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Me an' my new Fwen

I gotsa new bes’ fwen! His name’s Todd an’ he paints WEEEELY good!


7 comments to Me an’ my new Fwen

  • Ack! Head for the hills! The barbarians are loose!

    Hmm, or grab a sword, baseball bat, frying pan…stapler? and be ready!

    Then again, the barbarian superheroes appear to have a weakness for breakfast food…. Hmm…. So do I…. (Bacon? Eggs? Pancakes? Mercy!)

    LOL, great stuff. — I see Wiishu is having a good time carousing with the barbarian hordes. (I don’t know if one guy constitutes a horde. I guess it depends on the guy!


    Wacky day already today. Put the trash out for garbage pickup (more barbarian hordes?) — and Goober decided to go outside and play explorer / hide-and-seek. It took nearly an hour and a half for the little furball to show up again. Maybe that will cure him for a long while, though. At least he got back in before the garbage trucks came around.

    Now that it’s light enough, I get to replace a light bulb in my bathroom and find out if it’s the bulb or the switch, some electrical problem. Please just be the light bulb.

    I’m expecting a delivery today, something cool, so I’m off to replace the light bulb before the delivery guy has a chance to sneak up on the doorstep and miss me.

    (Goofy cat thinks it’s *my* fault he didn’t come in when called. I love you, cat, but *you’re* the one who ignores me when called. Doofus. I keep hoping he’ll learn better.)

    • chondrite

      For barbarian superhero hordes with a tropism for breakfast foods, the best defense is the +5 Cast Iron Frying Pan, so your choice of weaponry is clear.

      Was your light switch or your fixture buzzing and making ozon-y smells? If not, chances are good it was just the bulb. Hoofbeats, zebras, horses, all that.

      • Good News 1: There do not appear to be any lions in the holographic playroom.

        Good News 2: It was just the light bulb. The bottom switch is fine. However, there’s an iffy-ness to the top switch, which I’m *not* using until I get someone out to replace it.

        Good News 3: I’ve just ordered a switch cover I can install myself, a cap to prevent the cats from bumping the switch in my office for the ceiling fan. Really, I want that switch split so I can turn on the light and fan separately, and cover both. Another item for when I get an electrician out. But for now, the switch cover will work when it gets here. (The switch is near a file cabinet, which the cats use as a preferred nap spot. Curl up against the wall and there goes the switch.)

        Hmm, :: rolls for dexterity and strength on the frying pan jutsu ::

        • chondrite

          I’ve had to replace a couple of light switches that started doing the questionable zzt-zzt-zzt-ozone thing. The house and most of its accoutrements, although still sturdy, is nearly 40 years old after all. Ceiling fans are tricky; I want to replace a fluorescent overhead fixture with a fan and light, but DH has requested that if possible we run the light on a dimmer. I can install the fan and light combo, but unless I have an electrician run a separate line for the light from the fan so it can be controlled independently, my only option is a remote control for the light. I suspect Goober and Smokey would make it their life work to hide the remote from the hew-mon.

        • A ceiling fan is so worth it in this climate. IMHO, the convenience of separate switches for the fan and light are worth the initial fuss. Hmm, a dimmer is OK *if* it’s going to be used a lot, such as maybe in a dining room. The previous owner had a dimmer for the light over the breakfast table and in the living room. I typically turn them up full. But there are times, for mood, romance, or entertaining guests, when it’s nice. YMMV. 🙂

          Oh yeah, don’t even mention hiding the remote to those two. LOL, the TV remote’s in a cup out of the way so it’s not so obviously tempting. 😀

          Fun kitsch: While looking at posable hew-monz, I discovered there are also dashboard hula *boy* figures, not just the hula girls. Shows what I know. Also shows I haven’t been to Galveston or Padre in a long time. 🙂

          I’d looked, late last month, for African-American Barbie and Ken or G.I. Joe action figures, any fully posable 12in., 1/6 scale figures. This was to avoid painting dolls/figures for Rudy and Tarina (characters) for the Toy Box Tales. (I really need a better title; haven’t yet thought of one.) — Good news: G.I. Joe, a black Navy serviceman, arrived today. While I haven’t given him a complete look, he’s fully posable, but I’m not sure yet about motion of his ankles. He’s a little more bulked up and a little older looking than I’d thought for Rudy, who’s intended as late high school / early college age, but he will do fine.

          I thought Joe might appreciate that I got a USN serviceman. The figure’s work uniform appears right, though he’s not wearing any rank stripes or rating specialty insignia. It also amounts to the spacer’s blue breeches; well, almost. They’re essentially blue denim shirt and pants. The sailor’s cap is oddly plastic. He’s well armed, so I’m not arguing over a cap. :grins:

          If the G.I. Jane Army helo pilot is as good, Tarina will be solved too. At least she won’t have the permanent high heel feet that Barbie and friends have. — I got a surprisingly inexpensive black Barbie “I can be a Mars space explorer” figure. She looks great, the costume is a bit cartoony but not too cheesy. However, you’d have to hide her long hair under her space suit, or it’s outside her helmet. No gloves with the figure. Her space boots hide that the poor young lady’s feet are permanently in high heel mode, surely some new genetic engineering fashion thing. Sigh. So I think she’ll be a supporting character, while the G.I. Jane or an Obitsu will be Tarina. The space suit’s nice, but Ken doesn’t get a matching suit, even in teal as opposed to Barbie’s magenta hot pink.

          BTW, I was also surprised: The G.I. Joe figures appreciate integration a lot better than many other action figures, dolls, and BJD’s. There is a Japanese-American nisei Army serviceman and a Navajo Code Talker technician available. (Future items, I think.)

          P.S. — I finally solved the problem with the Toy Box Tales site’s web fonts not showing properly. They are correct again.

  • WOL

    Didjer get my email? I emaileded you about wedding pichers.

  • Tommie

    The fellow in the front has a terrified look about him. I wonder if the guy in the back caused it!

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