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Lotus Morning

Score? I have no idea where he’s getting this stuff…

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  • chondrite

    Iz Booteyful! How can Pookie sleep through that (unless the sparklie-spit is more draining than he wants to admit).

  • WOL

    What a nice surprise to wake up to. Didjer get my email? I’ll send another.

  • Hey, that’s nice an’ peaceful. The lotus is really understated.

    Wiishu, I think has been watching soccer.

    We’ll just let the Pooki-boy snooze. All that ee-viil mastermind stuff must require a nap. 😉

  • Yay! Youz eskaype-ed!

    Beautiful wake-up call!

    Sent you a PM on FB.

  • Lammily.com — a realistic alternative to Barbie. I was looking up info on Barbie, Ken, and their sisters, brothers, and friends, and I came across a reference to a realistically proportioned doll being made as an alternative to Barbie’s body image. “Lammily” ( see Lammily.com ) was crowd-funded recently and will be available in a first edition in November of this year. There’s also a Wiki page.

    The site says the artist / maker plans other, ethnically diverse dolls. I didn’t see mention of realistically proportioned male dolls, but I think that would be a great idea too. Why should girls or boys grow up seeing hyper-masculine, unreachable body builder male bodies, any more than unreachable supermodel female bodies?

    Their message also includes showing the doll in an active, healthy, happy lifestyle, but not an unreachable one. She’s shown in good looking but not flashy clothes, more like what a typical young woman would wear.

    I do wish they had come up with a better slogan. The Lammily doll’s slogan is, “Average is Beautiful.” Of course, they mean average body build. But who wants to be only average, or look average, and who wants to dream for only the average? Nearly everyone wants to be, to look, better than “average.” Though for many, being more like that “average” would be a relief, a step up, due to whatever ways we differ from the (expected) or ideal norm.

    Maybe, “Realistic is Beautiful” or “Beautiful is not unrealistic” ?

    She looks good. Her waist isn’t overly thin. Her bust isn’t overly large. (Yes, women and girls vary. Some have small busts, others have large busts, without any artificial enhancement.) But the doll is presented as average or medium to small bust size, or anyway, not the “blow up balloon” breasts. — Most guys actually prefer a natural look. Sure, some guys like larger breasts, but girls and young women ought to know that most guys (men, boys) are happy with whatever a gal has. Average is fine. Small, medium, or large is fine. Natural is what guys actually like. … And although that’s nice, it isn’t the only thing a guy is really looking for when he’s looking for a partner.

    Hmm, I don’t know why I just stepped up on that soapbox, given the givens (and my personal circumstances). :shrugs:

    I’d like to see them do an average build male doll too.

    It looks like there was a huge demand out there for a more realistic body ideal doll. They more than surpassed their funding goals.

    So I hope it’ll be a success.

  • ready4more

    Everybody wants to be above average on some measure or other (beauty, intelligence, physical prowess, social skills, etc). This leads to the perception that average is undesirable. Since average has so many negative connotations, we could suggest the word “normal”. I personally don’t find average to be such a bad word, as everybody falls somewhere on a curve and average just means you tend to be grouped with most of your peers (unless one is speaking statistically). The target demographic really is one where being just like your peers is important, so it should be an easy sell, but if it were that easy, parents wouldn’t have wanted to know that their children go to above average schools (somebody has to go to the below average schools.) Thus the argument for standardized tests where the grades are reported against a standard of achievement rather than in a percentile, quartile, etc. I’ll step off my high horse now.

    • chondrite

      “Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.” Thanks, Garrison Keillor.

  • Very glad to see that the two little guys are taking care of everything and there is an escape route from the sparkly place.

    I have been admiring your roses and wondering how you make them grow so beautifully. My one bush was nearly done in by winter’s crazed weather and deer. (C’mon guys, you can’t be that hungry!) It’s coming back nicely but I want a beauty not a surviver!

    Does anyone else have Christmas Cacti blooming? They look nice with the pansies but…….

    • chondrite

      My dragon fruit cactus (related to night-blooming cereus) has started its blooming run. Every night for a couple of weeks I can count on 2 or 3 huge buds opening up with white lightly scented flowers the size of a salad plate. They are only good for 1 or 2 days tops, though, and I have yet to get a dragon fruit out of them. I think these must be the type that require another cactus to pollinate them, not like the Vietnamese variant which is self-pollinating. It took 4 years to get to this point, and the cactus is now sprawling across most of the low stone wall in front of the house. I will have to transplant the 2 columnar cacti that are getting squeezed between the dragon fruit and the aloe; they are growing happily, but are about to become a cactus sandwich.

  • Hey, a sandwich with its own toothpicks!

  • Jane! A horse for Pooki!


    I just ordered a black Thyme because I could not resist.

  • Tommie

    Mini pompoms might make someone a snugly Soft Toy Person for when eeebil plans just don’t work out.

  • I have this disturbing mental image of Pooki riding Shushu as they chase the poor pompomplushi…

  • Was that one too many Thundercats episodes? 😀

    Psst, I have a few lines to record for a Starship Excelsior episode that should air later this year! Yay!

    Also, I’ve been looking at clips for Star Wars: Rebels, upcoming this fall.

    iTunes released Falling Skies 4.01 about a week early, probably in error. I’ll be watching it this week. 🙂

    • Hanneke

      @BCS: congratulations on the voice-acting job.
      In three weeks my summer vacation starts, and I’ve got six more little pieces I want to finish and send off to you before I leave, including two wider-legged brown trousers that might fit over the boots.

      After my holiday there are a lot of other creative projects that will have to get priority, as there’s been a lot of good news recently. I always make a patchwork quilt or a detailed paper tole picture when a new kid arrives in the family or at my friends, and there are three for certain and one more possible on the way! My cousin is adopting a two and a four year old, my neighbor and friend is expecting, and my best friend’s daughter is hoping for a second… These new kids all deserve the same time-consuming gift as their elder siblings or cousins had from me, so I’ll be rather fully occupied in my creative and sewing hours, probably for at least the next year.

      If you want to send me the red jacket to fix the hood, and maybe a few things that I made that need to be fixed, I think it might be better to send just the jacket and things, without the doll, and I can probably get it to fit well enough. I can do that in between the quilts, as it’s just one little thing; but I won’t have time to fit a complete better wardrobe on the doll this year.

      At least they’ve got enough basics to be getting on with for a while, and for more complicated and professional-looking detailed clothing I guess I’m not a good enough clothing designer or seamstress anyway. I’ve seen some very nice stuff on the internet that I would not have any idea how to achieve, so for any more complex stuff than the basic Tshirts, sweaters and pants I made I’m afraid you’ld have to resort to the online shops anyway.
      I’m sorry for not being able to go on with gradually improving the clothes for a while longer, but I do not want to disappoint these families who expect my handmade gifts for their new babies within a reasonable time of their arrival; while I sort of feel I’ve reached the limits of my capabilities at long-distance dollclothes-making: Augie and Zeke don’t need more of the same, while I don’t see myself improving much beyond what they’ve already had.

      • @Hanneke, that is a truly amazing gift and a huge amount of work for a year or two. Even one quilt in that amount of time would be quite a lot. Those kids are going to be so fortunate, and snuggly warm and cozy! Great news, both on the adoptions and the biological parents’ kids.

        I will check for BJD fans locally too. I’ve intended to do that. I haven’t had much luck finding things online to fit these guys (23cm and 1:6 scale). Nearly everything is sized for 27cm, and the few 23cm sized outfits are almost all for girls.

        I will get the hoodie and other items together and send them before the end of this month. I think it would help you to have the doll on hand for sizing, but since you’ll have so much else going on, and you’ve expressed concern already about having him around a while, OK, I’ll refrain from that. He may go visiting to a few others, though. 😉

        Hanneke, thenks very much. You’ve done a whole lot of good work with no expectation of a return, and that is extraordinarily kind. The guys do look great in the clothes you’ve done for them.

        I looked again, and Inkscape still hasn’t updated their version for Mac. So I’ll need to find an alternative. I really miss having a vector drawing program that I can use effectively. That should help in illustrations. I don’t know 3D and haven’t braved a Blender tutorial yet.

        Although I haven’t gotten much of anything new written, I’ve been thinking over ideas, refinement on world-building and story/character ideas. I think I’ve stumbled on something good, story-wise, but I’m not sure how I’ll do on getting it into stories. Some things still are eluding me.

  • Tommie

    Up an airy mountain, down a leafy glen,
    We dare not go a hunting, for fear of little men…

    I had not thought of them riding house cats, but then, house elf huh?

    • Tommie

      Late attribution:The Fairies, William Allingham. My Mama grew frustrated with me and made me sit down and read this poem. That event begins my love of reading.

  • I recorded lines, but there’s even neater news: There’s a full-cast read-through scheduled over Skype, early next week. This should help tremendously and should be a lot of fun. I’m holding the recordings, but I’d expect they’ll want some changes, so I’ll likely need to re-record.

    This will be the most dialogue for a fan production I’ve done. I’m so excited!

    (It’s not a paid production, but that’s fine. I’m an amateur. I’m doing this because it’s darned fun science fiction, and it might lead to other roles in Trek or other SF&F audio.)

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