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All Set fo’ my Big Gig!




5 comments to All Set fo’ my Big Gig!

  • Omigosh, that’s adorable! He looks great as Naruto, and great as the Doctor!

    That pose looking backward is very good. Heck, they’re all good.

    Very, very impressed. Naruto-Wiishu needs a hug!


    Fantastic, Jane. Super.

    Only a couple of weeks until more Doctor Who. Only a couple of months or less until Star Wars Rebels, also.

    Y’all have a great time at the con!

    (OOH, just had an idea! … Pooki as Shippo? Naruto’s a nine-tailed fox demon; Shippo’s a little fox-demon something-or-other. Probably not practical in the time you have until the con, but maybe next con season? Could be a fun idea. Not sure how Wiishu would do as Inuyasha, but it might do.)

    I think I’d better go catch my imagination. I think it ran away again. Though if it finds a boyfriend and brings him back…. :shrugs: Hey, who knows? I sure don’t know…. :shrugs: again.

    Never mind, blathering…. 😀

  • Hanneke

    So, not a lollypop but an insignia. You’re a wizard with your needle; I don’t know Naruto, but the costumes look great. Where did you find such a small zipper? I couldn’t find any smaller than 4 inches, this one looks much more proportional, and you managed to get the right kind of waistband on the jacket too, without an unsightly thick seam. Did you make those open-toed boots yourself? They’re really something!

    • I only used about half the zipper. As long as it’s closed on the bottom, you can stitch across and just cut off the tail. It’s a small zipper I found on line a while ago. I notice that even Amazon has them now. You can get small open zippers as well, and just cut off the top. This is supposed to be open all the way down, but I have several of these, so just used one and put a solid band on the bottom. I found a lovely, fine-ribbed fabric that doesn’t fray so I can clip the seam really close.

      Oh, those boots…four different tries and they’re still not quite right. However, I’m closing in on a process. The insole is actually made of a thin layer of sculpey that I pressed his foot into, trimmed, and baked. Another time, I’ll trim the heal closer to his foot so the back of the upper section is up snug to his heel. But I finally got the shape around the toe right. I need to put a little pin across the back to keep the fabric pulled back from his toe. But those boots are the main reason I’ve been so silent. ARGH! The outer soles are also sculpey. I shaped them right on the boot, then baked the whole thing. Makes them a bit heavy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, when it comes to stability for posing.

  • FanTAStic work, Jane! I am always in awe of your work! Those ninja shoes are WOW!

    Now I really want to find a LTF NS Lewi faceplate so I can make Gaara. I have a blank event plate but it may be better to make a chibi Kakashi with it. I’m going the faceplate only route now since I have enough NS boy bodies to do multiple characters if I want to the same series. Currently, Chi, chibi Toshirou and chibi Vejiita are wearing the bodies and those are the default characters. I can also recruit my other tiny boys if no faceup changes are needed.

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