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Two Fer!

Garden Tour: I’ve been asked for this. Hope it does the trick and helps establish where all the closeups have come from.

Wedding Cake: Wiishu presents our beautiful cake (and it tasted even better. YUM!)

More as I get pics from those who were actually wielding cameras! 😀

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  • chondrite

    At the head of your little stream, we should get you one of the ‘knocking’ Japanese deer scarers, “shishi odoshi”. Water from a stream or waterfall fills a balanced bamboo pipe, and when it reaches the tipping point, it dumps the water and makes a clunk against a rock. It might also scare your resident things-who-try-to-feast-on-your-koi!

    Whew! Congratulations! Is that cake topper glass, and can you put it somewhere on display? It’s lovely! Of course Himself had to ‘pirate’ some of the cake. Wiishu has a rather Doctor Who vibe going on with his stylin’ tux. It all looks quite magical.

    • Ooooo…that’s a great idea! I love those! I have to find the leak first….I think I know what it is. I out-smarted myself with my own cleverness. Will see today if I’m right.

      The cake topper is spun glass. Steve Scherer used to do the convention circuit, spinning right in the dealers room. CJC and I both knew him before we knew each other! He’s now doing mostly wholesale. Here’s his site: http://www.schererglass.com/

      As herself says below: we were looking at toppers…we knew we wanted dragonflies for our “dragonfly gate” garden, and were scouring the interwebs. The top contender was the swarovski 2014 event piece. But then we began to think…glass. Oooo…wonder if Steve Scherer is on the interwebs! We put in his name and up popped his site. We wrote. He called a couple of days later, having just gotten home. He asked if we had an idea what we’d like. I did a sketch. Sent it with some pics of water lilies (he’d never done them) and next thing we knew, we had this luscious OOAK for a lot less than two of those swarovski’s would have been! Not only do we have a tiny treasure, we’ve renewed an old friendship! Can’t beat that!

      I think we should count ourselves lucky the Pookster left any for us! 😀 As for little bit’s tux…OMG. I debated black, white, floral…and I saw this stuff. I was NUTS to use it…completely stretchy in every direction, and it had to be fully lined to look right. Fortunately, I could use a really light iron-on interfacing, which stabilized it a bit and still allows good movement.

      The vest is what really gave me fits. I specifically chose areas of the fabric for maximum pattern…of which there was only one in the small bit of fabric I had…and of course, I blew it. One of the points in front flattened on me and it was just a little short…the waistband showed way too much…I kept trying to make it work, to tell myself I was being, as the say, just a bit (ahem) anal…but I just couldn’t. So…5AM Saturday, I was up and sewing! 😀 It went very quickly the second time around and while the fabric pattern isn’t as cool, it works. And he’s got his little stars on it. So all is good.

      Oh…and his sleeves are a little long, but he says that’s okay, he could still hold the bracelets, so I won’t worry about it. 😀

  • Hanneke

    Your garden is absolutely gorgeous. The way you’ve set it up now, the ‘lost space’ of the el behind the garage is going to make a lovely addition to the garden, a separate room behind the moon gate. It makes the garden a lot larger, and gives one a chance to explore something unexpected. The fence looks very good, it really fits the garden and makes all your lovely plants stand out really well. Can you notice a difference in the noise from the streets, as you hoped?

    The wedding cakes look very beautiful too. I love the colours of the glaze, and the flowers and very pretty and unusual dragonfly crowning piece, and that you found such a pretty table runner that exactly fits your garden theme and favourite colours, and that the cake-maker could match that.

    Wiishu’s costume is very cute, the tux fitting into the theme and colours so well and looking so good on him; and the little festive bow-tie too. And his piratical little brother, with his vest matching big brother’s tux, and his hair coloured to fit the day, and his toy zebra to keep him company while ‘guarding’ the cakes.

    It all looks as if you had a perfect, lovely, gorgeous day, and I’m so happy for you! Thank you for giving us this photo-tour.

    • There’s no question the “el” is going to become a favorite thinking spot. As we get more rock to line the stream, it will be wunnerful! The fence cuts some of the street noise. Not as much as we hoped. More…I think it reflects sound back well. We had friends playing guitars and singing fairly softly, and the sound drifted through the whole area.

      I made the table runners from a piece of fabric I’ve had for years! We took the cake maker a strip of the fabric and the painting of my boys with the “NSpace” opalescence background and asked if she could do that for the frosting. She did a fabulous job!

      Do you like his answer to the “black tie/white tie” controversy? His answer? “Both!” 😀 I was wondering how to do the tie, and saw this ribbon down in the stash. AHAH!

      I just realized the ends of the runner don’t show. I’ll have to get a pic. Instead of tassels, I used colored dragonfly ornaments! 😀

  • CJ

    The cake topper—-we didn’t have one, didn’t have any luck finding one…and then we were standing in our living room near the case with Steve Scherer’s glasswork. Steve’s an old friend from when I used to do conventions more easterly…and we wrote him, made contact, and he, just back from a trip, did a rush job to give us two dragonflies above the pond, which, even before the wedding, took a place of honor in the glasswork collection.

  • Bri

    Your garden is really lovely. What will you do when you finally get all the space used up LOL!?

    And a Steve Scherer cake topper! I still have never seen a glass spinner who comes close to him. It’s an exquisite treasure, and something you can treasure for years.

    Those tuxedos are amazing. It boggles my mind that you can do those tiny little things, and in such wonderful detail.

  • Start on the front? 😀 It’s really been neglected, but it’s still going to be pretty. And then, just enjoy keeping it up.

    It was such a delight to discover he was still working (and selling at stores around the country now!) and still the sweetheart he always was. I think this is one of his best ever.

    I was nuts to do the tuxes on such short notice, and they were done in the exhausted cracks in the evening. But they did come out cute, especially with the second try at the vest. I’ve got to get better pix of Pooki’s. Fortunately, I used an old skating outfit and the edges didn’t need to be finished in any way! But he’s got his little tails. The bunny slippers were his idea…. They’re both stitched into their vests. I wanted a really snug fit and snaps in the front just added too much bulk. 😀

  • Take an old aluminum pie tin (I know it’s not tin), fill it with some cheap beer and put it under the rhododendron. You can then dump the slugs that have drowned into whatever area you would like, and perhaps the birds will pick up the bodies for you. There are slug treatments such as metaldehyde (that’s the ingredient, the product is made by Ortho), or I’ve also heard that spreading a ring of diatomaceous earth around the plant irritates the slugs. I have never tested that theory, and I don’t think pouring salt on them is something you want to have to keep doing every day when you go out there.

  • ready4more

    The pictures of the Garden 2.0 and the cakes are almost as good as being able to be there for the occasion. Looking forward to ShejiCon in September when we’ll be able to get a view from the bridge… Love to you both.

  • Teegan

    Your garden is beautiful and inspires me to get out and try and do something with mine. This winter was rough on the landscaping; looks like we’ve lost our Japanese maple (damaged a while back in a prior ice storm), the eastern redbud (looks like a disease, not cold) and probably the crepe myrtle too (probably from the cold and non-stop snows). Sigh. And your wigelia blooms all summer? Ours don’t; I’ll have to check and see what varieties are available for the mid-Atlantic.

    The cakes are awesome and the toppers are truly works of art. Again congratulations to you both.

  • Your yard is serene and lovely. What a place to relax together and contemplate…when you’re not both busily maintaining it. But there’s a pease and joy in that too, sometimes.

    Wiishu’s and Pooki’s tuxes are even better than they looked in the first (ring bearer) photo. Wow! Great looking!

    (That table runner’s beautiful too, whatever that fabric is.)

    The cakes look yummy. — I meant to fix a spice cake this past weekend, vicarious celebration, but didn’t get to it. (Real world stuff intruded, obnoxious, that.) — The cabernet sauvignon I got to toast y’all was nice, and went well with supper that evening, but my palate’s not used to wine, lol. (The cork fell ~into~ the bottle! Hahaha! It’s now covered with foil and needs a rubber band and plastic wrap, until I get corks, maybe tomorrow’s trip.)

    I love spice cake. I love chocolate anything. I also like a Westerner cake, an old recipe you two may know, which used to be printed on Imperial Sugar sacks, iirc.

    I love the bit with Wiishu indignant and worried about Pooki’s sampling. 🙂 What great little guys.

    The cake topper, the spun-glass dragonflies and water lilies…oh, that is very beautiful! What masterful artwork…how someone learns skill at something that takes so much know-how…amazing.

    It looks like you had a paradise of a day.

    (I’m guessing that’s Carolyn’s arm in the cake photos. 🙂 Lookin’ good, there!)

    Gosh, how wonderful. Romantic, too! (Yup, nature and romanticism, still gets me right here.)

    Blessings on you both.

  • witchyg

    I don’t know which is more beautiful…the gardens, the cakes or the boys! Looks like the day was a smashing success with delightful weather and friends surrounding the two of you 🙂

  • mitha

    So very happy that all went well! May the future bring you both many more beautiful gardens and much happiness sharing them.

    I wondered if perhaps Wiishu borrowed the jacket from Stephen?

  • A wonderful garden! It’s one of those places where I could go everyday and discover something new, and I don’t just mean new blooms or taller greens. It may be on a small plot of land but it’s large in its richness and beauty.

    The cake setup is gorgeous and the lads look marvelous!

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