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GW Halloween

Had such fun the last couple of weeks. GuildWars2 had a special event. The capital, Lion’s Arch, was all decorated, there were trick or treat doors that sent you to the Mad King’s Labyrinth, where you could play some strange game of hide, seek and kill, er, convert, or go bash monsters like candycorn kritturs, with energetic impromptu zergs (big groups of people who take the baddies on in a riproaring brawl). The baddies dropped trick or treat bags that contained things like candycorn, plastic vampire fangs, and chattering skulls. These can all be used as either currency for goodies available only through the event (like BIG storage bags or minis like a black kitty (zuzu—Poobii has one in the pics) or the bloody prince (who was the bad guy this time…you did him in with a candycorn mini) or a ghostly spider. Oooooo….

Anyway, the last night of the event, I broke down and bought the Poobanator a Mad King costume. For a while, he went around Lion’s Arch with the King, being a frolicking Minime. But then Carolyn pointed out an asura (little folk, like Poobii) up on the central haystack, playing his flute. Poobii had to jump up and listen, then join in, first to the flute, then a drum, then the boom box, for which he broke out the “inventory shuffle”. The other guy joined right in. When Poobii had to leave, he would bow and he always bowed back. When Poobii tried to get all the stickinthemuds in the area to dance with him, he joined in that, too. We came to the conclusion the humans were chickens. At one point, a charr joined in the revelries.

It was a great way to close out the party.

rockinout1  rockinout2  rockinout3

Hope you can make these out. The quality of the screen shots sucked. I wish I’d known how to capture the screen in video….Time to research…

6 comments to GW Halloween

  • Hah, the wee faerie folk lad (or lass, mayhap) there in the second picture is really great, cap and all.

    BTW, I’m not sure if “hob” is free of the good vs. evil vs. “they simply have their own way about them” vs. mischievous natures. My impression is that the word hob initially was free of the judgment going on there, but that certain kinds of hobs (e.g. hobgoblins) gave the rest of the hob folk a bad rep, so to speak. (And curiously, there are other sorts of hobs, and people with surnames Hobbes, Hobbs, estc.)

    I’ve gotten curious lately, noting a few English family names that apparently were associated, in medieval folks’ minds, with the faerie and wee folks. I’m not sure what it all meant, but it’s a curious thing to note.


    My writing attempts have been very on-again, off-again lately. Not sure what’s going on there, as usual, but I might be in for another “newbie / wannabe writer growth spurt” in a bit. — I am at least writing something every day or every few days. I figure I should have a better chance than a roomful of chimpanzees. (I don’t know, this might be underestimating those chimps, you know? LOL.)


    Audio: The production team to whom I submitted auditions have not yet replied back. I am hoping they have been busy prepping the upcoming episodes of their series, one of which should be due out this week. But I’m going to wait until next week before I write back to ask if they’ve reviewed the auditions yet. (I’m assuming that since I didn’t hear back yet, I haven’t gotten a part, but they may be behind schedule, due to the Halloween holiday, with work and this, which is a volunteer, unpaid thing.) I’d be happy to get anything, as I like their stuff.

    I have everything turned in for upcoming episodes of audio dramas I’ll be in. … But after reviewing episodes of a project that will be restarting, oh, phooey, I heard I mispronounced a character name. (Easy to do, without a pronunciation guide and with an odd spelling.) … So this weekend, I will redo lines with that character’s name, so it will be consistent. This seems smartest, though it’s extra work.

    One series has a goal of an early December release date. Another is still in planning for restart. Exciting!

    The one I’d turned in work for some time ago has made slow progress, but recently had more progress, so they are a stap closer to releasing two episodes. They really need a couple more people who can do quick, pro/amateur audio production (dialogue, music, and effects mixing).

    No new news yet on a possible project, not quite in SF&F genre, but close enough that fans would be likely to enjoy it. I’m curious and hope to hear more soon.

    It’s exciting, as these will be my biggest roles to date. and the parts were all a ton of fun to do. It’s not every day you get to be a starship officer or an alien or some ambiguous denizen in a thriller or such. Great fun.

  • How fun! You tempt me more and more to come out and play but our characters would be so weak at the start.

  • Bri

    Jane introduced (read as “addicted”) me to this game this last summer. You do start out pretty weenie, but things are kind of graduated so you can build up without dying too often, and in GW2, death is only a temporary condition LOL! Of course, I benefitted from having Jane and Carolyn shepherding me through my first week ;^) That’s a plus that can’t be overestimated.

    The very greatest thing about this game is that it’s a community game. You are basically allied to all of the other people playing it (and it is not possible for you to harm them–a great boon, IMO). You can also form parties with other players. Jane, Carolyn and Lynn Abbey and I have played together, communicating via phone, for many hours since July. And among the four of us, we span the continent in real location. I’ve interacted with my sister more in the last six months than in the previous six years. I really adore this game.

    • That’s truly been my favorite part of a game that I already adored. Calling to touch base has never been my idea of fun. This way, we’re having fun doing something together. And Momma-D, if you guys want to start playing, let me know. We can shepherd you through the early levels, i.e. form a group and let our bigger characters defend the little guys. If you do that, you can level FAST! Plus, this game gives credit for everything. The safest way to bring a character up safely is to craft and map out all the capitals. This is safe, teaches you navigation. Granted you have to work the low levels to get crafting material, but that’s where mentors come in. We’re looking into mumble, which would allow lots of us to communicate through headphones and the computers. That would really help out.

      • chondrite

        I recommend Ventrilo for your in-game communications. DH set up an 8 person Vent server on our spare computer, and we liked it so well we invested in an official hosted 25 person server. We got an excellent deal through TypeFrag, and their service has been spectacular. TeamSpeak is another online chat service to consider, although we have less experience with them; several of our allied fleets use them.

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