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New Doctor Dudses!



11 comments to New Doctor Dudses!

  • The things I do for my resin kid….The plaid across the front is a complete pattern with the…which was a bit of a nightmare. There’s just no room for error on this scale! And matching the back…oi vey! I goofed on the first pair of pants. I couldn’t find the iron-on interfacing I wanted and they ended up cute but very stiff. So I had to make them again. The cuff at this scale…OMG. I want to make him an actual shirt, bit it has to be really slick so it slips into his coat sleeves easily, which means a miserable fabric to work with. I want to get his Naruto and steampunk outfits done before I tackle that. In the meantime, his little faux collar and tie will give it the fourth Doc’s casual look. The tie can be both bow tied as Doctor Tom’s was early on or just hanging loose and sloppy. The main thing is, this is his “signature” costume and one I’ve wanted to get done for over a year now, so I’m very relieved and happy. Getting some very necessary work done outside as well. All of which is making me a very bad interwebs correspondent! Sorry!

  • chondrite

    Will Tink be a suitable substitute for K-9?

  • K-9 was a great little guy! Wiishu doing Doctor Tom B., very cool. …Curly-top?

    Heh, Wiishu as Naruto and Wiishu doing steampunk sound just awesome.

  • Hang on, do I sense a…regeneration about to happen? Oh, my!

    Fez? Bow tie? Heheh.

  • Wiishu’s first convention costume was a Doctor Tom outfit! Wiishu's first DW costume But the coat was a prototype and the shirt and pants from another outfit and the scarf borrowed from Doctor Pook. He’s finally getting his own proper outfit! And Naruto…oh my. it is coming along. It’s gonna be cute!

  • Hanneke

    Jane, you are so good at the fine details, exactly matching up the lines of the pattern in the middle of the back and the front of that vest, even with the buttons for added difficulty!
    I liked his first Doctor Who outfit, but the finer thread and stitches of the new scarf fit Wiishu’s size better. It’s looking very good.

    @BCS, I sent you the package with the last of the clothes for Augie and Zeke from the last holiday hotel, in Las Vegas: the checkout desk said they’d tape it shut and send it off, as I’d already got the stamps for it. I hope they did find the sticky-tape, she was still looking for it when we left. I barely finished the last item in time, as the trip was more exhausting than I’d expected.
    The package contains two new long brown pants, a bit longer and wider in the lower leg to fit over the boots, a few more winter sweaters, hats and scarves, and a bunch more summer stuff: shorts, knee-lengths and colorful clamdiggers, and some more shirts with decals. I had two decals left over, one star and one soccer ball (as I didn’t know if Texas boys might like soccer), so I sent those along and you can iron them onto any little shirt that is too boring just plain as is, from the earlier packages.

    My sister asked me along on her trip with my nephews around the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Antilope Canyon, Mesa Verde, Durango and Silverton, Canyonlands, Arches, Goblin Valley, Dixie National Forest, Escalante – Grand Staircase, and Zion, flying to and from Las Vegas (a 15 hour trip, each way, with a changeover at Newark – we saw the New York skyline on the return trip).
    We saw so much, did a lot of walking in the unaccustomed heat, wearing a hat and sunscreen and drinking a lot of water: the hottest days were 107-109 degrees F, 42-43 degrees C, but mostly in the high nineties (which considering our summer temperature when we left was maybe 70 degrees F, 20 C, and up to a real high for here of almost 80 when we returned, was very very hot!) and did a lot of driving, about 1800 miles in the 11 days. I’m so happy she asked me to come along, even though she didn’t really need me as relief driver (she prefers driving to being a passenger, which I don’t mind): it was the chance of a lifetime to see so much spectacular scenery, as I’m not adventurous enough to do this sort of big trip on my own, or with a group of strangers. I’m still mentally sorting all the new impressions, and resting up, but it was lovely!

    • What an incredible trip! I’ve seen a few of those, but not all. You’ve reminded me of a few I want to try and get to. When we first began driving from Spokane to Dallas to visit CJC’s family, (2000 miles one way) we would add a few days and route it so we’d get to some of the national parks on the way. We’d gotten away from that when trips began to involve the house and pond care, found the hotels and route to cut travel to a predictable three days one way, but that’s grown really old now. We think we’ve got the pond to much less maintenance, so hope to start doing the park-en-route thing again.

      I can’t imagine doing it in that heat!!!! And after several years of OKC life, I’ve gotten a bit more accustomed. Hope the hotels had good AC.

      And what a wonderful thing you’ve done, making all those wonderful clothes for BCS.

      Re: Wiishu’s little duds. Thanks. That kind of nonsense is one reason I frequently end up doing something twice. Often taking an extra day just to screw up the courage to tackle it again. I think I have the muslin pattern perfect, make the final…and find something like that that needs tweaking by a flipping handful of threads, but which I can’t see until I’ve clipped the seams and pressed. Then I have to figure how to make it right, which usually involves things like hand-basting, then redo it. With his vest for the wedding, the little points in front just didn’t match. No way to fix it, just had to remake it.

      I finished his Naruto boots only to discover minor differences in width of the front panels and height of the boot. I’d done them one at a time. This time, I’m doing them at the same time and comparing with basting before final stitching. The only good part about that is, shoes are HARD but I’m getting better with each one. If only the patterns were reusable, but they all have particular styles.

      I’ll be posting pics soon, then hopefully getting back to actual work!

      • Hanneke

        I love seeing the careful detailing you do, even though I’m only a ‘standard confection’ instead of ‘high quality tailor’ seamstress myself. It makes every outfit really good, and very special.
        How very clever, that you’re even making the shoes and boots yourself!

        Yeah, the hotels had good AC, and luckily, so did the car. But my sister and one of my nephews can’t stand the mechanical noise, they can’t sleep and get headaches if the AC is on, so as soon as we were in the room the AC had to be turned off. That made the nights with four people in a gradually heating room a bit uncomfortable for me, as I’m more bothered by the heat than they are, and used to sleeping with the window open by myself. But it was very much worth it, and I hope you get to enjoy some more of those special places on future trips south.

  • Wow! That sounds like great fun! I’ve never been that far west or into desert country.

    Here, it’s humid heat, because we’re near the coast and in the temperate to sub-tropical zone. It’s officially in the mid to upper 90’s during the day, and down to the 80’s and mid 70’s at night. It stays around 80 until after midnight. So…very hot and humid. Very sunny a lot of the time, but we get rain every week or two, again from being near the coast.

    However, that’s *not* like desert dry heat like you’ve described around Las Vegas. I am sure that would be a whole different experience. I’m about as well acclimated as I can be, for a native around here, but I’m more an indoor type guy. I am sure a lot of walking or hiking in and around Las Vegas would be a challenge.

    Funny you should mention a package, as I just got a mystery package today, and it looked like your writing. I haven’t yet opened it, but it looks like it’s in fine shape! I’ll check it tonight. 😀 Thank you!

    Oh, and yes, Texas boys (and girls) love soccer along with other sports. I don’t think it’s quite as big as it is in Europe or Latin America, but it’s big. Texas has “soccer moms” (and dads) like other US states.

    Besides which, a soccer ball bears an uncanny resemblance to a buckyball or icosahedron, a very cool science fiction type structure. 😉

  • INCREDIBLE detailing, as always, Jane. You boggle my mind. You also make me want to sew again, which is impossible without the table set up and my expensive machine acting up.

    So I crochet clothes.

    BJDC in Austin was wonderful! I posted photos at the DFW group but I’ll make sure I post them on my bjd FB page and LJ.

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