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Long Time No Sees!

We are bery sowwy! We beened bery busy! I knows you all wants to know wot we beened up to, an’ we will hab pitchurs soon, but today wuz speshul…spe-cial. We finished my Doctor Scarf!!!! We had one almos’ done an’ were goin’ t’finish it on d’road, but never seemed t’gets around to it. Den…we gots home an’ putsted all d’stuff away…an’ it had disappearded! We scrambled an’ found s’more yarns an’ hab beened knittin’ an’ knittin’ an’ knittin’ all week, cuz I jus’ HAD to hab it fo’ SpoCon nex month! Bud iz all done now, an’ I LUBS it!



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5 comments to Long Time No Sees!

  • Bri

    I’m so glad you were able to recover and finish your scarf, sweetie. We looked and looked and couldn’t find the first one :^(
    Auntie Bri

  • WOL

    I am sending you two packages. They have nothing to do with scarves, unfortunately, but do have something to do with snow and dragons. They should be there Mon or Tues week. (28 or 29) They are small, but as we know, good things come in small pkgs.

  • Excellent scarf! Have a Jelly Baby!

    (Hmm, problem: I don’t have any Jelly Babies or Gummy Bears right now. Gotta restock.)

    I’m looking forward to whatever Star Wars Rebels news leaks out of SDCC this coming week. I think I’m more excited about it than movie VII. It’s looking mighty good so far. Due out sometime this fall; I’ll be watching online (iTunes, Amazon, whoever carries it). I don’t get the fancy cable channels, though I pay enough, they ought to.

    It looks like we’re in for a time of the dark Doctor for a few episodes, upcoming this fall. Should be interesting.

    I would sincerely love cooler weather. Practically melting the past couple of days. Fall/winter weather can’t get here soon enough.

    I’m looking to read some in two or three (eek) textbooks, to (hopefully) get around a couple of hurdles in my web skills bag of tricks. If I can learn those the rest of the year, I’ll be happier and feel like I’ve accomplished a little something.

  • Good job helping momma get the scarf finished, Wiishu! You have so many talents!

    I saw this and thought of your two mommas:


    BCS, I can point you to a Web I online class taught where I work this Fall and you can take it as Continuing Education instead of credit so you don’t have to bother with transcripts and such.

  • Hi, Onna. (BTW, I love that LJ post, that’s super!)

    Web I might actually be too intro for me. I taught myself early HTML and CSS, and now know HTML5 and CSS3, with the exception of HTML5 forms and current JavaScript. What you see on my site, except the blog anf forum, is all my own work.

    I think I may have found a vector drawing program that will output SVG or other (vector drawing) formats. I can’t afford Illustrator or the Adobe Suite, and when I’d tried to learn Illustrator before, ugh, much, much frustration. (I was a very long-time Macromedia Freehand user. Mastering Illustrator should not have been a problem.) I have tried Inkscape a few times, but it’s so buggy it’s unusable for me on my Mac or on my (approaching ancient) Windows laptop. — If the new program does what I want, I’ll have a major tool gap filled again and will be a lot happier. — I’ve now got my iPad and Mac convinced they have copies of the manuals for iDraw and Inkscape, and will have to wade through the tutorials. If those don’t work out well, I’ll have to renew old Illustrator, which is a huge initial expense for the suite these days, and still a major expense for Illustrator by itself.

    I also need to restart learning EPUB3. But this means cramming a textbook to discover the differences between it and XHTML 1.1 and HTML5. EPUB2 extends XHTML 1.1, and EPUB3 builds on that, and may be based on HTML5 now. But one of the main editors (Sigil) is no longer being updated. Last I looked, Calibre may take over from it.

    The major hole in my skills tool kit is PHP (and MySQL). With these, I can program features and use databases, instead of only the flat, non-interactive features I can do with HTML5 and CSS3 alone. Learning both is a big undertaking, and takes me all the way back to the last times I took programming classes, first at Texas A&M, then at a community college. — I’m one of those “non-traditional” type students. I didn’t have myself sorted out back when I was an undergrad, tried switching majors on top of that, and (hahaha) I must have one of the oddest uni transcripts out there. I went back and got an associate’s degree and made honor roll, however.

    Then life happened, including life as a caregiver. My memory and thinking skills are scatter-brained now, still largely Swiss cheese, and I’m only now starting to get back to my productive side. Add in further low vision impairment (frelling annoying!) and…I’m 48, no longer that college kid. (If I had been able to accept myself and come out as an undergrad, even to myself privately, I might have ~graduated~ with a a BA or BS. Aggravating.) (I have plenty of undergrad courses, the old core curriculum and electives, except for completing courses in either major, for English, foreign language, or (now outdated) computer science, around sophomore to junior level, depending on which major.)

    I’d be happy with Continuing Education courses, but I’d prefer to take them For Credit, if possible.

    My transcripts? — I am not sure where one of the two boxes landed, that had my college and high school transcripts and related stuff. One should be here, but I moved it during/after Tropical Storm Allison, and I’m not sure where it landed in the house or garage. — The other box may not have made it through the move from my previous home. — However, I can find where to write for another copy of each transcript, high school, universitye, and community college. This May marked (ahem) 30 years since high school graduation: 1984, the year of the Orwellian introductory Macintosh ad. Heh.

    So…I have to get on the stick. — But I’d be interested for the fall semester. Gah, that’s coming up fast. I hadn’t planned on anything for this fall, formal study. — But I think I’ve got myself convinced to get back into a real work/study routine. It’s just…it’s been so long since I was actually following a schedule, a plan, a routine for work or study.

    Major Goal: Complete some font work and submit those, to improve my income even a bit.

    Still Exploring, haven’t researched enough: Whether doing voice acting locally might be a viable possibility. I’ve had pretty good response doing fan productions. (Wish I’d hear back soon on progress for episodes currently in production, and another casting call which seems to have been delayed. Tough to audition when a fan production hasn’t made their public (or private) call yet.)

    What I’ve been doing the past couple of days is motivating me toward learning PHP, though.

    My former pro, paid job skills? Now old. Early publication design and layout and graphic design in the 80’s and 90’s. Macromedia Freehand, Fontographer, PageMaker, ReadySetGo, rarely very early Photoshop, and a lot of Microsoft Word. Training, mostly unused, in early MS Office. Throw in several other programs which no longer exist. What I did was mostly in-house and small contracting, the then-heretical “desktop publishing” using ~computers~ for design and layout. No kidding, back then, print shops from Mom-and-Pop to major, newspapers and magazines included, still thought that was heresy, when I was first starting out. Within five to ten years, it was de facto the standard. — And now, ebooks and the web have made a seismic shift industry-wide that makes that old “heretical” approach seem like a hiccup. I *must* get over the mental blocks to get EPUB and a current vector drawing package learned, so I have usable skills again. Not just because I need the income badly, but so I can put up with myself. It’s cramped or stalled out most of my personal projects. Where the mental blocks are coming from, and why, so far, I haven’t broken them down, I don’t know. That *will* happen, though. It has to. There’s too much I want to do, and I need to, and I need the income and the confidencer in my own abilities again, so I can get stuff done.

    Yep, I’m stressed and frustrated, and trying to get moving and stay that way. My cats, however, are totally not stressed out. Lucky little furballs.

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