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Here’s another!


Here’s the Hillywood webpage. Check out their other vids on YouTube. TOOOO FUN!

Thanks to my sis for this one:

And talk about girl power! All the costume fabrication, set building, camera work…all women! You go, gals! They’ve got a sponsor list a mile long.

Wedding Pix!

We only have a few so far, but it’s better than none! 😀 Have fun.

Da Tuxes


Two Fer!

Garden Tour: I’ve been asked for this. Hope it does the trick and helps establish where all the closeups have come from.

Wedding Cake: Wiishu presents our beautiful cake (and it tasted even better. YUM!)

More as I get pics from those who were actually wielding cameras! 😀

And so it begins....


We have a stream!

It’s mostly black liner, but it works! And the rhodies are in. And the mulch is spread.

And I can’t move. Oi oi oi oi oi….

It’s not too late!

You can still join the virtual party on Saturday. Just send a photo of your smiling mug to authors@closed-circle.net and I’ll put you in the slideshow. For those who have already sent a pic…please note, if you haven’t gotten a response from me, I didn’t get it. I just killed a whole bunch of emails […]

If you’d like to “attend” the wedding….

We just had this wonderful idea! We were going to set up a table with a “guest book” that Wiishu will man (basically a single sheet of paper :D) and put pics of all our in absentia family on it. Thinking last night of all the people we’d love to have invited and just couldn’t, […]

Just a few answers...

Thought I should probably post these answers separately rather than embed in comments.

1) We will have pics. Some way some how. 😀

2) the boys will definitely be involved…Wiishu’s terrified, cuz Pook will be guarding the cake. wiishu will man the “guest” book. And Wiishu will be our ring (bracelet) bearer. They’ll definitely make […]