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OMG Tanya and Nancy together again

Thanks to Sharon’s FB post, I found this gem. These two charming nutcases have put together a hallway “museum” to Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. They did a kickstarter for $75 to blow up some pics, and ended up with over $2000. It went into the museum and likely to the opening party. This is the official tour of the museum…and it’s a riot. Easy to see why these two are best friends…There are some good documentaries that come up with this one. The “anything to win” is really interesting. But serious. This is just fun!

1 comment to OMG Tanya and Nancy together again

  • FWIW…I’m on the Tonya side of the hall. Always have been. The linked documentary only reinforces it. I felt, even back then, repulsed by the packaging of Nancy Kerrigan…as I am with most of our female skaters on the national and international levels. The fact that Ms Kerrigan’s body language on and off the ice and subsequent interviews reek of holier-than-thou-ism doesn’t help my feelings about her…but that reaction is personal, and doesn’t address the issues behind the whole “whack heard round the world”.

    The one thing in that documentary that rings VERY true and would explain so much is the comment that Tonya’s return to the abusive and controlling Gillooly was due to pressure put on her by high-ups in the USFSA. According to her, she was told that unless she did she’d never win a major competition again and certainly not make the Olympic team. Whether or not she knew about Gillooly’s plan becomes irrelevant at that point. She was stuck with a man she couldn’t control and if she blew the whistle—before or after the fact—her dream of the Olympic Gold was gone. That dream was the one positive thing in her life. She was a fighter and a hard worker. You don’t GET the triple axel without it. Being a willing participant in a cheat is not, to me, in character with the rest of her life. Also in character is that she couldn’t see beyond that goal, couldn’t see that, in the long run she’d win, at least in the minds of the majority of the American people who remotely cared, by outing Gillooly AND the USFSA official(s) that forced her back into his sphere.

    Tonya’s skating was always more consistent than Ms Kerrigan’s. She didn’t NEED to rig it. She’d played the USFSA’s game and was poised to win. She skated flawlessly at Nationals, as she had all the way through the season in…1991-2 season? Anyway, when she first landed the 3A and did, consistently, throughout the season, leading to her first US title.

    This reminds me of Carolyn being told by many highups in the SF/F circles that she’d never win a Hugo as long as she wrote for DAW, but put those “highups” on the WorldCon ranks, who could easily “lose” ballots for books they deemed “inappropriate to win”. Under the old 6.0 system, US judges didn’t have to support their numbers any more than the Eastern so-called bloc judges.

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