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14 comments to Bummer….

  • Hanneke

    Those are extraordinarily good-looking panels! I’ve never seen anything like those, they look just like an old stone wall.
    I think they will look very well with your Japanese-style mural and pond and bridges and planting.

    It’s good the builders are staying safe as a priority, though I did have a grin at the mental picture of strong guys sailing through the air on panel-kites, windsurfing without the sea, so to speak. Just for a moment… it would be horrific for real, but just as a cartoon moment… 😉
    Luckily you’ve rigged the tarp so it’s not too hard to put back up again.

  • Those panels are too cool! GREAT choice, ladies! I agree with Hanneke – they will set off your landscaping beautifully!

  • 1. Those are really great panels. I almost said they’re snazzy panels. But somehow, well, it didn’t fit.

    2. Two soaked little guys who got a start on their bath, but didn’t think about how that could get very chilly. Brr! Get inside, guys, and get your bath, or at least dry off and get into some warm, dry clothes.

    3. Nice handy guys sailing by with fence panels? Hmm…. Say, that sounds really good….

    (A guy can dream, right? LOL!)

    Here’s to a much better day and getting your fence done Monday.

    (Yesterday and the day before were windy, very rainy, and more chilly than it’s been in days. It’s sunny and still cool but beautiful out today. But we didn’t get anywhere near freezing, so with Easter Sunday approaching, we’ve missed our last possibility of frost and we will be fully into spring afterward. It has, so far, been a cool spring, but once May gets here, we may be heating up fast. A mild winter generally means a hot summer.)

  • You see why we decided to bite the bullet and go for the Cadillac of fencing! It’s beautiful, sturdy, we can pile dirt up against it, and if someone tries to graffiti it…paint comes off with a power hose! How cool is that? Never has to be painted….

    There were only four different colors available from Home Depot. We brought samples home and held them next to the garage, the house, and up against the sky. Thought we were going with something a little lighter, but this really was hands down the best. It’s a lot the same color as the local basalt, so it feels like it fits.

    Seriously hoping for good weather on Monday. But I don’t blame the guys at all for the delay. The panels slip into grooved in the posts from above. Manhandling those in a wind would be downright dangerous. So…another couple of days…

    The tarp was much easier and more secure to put up, now that we have the fenceposts to use.

    Wiishu has discovered that Pook can generate heat on demand. A very useful talent!

  • I’m about to get in there and discover what’s going on with the Toy Box Tales crew.

    I sat down at the computer for a minute, had an inspiration that was tangent to two story ideas, but I don’t know if it fits either one or connects them. I started writing something. Then I realized, no, despite that it would be ordinarily out of character, the scene would pack a lot more punch if the dialogue, the argument, takes place while the plot complication (another character) they are arguing about arrives in the middle of it, to really get things stirred up. Hmm, and the setup, backstory, and whatever’s supposed to happen up to the next point I’d thought up and after, need to be thought out.

    At least I realized this before I’d written out a lot. — And I can’t tell yet quite what it’s trying to deal with or the audience level I should be writing for. … But when I sit back down with it, I’ll make another pass at it.

    OH, how I wish my idea / muses would settle on something and I’d write ~one story~ start to finish, instead of getting new bits and pieces in, as if it’s a giant 52 card pickup in my head. Ppfftt! Well, at least there are ideas coming and I’m writing some each day. But…gee, how am I ever going to get anything out this way?

    But it does beat staring at a blank white screen and not writing any words down.

  • So, a bit of computer time, supper, and then time moving things around and — finally, I get to the Toy Box Talex crew, Augie and Zeke, and the packages Hanneke has sent.

    :headdesk: Hahahah! I cannot believe the comedy of errors I’ve just been through. — I didn’t even get through one of the envelopes (packages) Hanneke sent. So, tomorrow morning, I will be at it again, to get those questions answered and ~finally~ get photos and check things.

    Smokey and Goober both decided, “Oh, cool, Ben’s in here with the BJD stuff again. Let’s double-team him for attention and fun and just for the heck of it, ’cause we can explore, smell all sorts of things, and do as much as possible in the rest of the house to distract the hew-non!” Now, that room stays open. But they wanted to explore everything. And sniff, sniff, smell. “Hey, this smells like that those author ladies and their cats! Hey, this smells like Holland, the Netherlands!” “Hey, can I chew on this human-looking kid?” — “Hey! Quit that! No, you can’t chew on him!”

    It went like that.

    There was also way too much time fiddling with their pre-made wigs, which (inexplicably) were giving me trouble.

    I can’t believe how much time I just spent and didn’t get much actually done. I finally got so distracted, I figured it was better to stop for the night.

    However, what Hanneke sent looks great. I will get to look at the others tomorrow morning.

    I determined I will be trying a couple of the wigs Jane had sent, as I think these are easier. — And likely, I’m going to give at least one of the commercially made wigs a haircut.

    Er, I don’t know if it’s the scale of these, or just that I’m not used to wigs. LOL! So, er, I’d really have to get used to theatre wigs and makeup (and creature / alien prosthetics).

  • I didn’t quite clue in. I knew the cats were having fun. But it didn’t quite connect why.

    The twosome were having fun, celebrating the change of pace, doing something different, and — that I was getting back to something cool, something I liked. — I think it’s very possible they were having a good time, giving me a seal of approval.

    OK, they were also having fun seeing what they could get into and vying for attention from me.

    But the other makes sense too. They both made sure to investigate thoroughly in there, and they have access to the room all the time.

    But, hey, Ben was doing something in there again, something different! Heh.

    • Eushu is so jealous of Wiishu and pOoki he can’t stand it. I sit down to put their clothes on for a shoot, and he’s right there in the mix, demanding attention. Poor baby. It’s not that I ignore him, he’s just sure that all my attention all the time s/b on him.

  • Hanneke

    They may have had access to the room, but not to all the interesting, just cat-toy-size little things in there, that you were suddenly finding so interesting… I hope you did have some fun too.

    I’ve been thinking about their faceups, ever since I realised your eyes might have trouble seeing or concentrating on the tiny details for long. Considering that a faceup is something that has quite an impact, and you have no experience with (stage)makeup, trying to learn it all at once on such a tiny canvas seems very difficult to me.
    Since Jane is an artist, and her faceups have turned out really well, and she and CJ have already talked about maybe doing them for others, buying blank dolls and selling them when they’re done, I was thinking that she might be willing to do yours, if you could send her the heads.
    If what you really want to do with your BJDs is write stories for them, rather than learning to be a makeup artist, getting this step done so you can get on with the stories might make sense, and help free up the flow of the stories.
    If I’m out of line here, please tell Jane to delete this comment.

    • You’re not the least out of line. I’ve wanted to offer, but I’m so swamped with karma at the moment, I just can’t, and I didn’t want to open that can of worms. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, this book will be done, Wiishu’s guest spot will be done, the garden/fence will be in order, and I’ll have the basement set up so I can actually extend the offer. If I were to get them in, I’d feel obligated to do them first, and I’ve really got to get Wiishu and Pooki’s faces back first and get Wiishu’s costumes for his guest spot finished.

      I also get the impression that BCS, like humble self, is really into trying new creative stuff. I didn’t want to rain on his exploration into something new! 😀

  • 🙂 Hanneke, that is not at all out of line. Being a caring person, having honest questions, these are things I appreciate very much.

    I bought, but have not yet tried, a magnifying stand for doing closeup detail work, like model makers or jewelers or hobbyists use. I’m hoping this will help rather than get in the way.

    I was surprised at how much control of the brush is needed for detail work. The larger areas still require some fine control to get the looks right. I’m used to drawing, but my style has never been so precise. I’m not used to painting, even though my mom was a pro at it.

    I’m pretty happy with how Augie’s and Zeke’s faceups finally turned out. LOL, I think I’ll figure out how to settle their wigs. — I haven’t gotten back to practice painting, but I think I’m going to restart that this spring.

    I would also consider asking Jane, about doing faceups, but I don’t want to take time away from her other many projects.

    BTW, I still have to see if I can get the brown paint right to give Rudy and Tarina realistic African skin tones. This entails getting a truly even spray paint job in at least one or two coats over every surface, and getting it to dry evenly, and then probably painting a wash over that.

    I am pretty sure, too, that I will be asking questions of Jane, Dhawktx, and Onna about how to do faceups and things for the dolls.

    LOL, I have no idea how to do theatrical makeup, but I’m curious now, and I haven’t yet looked to see what books or videos are out there, or supplies needed. — That could be a learning tool also, besides being fun for cons.

  • dhawktx

    BCS – my eyesight is no longer what it was. I picked up something similar to this at Harbor Freight for very cheap:


    It isn’t/wasn’t in their online catalog so I can’t give you a link to the Harbor Freight one. The best part of it is not only the pivoting light, but there were multiple mag lenses you could insert. Mine has a space for TWO lenses for real closeup work.

  • @ Dhawktx — Thank you! I’ll try that. Ordered it just now.

    @ Jane — Hah, I am just now getting back to the BJD crew, and all the great work Hanneke has done. Yes, I’m expecting to try this further. By fall or winter, I hope to have some progress on all fronts, including my housecleaning / reorganization. So by then, I should know something more. But gosh, please don’t over-commit and feel obligated.

    @ Hanneke (and the blogosphere in general) — Oh my goodness! I have the last package still to go through, but wow!

    The sock sweaters and matching caps Hanneke did for the guys look really, really fantastic. She did some iron-on appliqués also, and those are terrific.

    Hmm, a couple of the dressy trousers are tight at the waist, but fine at the hips. One was tight at the hips, but I think it will do OK. If we wind up doing more dress trousers, I’d add a mm or two at the waist, to be sure. — On the sweatpants, hmm, I’d say don’t try for the elastic at the cuffs, because it’s extra work that adds bulk but doesn’t show a lot. What you’ve done on those is good and works well.

    I will get to the shorts and clamdiggers overnight or early tomorrow, to get an answer back to you on those. Judging from the dress pants, the shorts will probably need the fly and closure, get them over the dolls’ hips.

    I suspect the way the dolls are sized is more true of girls’ proportions, as the basic doll body, than of boys’ proportions. They’re big in the hips and more narrow in the waist.

    @ ALL — I looked at Parabox Obitsu’s own site, and discovered they have a really great kimono / hakama student set for the 21 and 23cm size BJD. But they are currently “out of stock.” I will be keeping a lookout so I can get two outfits. (Augie and Zeke are the 23cm size Obitsu boys.) The outfits have the grey hakama (pants) and black or navy kimono over and a white under kimono. The site has good pictures.

    Scroll down to CL-23-196, the student kimono.

    This gives a picture of the kimono from various angles.

    They also have a pair of pants with punk belts at the knees, but that’s out of stock right now too.

    (I ordered tennis shoes and a pair of boots for the guys.)

    • Hanneke

      There was one pair of dress pants where I tried to make them narrow like the skinny jeans, but was afraid they wouldn’t fit at all. That’ll be the pair that’s tight in the hips as well. If he can’t move in them, just throw them out – I remade that colour in the regular pattern.
      At the moment, I haven’t any more trousers left to make, but I’ll adjust the pattern for the waistband.
      The beach shorts are ‘slimline’ as well, and may not fit, because the fabric scrap I wanted to use was just a few mm too small. If it doesn’t fit, just throw it out.
      I’m glad the sweaters and hats worked!

      Good wishes for a speedy recovery.

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