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April Fools from Kryta!

Everybody turned into bobble heads! Tooo funny! Stills can’t capture the magic. Hope someone “filmed” their characters. Don’t know how long it lasted. Just wish I’d not been so tired and gotten pics of all my characters as bobbles!

Have a great day, everyone!

4 comments to April Fools from Kryta!

  • Did their heads bobble as they walked around?

    • Absolutely! It was hysterical! Programming-wise I don’t think it would be that hard. The heads are on a separate “axis” anyway…they’re designed to look around, tip their head, that sort of thing. But it definitely reacted to specific movement. Running, for example, would make it bobble, then flop back. I’m sure someone will have YouTubes of it.

      Lynn says one group was talking about waiting for one of the champions when the shift happened (midnight, central server time) and the entire zerg getting distracted and forgetting to go after the champ! 😀

      It was great fun for a day, but my goodness…all those big heads made aiming the character challenging! Not to mention trying to align for jumping challenge!

  • Heheh, the graphics boys and girls must have had a fun time drawing, painting, and programming that in!

    It has been a quiet day today. I stayed up late last night reading a non-fiction book, of all things. Peacemaker arrived, ebook and hardbound, today. Hurray!

    Also — A package arrived from Hanneke, which I haven’t yet opened. I need to sit down, take photos, and get them posted, but this will probably happen tomorrow evening (photos, not yet posting, probably this weekend for that). — I still owe Hanneke some measurements and directions, answers, on questions she’s asked, now quite some time ago. I’m behind, aarrgh. i will get caught up.

    I have been writing, still the scattered, round robin approach, which still mystifies me. But at least there’s writing going on.

    I haven’t been working on font design, and need to resume that. In part, Necessity is a mother (of invention) (though the phrasing might occasionally render itself in other ways, heheh), and so I may wind up producing a draft of a font in order to fill a need, because I either can’t find exactly what I want or won’t (yet) let myself plunk down money for it that needs to go to other things.

    So…well, it’s not ideal, but things are still going forward, millimeter by millimeter.

    • Hanneke

      BCS, to simplify things, if you could just try the one colourful clamdigger on one of the boys, and answer these two questions:
      1- is the length right, does the next one need to be shorter or longer?
      2- do you need the open fly to make it easier to put on (because the fabric isn’t stretchy), or can I sew that shut like I do on the sports pants?
      Those are the answers I’m mostly waiting for, the rest can wait a while longer. 😉

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