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Oh Woe is Fence!

Wiishu and Pooki have a meltdown…well…Wiishu does.


11 comments to Oh Woe is Fence!

  • Hanneke

    Ah! An attractive ‘nuisance’?! I guess it means kids would be attracted by it, and might fall in and drown? I thought your city had plenty of easily accessible open water, don’t the kids get swimming lessons in school?
    It does explain the need to temporarily fence off the pool, and the tarp seem a very effective way to do it.
    Still seems a bit overly protective of the city to demand it of you, as you’re so close to a busy street that kids small enough to drown in someone else’s garden pond shouldn’t be left to run around unsupervised anyway, I’d think.
    Good to see the kids having such a nice day in the garden, and the fish are looking very good, with the water so clear. Those big pale ones really show up very nicely, even at a distance!

    • It is a little silly, but in all honesty, we’d just as soon have a visual barrier up. Little kids aren’t the only ones that can be lured in to do mischief. Now…if we could just keep the local escaping dog from trying ducking under and trying to go swimming…

      Isn’t the water amazing? And not a chemical needed. The new filter is amazing. I also got it buried in the last week or so. Will try to get pix up. But we’re going to have flowing water all over the place! We’ll be Spokane’s “Falling Water!” 😀

  • ready4more

    You’ve done a marvelous job on the yard so far. Once the panels are in place this will be spectacular. Did you have to remove the old fence posts yourself or did the crew relent and take out the old. I would have specified that as part of the contract, but sometimes the contractor slips up and you just don’t realize that not everything you talked about is included correctly. I’ve been there and done that with a contractor. No matter how hard you try there is always something that slips through the cracks if you decide to do part of the job yourself…

    • We’re very excited. Panels go in tomorrow. Yippee! I did ask about the fence posts and he specifically said they’d get them…then apparently forgot. But they were great. They took them out and even helped me remove a couple of the peonies. I’d hire these guys again in a heartbeat. And I’m sooooo glad we didn’t try to do it ourselves, or even with Patty and Mike’s help. We’d have gotten it…it’s really pretty straight forward, but my goodness, it would have taken us a long time and we’d have worn ourselves out. Just having someone haul all this stuff…esp the concrete…was worth it!

  • ready4more

    By the way, congratulations on the progress with Homecoming Games.

  • Not all kids get swimming lessons, and very little kids, the most at risk, usually don’t. I know, it doesn’t make sense, especially in areas where there are ponds or swimming pools, or the ocean is only hours away. It would be great if swimming lessons were mandatory, but that would require pools. …I’m pretty sure the kids would not object. Heheh.

    …Hmm, Pooki appears to be trying to join the “Ivy League.” He’s nom-inating himself.

    (I’ll just go stand over here now, in the corner. 😀 )

    Wiishu, Pooki, it’s cool, little dudes. There will be a new fence soon. The tarp is sort of like a curtain until the new fence is put up.

  • dhawktx

    Jumping on for a second to say Hi and “Coolio!”

    BCS – I found something I need to send you, can you email me your address (again, I know, but I can’t FIND it!) at
    dhawktx at yahoo.com?

  • Hi, dhawktx! — Sending you my addy in just a sec, and thank you!

    Hanneke, the cats and I are about to go for a short break outside, then it’s back inside for lunch, and then to check the new clothes and answer your questions. 🙂

  • I didn’t even think of kids getting into the pool. Derp. I don’t think that way, not having kids of my own. My ‘kids’ are my various college students.

  • dhawktx

    Hi there Wiishu! Hey there Pookster!

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