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Panows! Panows! Panows!

1fence   2fence   fence1   fence2   fence3

18 comments to Panows! Panows! Panows!

  • So you’re all set for your next Panel Discussion? 😉

    Those look great.

  • Isharell

    Those are gorgeous. I’ve never seen any like that before, and they look like a perfect style to go with the way you are handling the garden.

    I so envy you two, having a back yard. But I do not envy the work! 😉

    • Isn’t it wonderful stuff? CJC and I saw it at HD when we were down visiting Patty and Mike and just fell in love. We dickered over the color, but I think we’re both really happy with this. It’s like the natural basalt we’re using. It’s more expensive than the white panel fence you see all around, but that just wouldn’t work for us. As I say, it’s vacations for several years, but it’ll be here, cocooning us and our fishies, probably for the rest of our lives.

      A lot of work, yes, but the one thing it unquestionably does is keep us from getting too sedentary. I’m so grateful we’re still able to tackle something like taking the fence down and survive! Not to mention the yards and yards of dirt moving. And to be able to do other small things ourselves. Rick, our contractor, was impressed that we’d already replaced the spook light we told them to kill in order to place the final panel when he came by to do the final check on the fence. Now…if I can just get the mudding done around the back door and get the molding on…that’s only, what? two years overdue? Sigh.

      But first, we’re headed to Lowes today to get the piping…either PVC or black irrigation pipe…to get water out to the back forty at last! I just need to find something that will let me put a faucet on the far end….Then we can start filling in the dirt along the fence and finally finishing that back forty!

      • chondrite

        I hear you. It’s taken me the last 6 months to pull out, chop into trashcan-sized pieces, and send out with the green waste (once every other week) the half dozen dead shrubs along our fence. We also need to replace our main water line, reshingle the house, and replace the support pillars for the carport and back lanai roof (they are wood, and are showing 30+ years of age). Some of it I can do myself, or at least the prep work; I don’t want to pay plumber’s wages to dig a trench for the water line. Other stuff, like actually reshingling, I’m saving up to pay a pro.

        • Definitely. I’ve decided my roof-climbing days are over. Time was, I’d’ve shoveled, cleaned and sprayed without a second thought, but no more. My balance is good, my strength is, but that’s a long way to fall and I don’t bounce so good any more! 😀

          I feel so lucky: we have green pickup every week. A big rollabout trashcan worth. We pay for it, but not that bad. Most of the first two summers here was taking out the trees and shrubs I couldn’t stand. Our beautiful weeping cherry was being choked out by three or four (can’t remember now) ugly grey lilacs (heaven forbid they should put in PRETTY lilacs….which is about every other color….) and a bunch of uuuuuugly arborvitae out in front. Working all those roots out just takes forever.

          Replacing the main waterline!?! Ouch. We actually got some fairly inexpensive insurance that’s supposed to cover the line from the house to the street. I hope we never have to cash in on it!

  • HRHSpence

    Now, that is beautiful!

  • ready4more

    Those panels are marvelous. They actually make the yard look bigger and more spacious. Your postage stamp size backyard is caught in a space warp and has grown– thus proving that the universe continues to expand!

  • chondrite

    CJ said you had been shorted 1 panel and an endcap. Where did you have to do temporary gaposis until they locate the missing parts?

  • CJ

    It’s right next the smallest front gate, between the houses, so it’s not a bad gap.

  • chondrite

    I think I particularly like the way the panels climb that small incline at the corner of your property; it looks very kabiu.

    • Thanks! I love it so much, I wish we’d started it a little earlier and climbed six inches higher! 😀 I really wanted the one side, with the gate, flat and the other rising. I think it makes a nice contrast. Seeing it with the panels in, I wish we’d done one more 4″ lift and made the corner just a little higher, but that’s nickle and dime-ing. And if we’d done that, the intersection of the moongate’s arch and the fence might not have been so pleasing, so I think all worked out as it was meant to!

      • Oh! The fact that the panels are all full and the back corner is slightly more than 90 degrees makes the whole fence look even more organic from my window. You don’t really see the corner. When the area gets built up, the waterfall/stream put in and the rhodys going…oooo I gets goosies jus’ thinkin’ about it!

  • TabbyCat

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Hanneke

    The finished wall is very beautiful. I really like the slight climb toward the corner, the way the height fits just right with the moon gate, and how well the colour fits with the local basalt, and your basalt-chip paths.
    It looks very good with the rest of the garden.
    Are you noticing a bit less noise from the road already?

  • witchyg

    you both amaze me! wish i had the vision you both have to see how the final picture will look when making your choices. the new fence is fantastic!

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