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Pooki’s outfit has been disqualified! No problemo! I just interpreted the rules differently than the judges did. Pooki, however, had a different reaction.

5 comments to HOSTAGE!

  • Oh…oh my…I believe we have been beset by an ee-viil twin. Or…something. Oh dear.

    It could be one o’ them-there cascading temporal who’s-it’s they’re always goin’ on about on that other show. Hmm.

    This Poobanator fellow is clearly nefarious. And devious. And, and….

    Careful, Wiishu, things aren’t looking good in Mudville. — And yeah, we definitely want our people unsquooshified.

    ( I will say frankly that I’ve hardly ever seen a forum with so much talk of what is and isn’t on-topic or moderated and what isn’t on topic or allowed on their forum. It bothers me, so I have not posted much there. )

  • Tommie

    So you’ll let on when the package gets there, right? I mailed it on the 27th of May, 2014 from the post office in ZIP 03060. I only have one good leg to jiggle on!

    • WOT! You mean Mom din’t say nophin’? I wuz SURE she did. Ob course, at d’moment she can ony murphle cuz she’s smooshed. We LUBS it! Is sooooo cute! Id might be a widdow big, bud Mom said she thots she cud makes it work wif clever cutting. *nods wisely*.

      (Manipulating the keyboard through mind power: I think I did answer, just…somewhere else. I’ve got too many of these ‘social media’ things going. Glug. It’s adorable. It’ll be come something. As you say, there’s even enough for an adorable tent, which they might need out in the new section for shade while they enjoy the stream. :D)

  • Isharell

    Message to the Poobanator, from one EEEvil Twin to another:

    Poobie, honey!! How dreadful that those unspeakable twits disqualified your lovely, faboo, amazing – to say nothing of well stitched and verrry fetching – costume!!!

    But, seriously, you should not blame Teh Momma, aka Dear Jane!!! She just has more imagination than said twits in reading the rules, which is a very good quality to have, especially for one who lives with you, hon!

    Take my advice, dearie, the best revenge comes in the form of a very cute squirt gun, filled with ice water. Mine is hot pink. Some say it clashes with my red lipstick, but bright red lipstick is like, my trademark! Along with a pair of very twisty bunny ears!!! (fake bunny ears, guys, I may be an EEEvil Twin but I am not a bunny killer)

    XXXOOO Evil Ish

    I cannot explain what just happened… someone strange who I have not heard from in years just took over my keyboard! oh, the horror of the EEEvil red lipstick and twisty bunny ears…. I better run now, before she discovers that I threw out the squirt gun years ago.

  • Isharell

    I should add that Evil Ish is not too bright and is excessively fond of using multiple exclamation points. BTW, she called him “Poobie” as a nickname for Poobanator – I don’t think she knows it’s not his real name.


    Of course I know it’s not his real name!!! Poobanator is his Secret Identity!!! Sheesh, Good Ish, you are sooooo silly!!! Don’t you know that all my villainous baddie pals have nicknames???!!!

    Evil Ish (now that I’m out of the box, will I go back in???)

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