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If you’d like to “attend” the wedding….

We just had this wonderful idea! We were going to set up a table with a “guest book” that Wiishu will man (basically a single sheet of paper :D) and put pics of all our in absentia family on it. Thinking last night of all the people we’d love to have invited and just couldn’t, we had this great idea: pictures!

If you would like to “attend” the wedding just send a nice big image file of your smiling face to authors(at)closed-circle(dot)net. Please put “wedding pic” as the subject and include your full name in the email (along with a message, if you wish).  I’ll put them all into a slideshow on the ipad, with your name, and prop the ipad on the table along with Wiishu and the guest sheet!

These can be from any time, any place. Our friendships, like our love, are timeless.

10 comments to If you’d like to “attend” the wedding….

  • witchyg

    What a fabulous idea! Leave it to y’all to come up with it 🙂

  • Greenwyvern

    Here’s another idea… why don’t you broadcast the celebration live on the internet? 😀

    It’s very easy to do these days and free.

    Just set up a webcam, either the one in your computer or a stand-alone webcam (they’re very cheap). Many people use Skype. Start a Skype video session, and let people join it. You can have up to 25 people in a Skype conference call, I think.

    Google+ Hangouts is also free and allows an unlimited number of people to watch (but only a very limited number to participate, if you choose to let them). There are many other services too.

    That way, all the people you’d “love to have invited and just couldn’t” can be ‘present’ in real time. You just need to send them the details to connect to the session.

    Best wishes and congratulations to you both!

    • Thank you!

      Cool idea! If we had the time, we might consider it, but just figuring it all out at this date is just one more thing we don’t have time for. I’m writing for a couple of hours, then outside ten hours working on the construction zone and sewing inside in the evening right now. Not to mention, the last thing we’d want is an “open” session…we’re not a media circus event…and if we forgot to include someone in the virtual party who should have been included, we’d feel terrible. We’ve kinda settled on the small and intimate route. Old-fashioned, but…

  • AbigailM

    Greenwyvern, I would LOVE to virtually attend. But I suspect it would not be easy at all, but plagued with all manner of mysterious glitches, just when there is no time at all to figure them out.
    Now, a video could be taken and posted later… That would be very cool, and not subject to near as much frantic hair-tearing as live action.

  • WOL

    I have to say it. I can’t resist it. Finally, you’re going to make an honest woman out of each other!

    Oh, yes! Do make a video. Never mind the real time. A video will work for me. And take us on a post-ceremony video tour of the back yard. Pleeeeeze!

    • I thot I might try setting up a camera to catch it. These little cameras are amazing these days. It’ll be kinda weird, but we’ll see what we can do. Definite tour after.

      • chondrite

        You were saying that many of your guests would be madly taking pictures — any chance you could designate one of them a videographer, hand them the camera, and say “Go to it!” Since you said the ceremony would be brief, you probably could capture it on 1 flash card, then swap out as needed. Cards are pretty cheap, these days.

  • Off-Topic: I have new slideshows posted showing faceups and a few other cool things. Another faceup and Sacagawea, and something else are upcoming.


    Also, I’d love to see people visit, join, and comment at my blog:


  • Oops! I really need to catch up on all my emails and websites I read. Hope all went well.


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