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ItRoses and more!

Just a bunch of pix…

2 comments to It’s June! Roses and more!

  • chondrite

    All those roses must make the garden smell heavenly; do you snip some to bring inside too? I haz a jealous!

    Is that the new lotus I see about to bloom??!?

    That does resemble what we used to call a mock orange back in OH; we had a couple of bushes around the back of the garden. They smelled great, but you couldn’t really bring cuttings inside, because the petals would fall at the slightest bump once they were cut.

  • Those flowers are great. The pictures, especially the buds, are fantastic.

    I still have one rose bush in back and azaleas out front, and that’s about all. Some non-flowering plants out front. Some hardy, stubborn aloe vera in pots out back. And hey, there’s grass in the back yard. LOL.

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