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Wedding Pix!

We only have a few so far, but it’s better than none! 😀 Have fun.

22 comments to Wedding Pix!

  • Y’all are beautiful. Those kimono are exquisite, formal yet not too formal, and probably very comfortable.

    I’m humbled. It’s so great to see.

    Wiishu and Pooki and the guest BJD crew look good too.

    The dragonflies and the flowers are pretty.

    Thanks for letting us see the celebration.

  • Isharell

    How splendid everything and everyone looks!

    Please accept my belated congratulations and wishes for future happiness.

    I teared up just now, looking at those pictures.

    • Awww…thank you. As for the resin kids…yeah, aren’t they something? I’ll get a listing up soon as to who’s who and what sculpt. They belong to Autumn and Melissa. Autumn is the wonderful lady who keeps repairing Wiishu’s dings!

  • Hanneke

    You both look lovely, and very elegant in those beautiful kimonos.
    It looks like it was a perfect day.

  • ready4more

    Planetary alignment — check
    Stars in their courses — check
    Human frailties accounted for — check
    Guests in high spirits — check
    Garden in glorious bloom — check
    Wedding ceremony a success — check
    Ever after in progress — executing…..

  • Bri

    This guy really *does* David Tennant to a T LOL! I think this thing is totally wonderful :^)

    • I think the acting is a girl! The voice is rather mind-bogglingly spot-on. I’m curious to go see the other vids they have on YouTube. WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for sending it to me.

  • chondrite

    It appears that Pooki has assembled a piratical crew, along with the other guests. One hopes that even amongst pirates, certain courtesies and formalities are observed, such as not absconding with the whole cake!

  • Teegan

    The kimono are beautiful. Again, congratulations to you both. It was a lovely wedding which will give you fond memories to treasure.

  • TabbyCat

    A beautiful wedding, special and meaningful, just as it ought to be. And the kimono are gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • A beautiful day for two of my favourite beautiful ladies! Your love reflects in your garden and in your faces. If we ever decided to do the wedding thing we would want it to be like yours.

    I hadn’t seen the bjd table over on FB. So cute! How many are yours and how many are visiting?

    I didn’t sniffle seeing these photos again. Oops, I lied. Can’t help it – it’s such a lovely life event and thank you for sharing it with us who couldn’t be there physically.

    • It was totally fun. We got just a little sniffly at one point, but other than that…lotsa laughter. I made jokes about virtual music as we walked around the pond. 😀

      Lessee…I had Wiishu, Pook, Airiis and Joey. the others belong to Autumn and Melissa. I’ll get the names onto the pic…soon. ARGH!

  • sky_barnes

    What a beautiful celebration of your commitment and the joy you bring to each other. Congratulations.

    I’ve been offline for a while (since february, and playing the “I’ll participate online again when….” game) and what a wonderful surprise to encounter when I looked back over all your posts that I missed. A day of delight, whimsey and sharing, in your amazing garden at the home you have made together. The photos are excellent, and you both look like kimono wrapped gifts of happiness for each other (not sure of the syntax, but you definitely both look like you are having fun in your beautiful kimonos).

    Spiffy duds for the entire resin crew, yours and guests. Very fun to see, as the final push on going back online (other than work related) was ship notification for some resin of my own ordered in January. (somehow FogCon, WisCon, and a trip to yellowstone over the summer solstice hadn’t been enough, showing that a change in physical space doesn’t always change your mental space, and going out somewhere can be much easier than reaching out to communicate).

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