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the Poobanator Strikes Back

When you are the Poobanator…who needs words…

42 comments to the Poobanator Strikes Back

  • at first, I was thinking of a “Phantom of the Opera” especially the picture with the “???” Glad to see you got out of that ebile trap…..although he’s not aware that you already know how to get out of those things……shh!

  • I sense a great disturbance in The Farce…. One I have not felt since…. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

    Whoops, hey, that’s the wrong show.

    “Don’tcha step on Superman’s cape! Don’tcha pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger, an’ ya don’ mess around with Jim!”

    (Jim who? Jim Kirk?)

    Never mind….


    Great job, Wiishu! You saved the day! And a dry cleaning bill for that suit!

  • chondrite

    I say recycle the cape, make a little mask, bust out the top hat and cane, and voila! Tuxedo Mask! A good alter ego to counteract the EEEEBIL one.

    • chondrite

      One of our neighborhood kitteh-boys, Little Brother, got himself in a jam. During one of his expeditions, it looks like he did something to his foot. It looks somewhat swollen and I suspect an infection. I’m going to keep an eye on it, but if he needs to see the vet, I am NOT looking forward to trying to catch him and take him in, let alone the subsequent bill. He will let me pet him, but when I tried to look at the bum paw, he firmly pulled away.

  • WOL

    What is the computer situation? Did HP fix the beast?

  • mitha

    “$$$$$, Bwahahaha!” Love it!

    Thank you so much for these little stories, they are great fun!

    Adding my good wishes for a happy outcome on the computer situation.

  • I had an audio rehearsal earlier this week for a future episode’s voice acting role. The rehearsal went well, it was a lot of fun, and I think they liked my part. It’s not (afaik) a recurring part, but the role’s big enough that I might get future guest / small roles, which would be really neat.

    I still have to review the lines I recorded and make sure they’re good before turning them in. The episode will take a few months in audio production before it’s released. I’ll let folks know when it’s out.

    I have auditions for two other audio drama podcasts upcoming. One, I might get; the other, I have no idea.

    Two are Star Trek fan-based productions. The other is an original production.

  • Planning on driving up and seeing you Sunday, Wiishu and Pook!

  • The Shejidan grape vine says CJ-aiji revealed the cover, title, and read a scene from the next Foreigner book at SoonerCon. Excellent! The cover looks great!

    There’s news of a new fan film, Star Trek Valiant: Legacy, by Michael L. King, that’s debuting at SoonerCon. The film’s short but character-driven. News says it will be released on YouTube and Vimeo on July 1st. Yay.

    For audio drama, I submitted a second take on one scene.

    I submitted an audition for another audio drama, an original anthology production that’s restarting.

    Today, I’m about to do an audition for another new audio drama upcoming. It’s a fan production.

    These aren’t paid, they’re volunteer and fan-made. But the experience is worth it, and it’s fun too.

    Would anyone like some ham with their chewy scenery? πŸ˜‰

  • witchyg

    I love your mind Jane! You always have a chuckle for me when I need one, thank you πŸ™‚

  • Hello, All! I need recommendations for films/TV I could watch online to listen to actors/actresses with an authentic Russian accent in English, or as close to it as possible. Real Russian dialogue could also help to get a feel for the accent.

    I have some idea already of how this should sound. I can recall hearing Yakov Smirnov (the comedian) and the Russians in the movie 2010, some of whom were Russian. But offhand, those are the few I can recall that would be authentic. I’m sure there are more.

    Likely, I’ll check out a Learning to Speak Russian app and book/CD set by some company or other, also to get a better handle on the accent.

    I’ve been cast in an audio drama podcast to do a Russian continuing character, and I’d like to get my accent more authentic if possible.

    • chondrite

      Supposedly Anton Yelchin, playing Ensign Chekov in the revamped Star Trek, is of Russian extraction and can speak Russian. I can’t vouch for the authenticity of his accent, but if you can find clips of him speaking, that might help.

  • Thanks, Chondrite. I’ll rewatch the two JJ-verse Treks and check for Anton Yelchin’s other roles. I also got suggestions to listen to Russian figure skaters’ interviews, which was great advice.

    I’ve updated my audio pages and I’m trying to come up with a more organized, quicker to scan approach, so people (and myself) can find things more quickly/easily.

    I’ve been cast as a continuing character for the Russian role! πŸ™‚ This is a new production, so there’s not much up yet online for people to check out. Once there’s more news, I’ll post about it.

    I haven’t yet heard back regarding auditions for an anthology series episode, but I think that’s due to the holiday. They were to have decided on the 2nd.

    Production’s ongoing for the Starship Excelsior episode 4.02, in which I’m playing an alien, Turgas. I don’t know yet if he’ll recur, but it looks good for other roles in the future with the series.

  • ready4more

    Except for Sean Connery, the cast in Hunt for Red October is excellent for Russian accents. It’s not just the words but the emotional inflection in the words which comes across.

  • ready4more

    Jane, how was the con? I assume you and CJ are home now. We missed you but you two deserve a little fun now and again.

    • We just got home. I don’t say much when we’re on the road. Low profile, y’know. πŸ˜€ We have people taking care of the place, but no sense inviting trouble.

      We had a good time. The workshop was fabulous. More on that soon. And Wiishu had a nice reunion with Momma-D. Not a lot of pix, strange to say, and those I took aren’t so great—tried to trust the camera’s AI because not a lot of time—but will try to get what I have up soon. We went to Chicago after, to visit my sis, and stopped at Wall, SD and Devil’s Tower on the way home. Pretty tired…… Ended up stopping 300 miles short on a run we’ve made many times. But we were just too tired. Slept almost around the clock, then came home, unloaded the car, put on a load of wash, went out and began the process of debugging the poor car, then came in and took a soakie bath, trying to remember what I was doing with HG. Sigh….been a while.

      CJC, OTOH, is closing in on the end of Tracker! Yppppeeee!

  • I commented on re-watching Hunt for Red October over on CJ’s blog. That and 2010 were really fantastic to watch again, for accents, for storytelling / characterization and movie magic, just all around fine movie watching.

  • I heard back last night on the auditions for the anthology series. I got one of the nicest audio rejection slips ever. They are keeping me in mind for future roles and will have another two casting calls soon for other podcast series (plural), or they may specifically ask for me in a role. They said they keep notes on voices, who’s done what, who’d be useful for what. So two out of three ain’t bad, and that sounds like a good chance I could do roles for them in the future. This ends up feeling like a win too.

  • I Know That Voice! — Highly recommended, really awesome documentary (not boring!) on voice acting. Interviews, history, tips, very entertaining. Great for genre fans, for anime, gaming, cartoons, films, you name it. My gosh, the talent!

    One of the guys should be hired to play a Klingon, if he hasn’t already. Biker / metal looks, the whole bit, but he’s a voice actor.

    I was nearly through the whole film when I realized that among the background for that guy’s living room, you see what may be a BJD sitting unobtrusively to one side on the couch. (Or he’s an action figure or realistic plushie or similar.) And all over the shelves in the background are various action figures and toys, figures for the voices the actor has done, plus other things besides. He’s a fan as well as a creator / actor.

    The list of parts played or managed by the people interviewed is huge, too many to list. Great stuff. Very inspiring and very humbling. So impressed.

    They also show a visit to Comic-Con or DragonCon. (I think it was San Diego Comic-Con.)

    Side Note: I’m really looking forward to Star Wars Rebels this fall, too. Maybe more so than movie VII, which is another year off anyway.

    As reported on CJ’s blog, I ordered a couple of sets on Learning Russian, so I can be more authentic for the Russian continuing character I’ll be doing.

    I Know That Voice is available on iTunes. I’d expect it’s also available on Amazon and other providers. Cheap-ish to own, cheaper to rent. Don’t miss it, it was great fun to watch and listen.

    Psst, they even cover Cowboy Bebop! Woo-hoo!

    • mitha

      3D printed doll armor! Fantastic! Where was that when I was playing with my brother’s trucks?

      That’s our ticket to ride for easier living and working in space (3D printing in general I mean, not the armor). No more need to ship things up, just pr

      • mitha


        ….just print them out as needed. Next thing to figure out, how to *not* have to ship up the raw materials.

        Heh, I suppose the next hot item on the pirate websites will be 3D toys. Music…so yesterday…

  • That is really, really amazing.

    Who needs a wimpy Barbie princess? Have Barbie the Warrior Queen. She can lead the charge!

    Um, and I wouldn’t mind if the handsome hero and his trusty sidekick are a little more than best buddies now and then. Some heroes get the girl. Some heroes get the boy. Why not? Only you hardly ever see that.

    Hmm, and then there are all those damsels in distress in their flowy, revealing, impractical gowns and slippers or heels. How come they don’t get almighty tired of that and beat up the bad guys ~despite~ the party dresses? Or just, y’know, ditch the heels / slippers and change into some normal clothes. … A trope that never affects the guys, because guys’ clothes aren’t designed like that.

    3D printed stuff … really pretty amazing.

    • chondrite

      I refer you to what happened to Merida, the heroine from Brave, after Disney retooled her for mass consumption. In the movie, she was a tomboy; as a princess doll, she was considerably tamed down and prettified. I’m in favor of Barbie Bodiccea!

    • chondrite

      We will have officially crossed over something not-bad when in a Disney movie, the guy gets the guy, or the girl gets the girl!

  • Tommie

    OTOH, a stiletto heel could make a really ni… uh, efficient head basher when the BG isn’t paying attention.

  • I liked Merida in Brave.

    Tommie and Chondrite, liking the way you two think!

    (Obviously, I hadn’t considered the use of stiletto heels as an offensive weapon. Not sure why. The name ~would~ seem to be a clue.)

    • chondrite

      One of the things women get told to do for self-defense is, if they are wearing heels and someone gets aggressive, step on the offending party’s foot with said heel and put all their weight on it. Even at 110 pounds, a woman can exert considerable force when it is concentrated on 1 square centimeter.

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