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I know you all been worried about Mom. She’s doin’ OK, bud I’m twyin’! Pwease forgive d’pitchurs. D’security camra wusn’t workin’ bery good…

6 comments to Rescue!

  • chondrite

    Teh Battle of Teh Sparklie-Spit! I didn’t know Wiishu could do that too, I thought it was just The Pook. Or is that just overflow?

  • Wiishu, you’re such a good boy! I know you will rescue Momma!

    Pook, you’re really taking this too far. Let Momma J out so she can do her job! And how can she make you more clothes if you keep her in that little space?

    chondrite, I think the sparkles on the cage were the magic locking the door? Or maybe a Pooki warning device? Don’t know for sure.

    • That’s cuz Mom couldn’t figure out how to easily inject herself into the cage! 😀 I figure it’s the glamour that keeps Mom small enough to fit inside. Or maybe I’m just all sparklies and some are leaking out? ARGH! He’s turned me into a vampire from That Novel!

  • *gasp* *eek* teh situation is dire. Teh kiddoes iz dear. Teh Momma iz in dere…. There iz no door. Teh puns iz hard to endure….

    Poo-banator… Bananamator…. Banana-Tomato…. Tomayto Tomahto….

    I dunno, it works for bananas and strawberries. Maybe bananas and tomatoes. Not sure.

    Pooki, buddy, better let the Momma out. She’s not gonna be too pleased, but keepin’ her in there is gonna just delay the inevitable. As well as the inedible.

    Good job, Wiishu, buddy.

    I think the Poobanator has been twirling his non-existent mustache too tight. Tsk-tsk.

  • Tommie

    Ai no whut! Momma looktet sads, so somebodies hided her until she feels all betters, but is taking timeses…

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