might bes when dey wuz inbented, bud he’s alibe now and wif dis meeeeeen big guy. Bud his fwens saveded him! Dey whapped him GOOD wif dere tailses! An’ den he wuz nicer. Now dey’re all happy.

    An’ dey wuz all kindsa colors, cuz as you can see, dey wuz small an’ hided out in d’ flowers.

  • (‘Scuse me, I’ll just cover Wiishu’s ears a second here. Hiya, buddy, don’t mind me, we’re good.)

    Hah, that really captures Wiishu’s character as a really little young guy. The way his story there rambled and made kid-logic sense, plus the diction and the pretending he’s doing with the dinos in the photo.

    Hmm, if he were older, a big-kid house-elf, an older boy, then he’d (probably) outgrow some of his diction and grammar stuff. Mouth shape, how all his speech organs fit together, might still give him a few speech challenges, but most people with similar anatomy (little people, dwarfs) outgrow that, they master it like most average-sized people do. … But, hmm, that doesn’t mean a house-elf necessarily would. Different anatomy, different brains…hmm….

    That’s OK, I think Wiishu is charming. It takes a little bit more to read his English, but it’s pretty spot on for a little guy learning to talk.

    (Uncovers Wiishu’s ears and gives him a hug, ’cause he’s a huggable sort of house-elf kid.)

  • philospher77

    Since you two do a lot of road trips, I thought I would point out that there is a very nice carousel (PTC #6) in Burlington, CO, just a few minutes off the I-70. Alas, I didn’t realize that it only runs in the summer, and had to content myself with peering through the windows. But if you are passing that way sometime, it would be well worth the quarter to go ride it! The animals have some of the most expressive faces that I have seen, and the hippocampus is absolutely gorgeous.

    Here’s a link to their homepage: http://www.kitcarsoncountycarousel.com

  • Someone recent had to arrange that for that organ and produce the punched card / player piano style sheet music. These days, I wonder if the actual production is done by a (very specialized) computer program and printer. However they do it, how very cool that is!

    It’s strange to realize that we’re very near the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI.


    As long as we’re getting a soundtrack together for the carousel, you surely need songs from a guy whos one-man band (see YouTube and iTunes, etc.) is called A Capella Science. Thus: “Bohemian Gravity”, “Rolling in the Higgs (Boson)”, “Surface of Light”, “Eminemium (Choose Yourself)”, “Take Exams”. He’s a quantum physics grad student. So there’s a great science fiction connection going there.

    Hmm, and now I’m seeing stick figures from XKCD riding Patty and Mike’s carousel. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I confess a case of temporary brain-turned-off / archival memory inaccessible.

      We’re already past the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 in 1914.

      On the whole, one prefers carousels and player organs.

  • I-I…I have cmmitted dollification.

    Y-yes, that’s right, tho’ my budget’s dismal and I still have two large things to pay off this year — I have paid off two so far, and…and…and I just couldn’t hold back anymore.

    So I…I bought somethin’. (Someone? If you’re buying a doll / action figure / BJD, should one properly say one is buying a someone? Oh dear, now there’s a moral quandary for ya…. Though if the doll or fur person being bought likes the idea…? No, OK, still presents a moral quandary. Huh. Well, OK, never mind. Weird sidetrack, there….)

    Well, anyhoo, I had considered getting a 27cm YoSD. (Eegad, now I know what that *is*….) And I still might, but not until Christmas at least. (Cavell, a Mystic Kids kid.)

    However, I was looking at cheaper, ordinary doll / action figures. I still have the Toy Box Tales in mind, but it’s been on the back burner. Font production’s taking precedence, and other story-writing has been going on (but the writing mostly won’t make it out of the drawer).

    So I was looking around and only found a few things that might work or that were within a cheap enough price range.

    And then I saw a link for something a lot better looking. And checked the specs fairly closely. And hmm, pricey, but a bit less for what you get than if I’d gotten a YoSD (27cm) or MSD (46cm) BJD. Well…I dunno, so…. Look some more. Hmm. *Want.* So I looked through models available. (Three boys seem to be available, with another two that are apparently more rare.) Dither over which one I like best. All three ate nice and look like very good quality. I also spent a couple of days dithering: Buy despite the hit to my budget, or don’t buy for months and be unhappy about it? Especially when I’m frustrated because so much is going out and so little coming in. … And yeah, I think there’s some compensating going on too. I checked, and prices appear to be about the same wherever. So, Amazon.

    I ordered a “Kidz ‘n Cats” 18in. / 45/46cm boy doll, “Robert.” (There are also “Alister” and “Jakob” available.) These are by designer Sonja Hartmann. These are finished dolls, boxed, rooted hair, eyes, complete costumes, and it says 11 points of articulation. (Neck, shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, two more.) Er, and presumably not anatomically correct. (Sorry boys.) Very complete costumes, with more available in the product line, and more third-party stuff, and patterns available besides. Hmm….

    So “Robert” is due to be shipped this week, a US distributor, and then whatever waiting time before it, er, *he* arrives on my doorstep.

    He’s a “little kid to older kid” design, about elementary school age. Well, I would’ve been more likely to get a teenage figure, but he really appealed to me. Strawberry blond hair, brown(?) eyes, thin to medium face, slightly tanned. Yes, I ordered some additional clothes and shoes from ebay. Strawberry blond might be a little unusual for me, but he looks cool. His outfit is very current. (Jakob is a light blond and blue eyed and has a very modern day costume. Alister is brown naired and brown eyed and his outfit is somewhere between modern and early to mid 20th century.) As Sonja Hartmann, the designer, is German, the dolls have German names. So Jakob is “Yah-kopp” and Robert is more like “Roh-bairt” or “Roh-bert” than in English.

    I’m looking forward to his arrival and will be thinking up some sort of adventure story, separate from Augie and Zeke (etc.) in the Toy Box Tales. Not sure what might develop there, but I’d expect the real-world and the lands of pretend to combine a lot. (Hmm, and there are outfits mostly for the girls and for present-day, rather than period costumes or futuristic clothes. But there are some OK choices I’ve seen so far for the boys’ clothes, including a couple of doll clothes designers on Etsy.)

    For some reason, I’m expecting an old-style stick and string fishing pole, too. :shrugs:

    More news forthcoming when I have a shipping and delivery date, and when he arrives.

    I am determinedly telling myself it’s really OK to treat myself. I’ve been sticking to budget mostly this year, by necessity and wth only a few slips. So I feel like it’s OK. Or I’m telling myself not to listen to that disapproving grumble from my budget sense.

  • Thank you! — Yup, I’m looking forward to his arrival.

    Yes, that’s him, in Onna’s link. (The others can be found from that Samantha’s Dolls home page, then go to the Kidz ‘n Cats pages.

    (I bought from a different US distributor, very slightly cheaper, through Amazon.)

    He has been shipped and is due to arrive between Thu. Jun. 04 and Tue. Jun. 09. Very fast!

    I also bought shorts, a tee, and sandals for a summer outfit, and a pair of dress shoes and a newsboy cap. Planning ahead. Those are due around the same time, also very fast. It’ll be a wonder if it all arrives in the expected delivery dates.

    I *think* a suitcase I’d ordered will work for his size. — I’ll be looking for a backpack or an old-style book bag, still used in Japan and Europe and more 19th century here.

    He may get renamed. I knew a somewhat different sort of Robert, a significant best friend as a teen. ๐Ÿ™‚ So he may end up with a different nickname or new name altogether. Though Robert does fit him, it’s a bit big and formal for the kiddo.

    I’ll be giving some thought to a story….

  • Onna, she looks neat. I’ll be interested to see Luka. The Shiwoo boys look great. I still like very much your little guy from that action hero pose from a while back, and it goes without saying, I like Wiishu! Wiishu’s visitor from a year or so ago, Miikey, is still a hit.

    I get the impression Robert’s going to be prone to mischief, btw. He’ll bop around here and make his own fun, as it’s likely to be a long while before he gets a buddy. (I may have to get creative with that, if/when.)

    I was impressed by the whole line. The boys look cute and boyish, that combination of well behaved and yet into everything. The girls look both girly-girly and tomboyish, a good mix for girls today.

  • chondrite

    D’awww! Rober’ (Bert? Bobby?) looks adorable. If he ever makes the acquaintance of a certain pair of house elves, there will be… trouble. Of the rascally sort.

    On a related BJD note, I’m looking at picking up one of the inexpensive Obitsu 21cm dolls and customizing it as a Christmas present for a friend. The heads they come with don’t have eye sockets but are flat; it looks like you buy eye decals separately. Anyone know a good source for these decals, or do you recommend buying a separate head and the insertable acrylic eyes? I have no particular problem with the decal eyes, because I’m going for a more or less anime look anyhow.

  • Heh heh…they’ll have to become pen pals! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ooo…don’t they offer them at Junky-spot?

  • Chondrite, you can get various heads, with or without eye holes, for the 21cm and 23cm and 27cm Obitsu. You can look at JunkySpot.com or at Parabox.jp . If you see something you want on the Parabox/Obitsu site, you can order from JunkySpot; you can email Emory (JunkySpot’s owner) and request an item if he doesn’t have it listed. — I’m not sure, shipping-wise, which would be faster, Japan to Hawaii or California to Hawaii. ๐Ÿ˜€

    There are boy’s and girl’s heads (some would work fine for either one) and cat or pixie/elf pointy eared heads. Some are more anime and kawaii or chibi, and others are more realistic in features.

    So if you want to get a head with eye holes and get eyes, you can, or you can get the decals for heads that don’t have eye holes ready-made. Or if you’re really gutsy and crafty, you can do it yourself.

    Heh, you may have some real fun doint the whole project.

    BTW, Augie and Zeke in my Toy Box Tales crew are the 23cm boys. I believe the difference between them and the 21cm kids is the leg length. The boy and girl models are good. At the 21 and 23cm size, you don’t have to worry about the girls’, ah, appearing top-heavy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ They’re intended as older kids/tweens/early teens at that size.

    So they’re very neat. Costuming takes a little extra work. They’re very poseable and cute, and nicely made, a good choice for a friendly gift.

    Hint: There are white overalls available for the 21/23cm size, and I got a pair for Augie early on. They seem a little tight on him, but they might fit better on a 21cm size. I *think* the overalls are a reference to a character in Eureka 7 or else Gundam. Not sure.

    Also hint: The hoodie that’s available from Parabox/Obitsu is a little big in the hood, for the head Augie and Zeke use. So you might have to tailor it some if you did that.

    Hmm, I’ll be curious to see what you do for your friend’s gift!

    • chondrite

      I still haven’t made the Starfleet TOS dress for D’kaan, although she’s been painted for over a year. Gonna have to get off dead center and start sewing. I’m looking for a nice small Hawaiian print to make HRH Wiishu a Hawaiian shirt to go wit’ his jams. Shaka, brah!

      “Green” is actually a continuing character across several stories. I need to sew her a jumpsuit and find green eyes and green hair. The most recent incarnation is a genetically engineered young woman who usually appears to be about 12, but like most anime characters, looks can be deceiving and she will kick your butt…

      • If you need bright Kelly green hair, I’ve seen Obitsu wigs (and maybe rooted hair) for the 21cm/23cm size. A deep forest / emerald / pine green, you may have to hunt up. Green eyes should be pretty easy, with color options and maybe more than one color in decals. If you want more anime style eyes, those are available to put in, or the decals.

        Heh, I hope you get D’kaan’s Starfleet dress done. The TOS miniskirt? M’ress was great. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Did you ever take/post pix for us? Did I miss it? Would LOVE to see how her paint job went. (I won’t let Wiishu see the post, but he’ll LOVE it. I’ve thought about it ever since he got the wonderful surf board, but haven’t found any appropriate print.

        • chondrite

          No, and I must. Right now she is sitting on top of my computer desk with a vaguely reproachful look. How do I expect her to report for duty when she is out of uniform? I may make her the little transtator that clips/fits into the communication officer’s ear, like Uhura used to use.

          After looking through the wig offerings that are available, I think I’ll have to try my hand at making one in the color and style I want for the gift. I picked up a few ounces of wool from ebay and washed out the lanolin last night; next step will be to dye it the rich green I want. A few extra locks are going into the care package I am putting together for you, Jane!

  • Here’s the link to the 21 and 23cm heads for Parabox/Obitsu —


    Again, you can order through the US distributor, JunkySpot.com too.

  • sky_barnes

    Congratulations on all the new dolls! I feel so privileged that the extra job (4 hours every few weeks) I picked up last summer has allow me to indulge myself this year on several counts, including my first tiny bjd, a fullset toki from fairyland I named Tock that arrived just before christmas, and that has traveled to FogCon and WisCon with me this year (more indulgence: Trips, Sasquan next) because he can fit in my glasses case. The downside to extra work is that even that little reduction in downtime seems to have an exponential reduction in the time I spend crafting and creating. Sigh. I have dolls waiting for faceups! and socks I need to re-start the heal on. (and stuff to sort through and get rid of).

    Question for people who might know in spokane… oxford suites vs courtyard marriott… both on the river near the convention center… both with rooms available for the given dates… any opinion either way? (I am drawn to the hard flooring of the oxford suites (allergies!) but the google reviews seemed mixed, and the fact they allow pets (dogs, my worst pet allergen) might be bad..).

  • Oh, goodie! More “fwens” for the kids! Marriot’s nice. Very. Where SpoCon is. I’ve never been in the Oxford Suites. We need to take a quick trip downtown this week and I’ll see if we can drop in. I’m sure, however, considering where it is, that it’s pretty darned nice.

    Oi…that sorting through and getting rid of. This was supposed to be the year, but I’m not sure it’s going to get done. Right now, I have piles of stuff all over the basement and for those of you who’ve seen the house, the dining room (?) just inside the back door is in a similar state. I have a fellow who is willing to do some ebay selling us, but a part of me just want to box 75% of the house up and send it to Goodwill. Anybody want an artograph?

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