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A Whole New Meaning to Late!

Momma-D! Momma-D! We jus’ founded stowy we wuz s’posed to put up a LOOOOOOONG time ago! We are hanging our headzes in shame. Bud I hopes you enjoys it!

It’s crazy. I did this way back when the package came…which was March of 2013! I thought I’d posted it, but I recall now, I had […]

Wiishu’s Den of Angels Interview

One of the “games” on Den of Angels is an interview with your resin kid. Wiishu finally filled it out last night and I thot I’d share it.

Wiishu FL LTF Shiwoo Modified Default Faceup Eyes…I think they’re from junkyspot. Purple hair: generally blond. From me and my fake fur box. Age…I think he […]

GW Halloween

Had such fun the last couple of weeks. GuildWars2 had a special event. The capital, Lion’s Arch, was all decorated, there were trick or treat doors that sent you to the Mad King’s Labyrinth, where you could play some strange game of hide, seek and kill, er, convert, or go bash monsters like candycorn kritturs, […]