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Should be OK to comment!

We think we’ve got the problem solved. If you can’t login or get a password reminder, you might have to re-register. I went back through and zapped everyone who didn’t have a comment or a real name or a gravatar.  Hope this fixes everything!

Meantime: beautiful blast from the past. Amazing to think it was 30 years ago…

OK…that video went away. Try this one for the T&D version of teaching people to skate: Dancing on Ice! WHOA!

26 comments to Should be OK to comment!

  • WOL

    Shall I go first? Had no problems logging in. Did my comment “take?”

  • Hanneke

    I’m glad you got the blog fixed, I’ve missed hanging out here, throughout the Pooki-stories were fun to look at.
    How lovely to see Torvil and Dean again! Hard to believe it’s been 30 years, and incredible that they can still skate their Olympic gold-winning routine, including the lifts and swinging her around without hitting the ice, when they must be well into their fifties. I know you two started at that age or later, and they were top atletes and the very best, but even so it’s incredible.

  • I love ice dancing and T&D started that love.

  • Oh yay, attempting to comment again!

    — Hanneke, I’ll look at what you sent tonight and get back to you tomorrow. 🙂 And thank you for your patience. I’m not sure why I’ve been procrastinating, or whatever it is, going on with me about that. My apologies.

  • ready4more

    I had no problems logging on. Now if my gravatar shows up we’re set. I missed you so much!

  • TabbyCat

    Yay, back again! And isn’t the ice dancing incredibly beautiful!

  • YAYAYAYAY! I’m looking into a different spam-controlling program. I’m almost ready to have people email me if they want an account and I’ll just set it up! 😀

    I just love the Olympics! From skating to curling and even the hockey! A little disappointed that the men didn’t skate clean. You really want everyone to be their best and not have the one with the fewest mistakes taking gold. Lots of legitimate Gold Medal contenders, but not a single gold medal performance…except Hanyu’s short. Too bad.

    Pairs were AMAZING!

    But if Davis and White don’t get their gold this year, I’m gonna get snippy. 🙁 (They should have gotten it four years ago. Growf.)

    T&D changed the face of Ice Dance. They’re real world treasures.

  • Bri

    Am I the only one getting an “Account Closed” notice from the video :^( ?

    I’m watching the Dance short programs right now–waiting for Meryl and Charlie. I think is was his coach who said Charlie White was made for tuxedoes ;^) I love this short.

    • ARGH!!!! They must have just done that. Probably a copyright thing. Ah, well. Even better, check out YouTube. Evidently T&D have had the right kind of celebrity figure skating TV competition on ITV for years! They choose celebs who are already in good shape, give them a several month crash course in skating, THEN pair them with a pro, and the results are phenomenal. The winning team gets to perform the original Bolero routine. 😀

      Look up Dancing on Ice.

  • Bri

    Yay! First place and a record high short program score! They were pretty much perfect **sigh**

  • Hah! Live streaming. DUH! And the Shibutanis performed magnificently, too! Yipppeeee!!!!

  • chondrite

    I hate to be a wet blanket, but would you mind asking CJ if she can give me permission to post again on WWAS? Her anti-spam program has now decided my home IP is naughty.

    I will be on hiatus as of Thursday, so you may not hear from me for a couple of weeks.

  • So nice to be able to talk again. I’m sure you saw the ice dancing last night. Wasn’t it great?
    BTW, I am having Chondrites problem with WWAS. I’m still me….honest!

    • I do not know what’s going on with these users files. Mine was totally screwed up. Had to go in and make a list of everyone who had posted a comment, then delete everyone else, then change the status of those that remained so they could comment again. I’ll ask CJC to check the “status” category on her users as well.

      The dancing was incredible! I’m thrilled everyone skated so well. I do not want a “win by default”. To my eyes the ShibSibs were underscored, though not horribly, but then, next to Davis and White, they’re kinda my favorites, so I’m admittedly prejudiced. Love love love the young Russian couple!

  • ready4more

    Jane, I too have gotten the dreaded ACCESS DENIED screen at WWAS.

    I stayed up most of the night to watch the ice dancing short programs.

    • I think CJC has completely zapped the anti-spam stuff trying to isolate what’s causing the problem. If you’re still having problems, let me know.

      I couldn’t be happier with with ice dancing results, except I wish the ShibSibs had skated that MJ program as perfectly as everyone else skated. But they were in the top ten in the end, which is incredible. Three US couples (with a Russian coach :D) in the top ten. Never thot I’d see that! But there was no medal by default here. Yippee!

  • nighthawkatshejidan

    Just checking to see if I can post, in case I ever have anything to say.

  • ready4more

    I have never seen so many personal best performances in ice dance competition. I guess everybody had their Wheaties…. LOL

    What a difference from the men’s competition where EVERYBODY had the yips to some degree!

    And hasn’t Johnny Weir looked gorgeous? IMHO Tara is okay, but Johnny is SO FINE and his commentary has been both instructive and to the point! He should be a costume designer for teams, especially the Australians. What were they thinking?

    • Pairs as well. I’m so enjoying watching the full flights! I do wish the men had lived up. Even RiverDance lost a bit of its zip. 🙁

      I. Adore. Johnny. Weir. Always have. Both as a skater and a human being. (Loved the little “day in the life” series they did on him leading up to his last O’s) And he’s definitely the successor to DB and SH. I like him better, in many ways, for all DB is my hero, cuz he taught me HOW to watch figure skating (then betrayed my trust with his reaction to the No Longer New System…cuz I LOVED that from the moment I first heard about it, but I digress) Anyway, I love Johnny’s attitude. There doesn’t seem to be a negative bone in his body, and yet he manages to analyze a performance without being mean. He’s funny, he’s charming, and yeah, gorgeous. He’s also good for Tara. CJC mentioned how she seems to pick up the style of whoever she’s with and he makes a good model for her to follow. She knows her stuff, she just needs guidance in projecting it. I love the way he looks at her when she speaks. So polite and gentlemanly!

      And yes, Wiishu wants a Johnny Weir costume…

      • I absolutely ADORE Johnny Weir! I’d adopt him as a son if I could!

        I completely agree with you about his ability to analyze a performance and teach me things I didn’t know about skating!

        I LOVED his fishing trip while wearing a mink coat!

        I couldn’t believe the discussion they had about how everyone was dressing as the black swan because of the movie, and the black swan was evil. Johnny piped up against that statement, and it surprised me they didn’t connect to the fact Johnny skated the black swan at the Olympics!

  • Levanah10

    Yay! I found the skating comments! 🙂 Ditto, ditto, ditto for Johnny Weir. I so enjoy his technical comments-I’m not a skater, but as a former dancer, I really appreciate learning the details about how a movement is supposed to work. His comments aren’t obtrusive-just illuminating, and well-timed. (And he doesn’t let the adrenaline get into his voice, either-which is one reason the daytime coverage is so watchable.) Personally I’m surprised at my reaction-I usually get really bored with performances that are “off”-but Weir/Lipinski, whom I’m hearing for the first time, are making even the as-yet-unformed performances interesting.
    Speaking of performances: I’ve been wanting to share this NY Times article with the skating fans here for days, on the careful construction of Jason Brown’s “Riverdance,” how it was developed, and the years of work behind that stellar Boston performance.

    • Very cool! Thank you!

      And I totally agree. Watching only the top skaters, you don’t really learn how to watch skating. They’re SO good now, it’s hard to see what sets them apart. Any skater who makes it to the O’s is amazing, but the top ones truly are elite. The right commentary and coverage makes all the difference in being able to appreciate it. Back in the day, long before I started skating, Dick Button taught me what to look for. He was always good at analyzing kindly . . . until skating started making real advertising money, then, I believe, the money-grubbing higher ups at the networks began dictating the tone of the commentary. And controversy brings viewers.

      As long as the judging was this mysterious, out of the blue number between 0 and 6, they could create a variety of controversies and conspiracies. An educated viewership did not favor the execs, so we got conspiracy theories. One more blessing that came with the new judging system was a quantitative support for the results. People understand “degree of difficulty” and they understand “under-rotated”. These are things they can see and when they understand that the moves translate directly to numbers, then they quit saying “This one didn’t fall down, so why didn’t they win over the one who did.” From the exec’s viewpoint, that’s not necessarily a good thing. They like controversy. But it also undermines the legitimacy of it as a sport.

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