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GASP! Has it been two years!?!

Moooooom! You said you posted dis! I’m’s morteefiyded!

10 comments to GASP! Has it been two years!?!

  • witchyg

    It’s not like she’s been goofing off Wiishu and I bet she sincerely thought she had posted this. You have the bestest Mom and with all she does she’s going to have a brain hiccup once in a while 😉

  • We won’ tells her she’s gettin’ seenile. Nope nope nope….
    *wail* Pooooor Mom….!

  • Seriously… I keep forgetting to ask Patty and Mike if it’s OK to post pics of the horses! I’m pretty sure it is…they participated in the photoshoot…but…So…I’ve got an email to them. They’re off galivanting. Getting awards and stuff like that. 😀 The rest of the story is pending.

  • Wiishu, I think you may need to get a backpack to stuff Pook in so you can carry his sleeping self around and still have your hands free.

    • chondrite

      It’s nice that Mike’s mom didn’t mind being part of the photo shoot (and putting up with our favorite house elf!)

      They make backpack carriers for toddlers; I wonder if Wiishu can get one sized to fit the Pook?

    • I hab gots one…bud he wiggows! Lots! An’ den he sparklie-spits hisself out. He’s bery diffeecult.
      An’ den dere’s dis one fwom anovver stowy what HASN’T BEENED DONE! Iz fwom Aunti-Nina. Pook likes it bedder, bud it’s how I carries my hannies around. Besides, he’s big now….

  • Hanneke

    Happy anniversary!
    Is this when you went to look at the carousel horses?

    • Yep. Actually, we went for a tutorial in painting…We’ve been trying to get back to practice ever since! We’re all so busy…It was great fun and the horses are amazing.

  • It’s always nice to see Wiishu and Pooki getting into trouble, I mean, adventures!

    Nice to see folks with a sense of fun and imagination too. (Yay, Mike’s mom.)

    Hmm, that big dragon looks a bit like the (?)dragon (?)crocodile (?)critter from Kukla, Fran, and Ollie…. Oh, gosh, that was long ago.

    But I should rewatch How to Tame Your Dragon, and I haven’t yet seen the second movie.

    Pooki’s very brave to sleep around a dragon, though.

    Hmm, Wiishu seems to be trying some Avatar / Airbender / Earthbender skills there. Or his disco dance moves!

    Good for the horses and Patty and Mike.

    But…should Wiishu and Pooki look out for exceedingly hairy teenage guys? Or rather hirsute lady mechanics? Or, you know, folks of the lupine variety? 😀

    Looking forward to whatever the resin boys find.

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