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Me an' my new fwen!

Mom’s busy wif all d’pitchurs fwom SpoCon, so I’m gettin’ t’do d’blog! Cool, huh? So much to talk about! My heads ez spinning. But I gots to shows you my FAVRITE! Dis iz Roget! He’s sooooo cool! An’ WEALLY smart! Him an’ me danced wot Mom called a pah de Twoses! Check out dese cool moves!



Sigh…good memwies….

15 comments to Me an’ my new fwen!

  • How very, very cool! Wiishu’s got the moves! And his buddy Roget’s really good with it! Check out the skillz!

    That’s really super! Glad y’all had such a great time, and congrats to Roget on the dance choreography. 😀

    Really terrific!

  • sky_barnes

    Awesomely cute. I just visited the SpoCon website and saw Wishu’s adorable and touching resin guest of honor text.
    To mark my non-travel to world con this year, I signed up for last weekend Sasquan (and got on their volunteer list), which I hope (assume?) has the same (obviously great, and with good taste) organizers as SpoCon, who might pick the same fabulous resin guest of honor…, so perhaps I will get to meet Wishu in person next year.

    • Unfortunately, this is not the case. Somehow, the people in power ended up being the Seattle folk, who have absolutely cut our fantastic crew out. We’re extremely upset, having based our support on the same assumption, i.e. that our crew would very much in the thick of it. You will, however, get to meet him! 😀

      • sky_barnes

        eek. SciFi politics! Sigh. One would hope that with such a large endeavor territorialism, entitlement and self-importance (okay, I don’t know the circumstances, but I can imagine), would be set aside in favor of collaborative problem-solving, distribution of work into manageable bite-sizes, and capitalization on local knowledge to smooth the running of what should ultimately be a celebration of geeky fandom. (a whole lot of fun for everybody)

        The only positive that I can say for it is that your home crew of fabulous con organizers might not get hit with the insane exhaustion that running a WorldCon induces. I remember when WorldCon came to Anaheim, and the frenzy and chaos one of my friends in the los angeles science fantasy society went through being one of the main local organizers.

        From how quickly I got an email response when I checkboxed to get more information about volunteering as part of my membership purchase online form (I also checkboxes about being on programing, because as I get older my feelings of inadequate expertise are slowly being replaced by an increasing number of encounters where I’m fairly certain I know more, and feel more strongly than some of the panelists that do appear (librarian)), they are fairly eager to get their pre-con volunteer roster filled (online list with a few open spots). Hopefully many of your SpoCon crew are filling those spots, if they can get over the bad taste in their mouths. They are the organizing fans on the grounds. It is their convention. (just logic, right?)

        The last WorldCon I went to, Renovation 2011, was run completely by con committee, as there was no local fan base to tap, and from what I recall of the chatter, came about because Seattle, which had been bidding for that year, withdrew its bid. One can speculate that the people in Seattle see Spokane as a way for them to get a re-do of 2011, which might be the reason for the power grab, if not the excuse.

        One can just hope that reason and common cause prevail and a collaborative team that includes the SpoCon locals can be forged to capitalize on the strengths of all. Tension and strife and bad feelings do not at a Con belong. (just because they happen, doesn’t mean they should be part of the festivities).

        But the good news: I will meet Wishu (and will now debate for the next year traveling with one of my newly acquired LittleFee roommates (not named as yet) so that he or she can make a friend).
        The other debate (to be decided when the room blocks open up), is the hotel. I am leaning toward the Inn at the park, as it will give me a reason to walk through a park daily, and is marginally closer to a bakery that the reviews say has fabulous gluten-free pie, but if you’ve heard anything evil about it, I would appreciate knowing before I book. (mold issues would be the type of evil that would prevent me from participating in the con, labor issues would make me angry for spending money there).

        Ramble over and out.

        • Suffice to say,you’re dead on. 😀 One thing they refuse to listen to are the locals re: restaurants. Aw, well. I’m going to ask Tim to put together a list for us to put on our website. He’s the one who knows all the great places downtown.

          And YES! Bring fwens! They’re so easy. Just wrap them in a soft towel and tuck them in a pocket/purse/carry-on. Or do like I do and just perch them on your hand and let them weird out all the people around you…before charming them, of course. 😀

          • sky_barnes

            Okay, that seems a little insane to not listen to locals, who run a con at the same location, about the restaurants in the area, and put them in charge of the official restaurant guide. I will definitely look for the locally produced restaurant guide on your site, and hope that copies of it will end up in the registration packet once reason prevails. (reason should prevail within a year, right?). Good, inexpensive food, and places that can accommodate you and your 10 new friends all wanting to sit together, but have separate checks, are not things you can tell via web search. (or where you can get the best green curry).

            ooh. new bravery objective: weird people out by carrying around a not-for kids amazing doll while I travel. That means I have to step it up to create some kick-ass outfits by then. So far I have just been experimenting with knit/crochet and a little work on creating a proper fitting trouser block. Those shoes for Wishu’s Naruto costume were amazing, now I know I need some sculpy so I can make real shoes (not just booties). And the trick with cutting off the end of the zipper to make a faux open jacket answered a style concern I’ve had, since most openable zippers are far too large for BJD proportions, and all of the delicate ones (I’ve been eying the ever so slender “invisible zippers”) don’t open.

            • Insane is one word for it. Supreme arrogance of the SMOFs is another. The people who have taken over WorldCons don’t seem to understand that that’s an expletive, not a compliment.

              I shall pass your requests on to Timmy! 😀 As for outfits, keep me posted. If I can help…with suggestions: I’m going to be busy working on more for my greedy little cosplayer…I’m more than happy to. Also…Wiishu will have way more than he can wear in one con. He already does. He’s more than happy to share.

              One thing I’m going to try to do is get more accurate patterns made. The problem of course is that I always tailor them and by the time I’m through clipping seams, the only way to get the pattern w/b to rip the item apart. Which, somehow, I’m disinclined to do. 😀

  • Hanneke

    Glad you all had fun at Spocon, and hoping you get a chance to relax now that pressure is off.

    • We did! And as soon as CJ’s Bday is over and our little relaxi-Shejicon, I’m going to quietly collapse for a week! 😀 The good news is, I think Stephen and Wesley have finally given me clues to what had become a huge problem in my mind for the ending of HG!

  • Hah, a BJD at a con would be par for the course, I think. Anyone who’d try going to a science fiction and fantasy convention and enjoy all the unusual-ness would most likely enjoy seeing a BJD doll along for the ride. They might do a double take. They might wonder a bit. But I’d expect the reactions to be better than, say, a trip to the grocery store or some other mundane activity where people would be more not expecting something “strange”-ish. (Heh, but I bet it’s an interesting social experiment, people-watching, to see the reactions and adjustments, then the ones who get curious after the first look.) Also, yeah, that takes a level of personal bravery to try it. Hah, which shows my personality, as opposed to someone who wouldn’t think twice before doing that. 🙂

    My impression of any and all things involving committees, small groups of people attempting to agree or run something…. It tends to bring out the unsightly monkey-ancestor in most people. Not all, but most. Even ones you wouldn’t think would, have their egos and notions on things. But…well, that’s humans for ya. Oddball species. (How did I get mixed up with all these people? Oh, uh-oh, you mean I’m…oh no, I’m a monkey-boy too. Eegad, teh horrorz!)

    Ahem. Yes. Well. Do carry on.

    Heheheh. — In my bumbling towards newbie fiction writing, I think I might be making progress, nearing another little plateau. I have the strangest learning curve with this. — But the latest was, I set out to write an idea down, starting in on scenes. Partway through the darn thing, I shifted into the other, main story-universe I’ve been working on, instead of what I was intending to write. Both sort of work, but the latter isn’t what I was aiming at. It’ll have to be rewritten, at least from where I lost focus on the milieu / story-universe setting. And, well, it’s two male characters entering into a relationship, it was intended partly as an exercise specifically *not* to be me and my personality, history, issues…and blast if that didn’t begin intruding. So…I still have work to do, to figure out how to keep “in world” and “in character” with what I want to write, to portray. — I have (I’d like to think) been doing better about that, especially with stronger characters and settings. But this showed me…well, I am still new and learning. At least, though, it’s only about 10 or 12 pages, not 30 or so as with some other partial ideas I’ve had. — And so far, nothing that’s sprung complete or into completed form past a partial or rough draft. Nothing the size of a short story or bigger that’s *completed* yet. Lots of stuff in big or small chunks. The one thing I see is that I have a much better idea now of how that main story-universe, and maybe a couple of others, operate, in their present or past. I’ve got plenty of “somethings” to make good stories, but not yet the structure or completion for plot or char arcs, to get a full story out.

    So…I’ve got my work cut out for me. Still learning. I still feel so new at this. Yet when it’s going well, I can sit down and write 10 or 12 pages or more…in a long, draining, but fulfilling session. I just…haven’t figured out how to get myself to create a complete story and how to focus down on *one* story without having so much else (shiny idea! another shiny idea!) intrude on that.

    I haven’t particularly had a case before, where I lost focus on the story-universe setting and started writing the characters affected by another story-universe milieu. Not sure how that happened. I’ll have to re-draft. Dagnabit.

    Heh, otherwise, things are halfway settling down for now. Just a little. Still not really improved circumstances. But I think it might be a little less off-kilter / seismic for a while.

    I hope everyone’s doing well. I’ve been sort of off on my own, hunkered down, doing my own thing for a while, though I’ve been checking in regularly.

    P.S. — I was asked to do another audition for a voice acting part, fan/indie audio drama. On that basis, I *think* I’m going to get it. Won’t know until it’s in, reviewed, and responded back. When I do find out and can say anything about what it is, I’ll spill the beans. 🙂 (It’s a Trek fan series attempting to restart. I can say that. 🙂 ) — Also hoping to get an audition in for something original, non-Trek, but in SF&F/thriller genre. — Other stuff’s proceeding! But golly, it doesn’t move fast. Production on a volunteer basis takes beaucoup time.

    • sky_barnes

      I was thinking bravery points for the airport, now you have me racking them up for the con (and it a year away).
      I went to my first scifi convention after I attended clarion west, when I would already know people there. Even though I am not currently actively pursuing writing (creation of stuff, yes, otherwise I go a little nuts, but not writing as a career), I have only gone to conventions as a “writer”, which has different expectations for modes of behavior and dress than goings as a fan alone. One convention (usually over halloween weekend) even goes so far as to discourage dressing up at all in writing, as it is considered a business-oriented convention (even though it is halloween). The odd rebellious author wearing devil horns on the day (like the lovely Louise Marley), stands out tremendously. All sf writers are fans (at least I hope so), but for me to go so far as to bring a costumed doll to a sf convention will be a leap of fannish activity far beyond anything I have ever done before (think on the level of admitting a preference for watching the masquerade over having a leisurely dinner and hanging out in the bar (where I won’t drink, but will socialize), and you might get a taste).

      As for writing, congratulations on the writing you are doing, even if it is all over the place. First rule of writing: write. And you are doing it! No matter where it goes, you are following rule number one.

      Sometimes you need to jot down enough of each new shiny idea that you can get back to it later (unless you have some sort of special memory, you WILL forget it), then go back to the story you are working on. I keep a giant rich text document with ideas separated by asterixes (as I’ve been burned by document format shifts in the past) separate ones for specific universes, one for miscellaneous, one for fragments of observation from my life (not quite a diary, as it is too infrequent, but when something interesting occurs (even in my mind) , it is good to record, I will say 30 pages is a nice chunk of work.

      Figuring out your own best workflow can be tough. I had one story I wrote where I was curious to see what happened, others I know the direction. Some people thrive on outlines, so that you have moments to pin the story on and you know where it is going before you ever commit that much prose (it can easily change, but at least you have an initial goal in writing), some people write backwards, where they start from the end, then work back to the beginning, or hop all between, writing the parts that are interesting to them (which will usually be the bits that are interesting to others), then adding just enough filler prose to connect the parts. Other people write multiple stories at the same time, switching between them because they find it a much more engaging way to write (I can’t think of who, but I know there are professional writers who do this, and set it up so that they are writing multiple series just so that they can do this).

      When I was reading books on writing (way too many books), I recall Stephen King’s On Writing to be especially excellent. Should be at most public libraries, and the audio of it is good as well. It is the only book I have ever read by him so far in my life, so take that as a recommendation from somebody who is not a fan.

      Congratulations on the production nibbles, may they come to fruition.

      • I haven’t tried getting one through security, yet. That c/b fun! 😀 But right from the start, he’s just come along with me everywhere. Sure, I get the occasional odd look, probably some disgust, but y’know, I figure that’s their problem, not mine. The people he makes smile far outnumber the unimaginative dolts.

        And y’know…I’ve decided I’m sick of the whole “dignified author” bit. And frankly, that’s come in with the Clarion/writing is a business set. I don’t know which came first, but it’s been since I began doing conventions back in the 70’s. And it’s not my style. I’m passionate about things. I’m a weird combination of completely self-conscious and completely “what’s YOUR problem” in your face. Not particularly healthy, but me. It might well be one reason my appearances at conventions never really seem to translate into sales. OTOH…Back when I started, I did try to play the game…and I still always ended up putting my foot in my mouth on at least one panel a con, even tho I do try to be diplomatic.

        And I think I’m getting too honest here. 😀

        I’m very surprised at the number of people at cons who admit to being weirded out by Wiishu. We did a panel on it and came to the conclusion that they’re just too human. People can take realistic critturs and people running around in weirdness, but tiny little not-quite-humans are a different story.

        I so look forward to meeting you! We’ll have fun showing the resin-kids the con and the river-walk.

    • That’s so cool! I hope it comes through.

      And I totally agree with Sky all the way, (much better said than I could) esp re: the first rule: write. Once we began working on CC and I began doing so much visual art day after day, the writing really began to suffer, the voices to go silent. It’s been a difficult road getting them back. So, yes, find that time to channel somebody for at least a few minutes a day. Eventually, I imagine you’ll begin to see the connections and be able to create the entire story. I’ve never really had a case of warring story-lines, but I have had the seemingly disjointed scenes suddenly snap together when I found the keystone.

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