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And so it begins....



8 comments to And so it begins….

  • chondrite

    D’awwwww… lookit da cyoot ring-bearer!!

    Enjoy your day! I don’t expect to hear from either of you for a while, seeing as this is the Big Moment. Good thoughts and wishes go to both of you from Hawaii!

  • TabbyCat

    Thinking with such pleasure of the two of you today! The very best of wishes from Montana. And you couldn’t have a more charming ring bearer!

  • witchyg

    The tux and bracelet pillow are fantastic Jane! Still not sure how you managed to get everything done in such a short amount of time.

    Wishing you and CJ the most wonderful day of your lives together 🙂

  • Aw, the lil guy is tee-rrific! — The tuxedo, pillow, and bracelets are pretty awesome too.

    A toast:

    To Carolyn and Jane, may you now and ever always be happy and healthy together, and may you create much writing and art!

    Best Wishes from Ben W. | BlueCatShip

    (Only I could manage to make the cork fall down *into* the bottle! The neck is now quite wrapped in foil, until I can get some cork. Heheh. Oh good grief! LOL!)

  • Snazzy outfit, Wiishu! Your mama did good, like she always does with sewing!

    Gigantic BEST WISHES and HAPPY WEDDING DAY to you and CJ!

  • Congratulations on your big day! I’m hoisting a glass of fizzy BC cider in your honour.

    Long life and Happiness together. L’chaim!


  • ready4more

    Mikey and I wish you both the very best of days and may you have at least another 28 years together…

  • I distinctly remember the bracelet that reads “All who wander are not lost” being on Jane’s wrist when I saw her 4 years ago. Congratulations on the big day.

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