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Izza Secrud!

Then why don't you take your kid elsewhere?

While we’re on the topic of Reality TV: Dance Moms…

Don’t know if anyone else watches this, but we’re kinda hooked. Mostly, I love the routines Abbey choreographs and seeing the kids develop. However, we also admit the soap opera is kind of mesmerizing. We keep wondering how long it will take for Abbey to […]

Live TV thoughts for spring 2014

American Idol: Best panel of judges ever. HCjr just gets better and better. He knows he’s there to both help and entertain, and entertain he does. The contestants for me are nothing to write home about, tho the remaining ones are all very interesting in their own way. They’re all good, but there’s not an […]

Panows! Panows! Panows!

Where's d' Peeps?


Oh Woe is Fence!

Wiishu and Pooki have a meltdown…well…Wiishu does.


D'Day Has Comeded!


The Great Fence Project Begins!


With all due respect to horses and turtles for whom they are just the most wonderful de-LI-ca-cy…surely there’s SOMETHING less objectionable in the ecosystem that can replace them!

I just hauled CJC out on a walk to try and sort out a transition problem in the book. Sometimes just talking about it helps you sort […]