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Back to Work

Which includes upgrading NextGen gallery. And they STILL haven’t fixed the “go to gallery” after upload option! Grrrrr. But Wiishu has a new story to share.

10 comments to Back to Work

  • chondrite

    I love the scent of irises! Wiishu has lots of opinions about the garden, doesn’t he? OTOH, if you get that deer-scarer, I can see Pooki deciding it makes something fun to ride, until he loses his grip and falls in!

  • Wiishu’s a much better gardener than I am.

    Taking naps in trees? So, is there a treehouse in mind? Or a Tarzan outfit? (LOL)

    The garden’s beautiful. How peaceful that looks.

    Jane, do you and CJ have any extras of the “bronze iris” you’d mentioned some months back? Would they ship OK as just the bulbs? I’d like to try some.

  • You’re doing a great job with the garden, Wiishu! I’m glad you like your summer overalls for the hard and hot work outside. Please keep us posted on the flowerings throughout the growing season!

  • witchyg

    The flowers are beautiful! I managed to kill the peony starter my Aunt gave me last fall. Hoping she’ll take pity on me and let me try again lol

  • Hanneke

    Talking about peonies: my mom was given a peopny starter 37 years ago, and last week it bloomed for the first time ever!
    If you want your peony to bloom, don’t plant them too deep; the top of the roots should be just below the soil.

  • chondrite

    Mom reports the peonies at the old homestead are in bloom, as is the 30 year old struggling rose at the corner of the garage, putting out 1 bud. Sadly, the cutting from Grandma’s cabbage rose was assaulted by deer and nibbled to a nub, which may or may not be able to resprout. Mom is saying something about putting a chicken wire cage around the sad remnants.

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