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Goin’ Sleddin’

Dear Momma-D,

Pooki an’ me gots t’go sleddin’ today….

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  • Such a great little story!

    I don’t think anything can hurt the Pookster.

  • Had me worried there for little Pookie and for Wiishu if Pookie got an “ouchie” or more. (This is why the younger kids need to go with an older, more experienced sledder, o’ course, Wiishu buddy.)

    Glad it turned out so good and everybody had a good time sledding. Heheh, they’d have to go to Galveston or Padre and sled on the sand dunes. 😉 …Some sand, water, and sun ould be an idea for their spring break or summer vacation.


    @ Hanneke — Oh my goodness, you outdid yourself! And thank you! — I’ll have photos and more commentary, once I get photos and think a bit more about what you sent.

    It looks like nearly everything will fit great this time. The guys will be very happy and excited. 🙂 I wondered how the polka-dotted shirt would look, and I think it is a hit. It looks very good.

    The t-shirts or short sleeved shirts all fit well. The jeans shorts are just fine; they are slightly tight but they look good. I didn’t get to all the long sleeved shirts (those look very good, any guy would like them) or all the (long) pants (trousers), but I will. I need to try the other pleated pair on them.

    You weren’t sure about either the dark blue pants with the elastic at the ankles, or the grey sport pants with the elastic and the side stitching.

    The dark blue pants turned out surprisingly well. They are just a tiny bit long, but not enough to need adjustment, and with washing over time they may shrink a little. They look comfortable, too. I’ll see how they look with the elastic, with tennis shoes or boots.

    The sport pants with the side stitching look good. You’d left the cuffs with the elastic so I could try those on the boys and see how they look. LOL, I’m not sure yet. I have to decide which way seems to work best. Yes, they are a little short, but I think we can work with that. And if either option doesn’t seem to work well, once we both get a good look at it, there is also the option of cutting a bit off the legs and turning them into “clamdiggers.” Clamdiggers are boys’ shorts, knee length, usually a itltle longer, near the top of the calf muscle, slightly baggy in the legs. They’re common beach wear.

    The sport pants go great with the matching tee with stitching at the cuffs. I could see these as a nautical or space cadet’s casual uniform too.

    I will check the other pleated pants. The khaki pants with the pleats look fine in the back. I’ll be careful how the fly is arranged. Something plus the snap makes it tend to pull to the side a bit, but by adjusting it when posed, it should look fine. In front, I’d suggest the pleats need to be angled slightly outward, an A instead of a V. This might help with fitting. It looks perfect in back. Photos should show you what I mean.

    Thank you, and many apologies for my delay. — The boys now have lots more choices!

    • Hanneke

      @BCS: I’m glad it arrived, and that most stuff fits. I was afraid it had got lost and so I cut some more long-sleeved shirts from the same pattern, 2 halloween sweatshirts and 2 warmer stripy knit shirts with high collars (turtlenecks? which I cut just slightly larger, as I think winter sweaters are often a bit looser), as well as more T-shirts (some with decals, I finally found some small enough) and 2 more trousers each, 2 ribcord and 2 plain blue or black, and one knee-length gray pair because I didn’t expect the jeans shorts to fit. BTW, that one had elastic in the waistband which you could loosen a bit – it’s not double-knotted yet.

      I’m stitching on (in a leasurely fashion: it’ll take me a few more weeks to get there) to try to get the next envelope up close to an ounce because of postage, but those Tshirts don’t weigh much. I think, with this next upcoming load, they’ll each have enough Tshirts for a respectable wardrobe without having to share.

      Should I add a few more knee-lengths, or some clamdiggers? Are clamdiggers made from jersey or cotton, and are they usually plain (or maybe soberly striped) or wildly colourful, like the kneelength beach ‘bermuda shorts’ popular over here?
      Or would you rather get an extra pair of warmer knitted sweaters, or maybe some more long trousers, or some more of the jersey sports pants (with or without side-stitching)?

      I’m not sure I’ll be able to make anything fancy, but these simple ordinary little clothes for a basic wardrobe I can do. I’ll try to do something about the angle of the pleats on any future trousers; I hadn’t realised they were getting angled, instead of just straight verticals.

      And Jane, I just had an enjoyable hour well-spent on watching Torvill and Dean on YouTube. Thanks for the link!

  • Hmm, after a little looking, what I’ve seen and heard called clamdiggers are, for guys, more commonly just “board shorts,” which are common enough, you’ve probably seen them there in summer, or else you’ve seen them in photos from the Med, the three American coasts and the Caribbean, Australia, and so on. And with those, just about anything goes for color and pattern. Who wears what depends on how adventuresome and outgoing or how conservative someone is. But even so, it’s freer. They tend to be in solids or stripes, or tropical prints, or “anything goes” for color and pattern. I’ll hunt up some sample pictures.

    Hmm, try for a couple more of the stitched sport pants and some shorts, please. The other options sound good also. Maybe another pair or two of brown or khaki pants. A sweater would be a good idea. I’m not sure what to do for a jacket or coat, if I get that in a story idea.

    I need to sit and give the Toy Box Tales some more story plotting time and get back to writing for it. — I haven’t come up with a better title yet, but I now think it needs a different title, if I want to do something else with it, for the site or for ebooks, for example.

    BTW, I think what you sent will give me some story material in itself.

    The card was very nice also. So Hallmark is global. Wow, somehow, I expect things to be national. It’s a small world, after all.

    • Hanneke

      Ah! I’m allowed to log in again!
      When I tried it this morning from Internet Explorer it didn’t work, but on my Firefox machine at home it works – or maybe Jane was super fast and allowed me on again? I just got blocked on CJ’s site as well, and sent her a ‘pretty please with sprinkles on top’ request to be put on the white-list for both blogs: at least her anti-spam blocker did give me that option.

      @BCS: yes Hallmark is global, but at least I did choose a Dutch artist, whose watercolors of little things from natural subjects I love. Marjolein Bastin was a well-known artist locally long before Hallmark picked up her watercolors, she’s had a weekly ‘column’ in the Dutch women’s magazine for decades in which she paints something from her garden or nature-walks and jots some notes around it.
      Since Hallmark contracted her she’s bought two more houses, one in the USA and one in the Caribean (IIRC), so now she also paints birds and flowers from those gardens, not just from here in Holland, but her style has remained the same.

      I’ve been looking for nice Dutch cards to use, but they tend to be vey touristy, or art cards of French painters!

      I’ll make some more sober shorts, a pair of bright-colored clamdiggers in 2/3 length, and sports pants – can I make those in different colors or do you want another one of the same blue with white striping, since you mentioned using it for a uniform?
      For the additional brown trousers, would the rust-brown of the shorts be good, or do you want dark brown or more beige?

      I’ve been thinking about jackets too, but haven’t been able to find any separable zippers of 6 cm length, and the crip-crip material I can find is very stiff and either black or white, so I’m still thinking about closures; and I needed to know if the long-sleeved shirt pattern fit right before trying to adapt it to a hooded jacket. So that won’t be ready for the next package.

      • Hanneke

        Oh silly me, everybody else got the Bastin cards for Christmas, but I got you one with more of a typical Dutch winter landscape instead of the ‘generic-looking’ (though also Dutch) birds and squirrels, didn’t I? I remember being in two minds about which to send, but can’t recall on which I decided! It seems more and more like I’ve got a colander instead of a solid memory-bank in my head, it’s getting as holey as Swiss cheese up there.

  • It is, in fact, comforting to know I’m not the only one whose memory is doing that. Possibly, it’s a good thing I like Swiss cheese. LOL.

    The card you sent was of birds, robins, IIRC, and very charming. Yes, I’d enjoy typically Dutch scenes and styles, because my idea of what’s Dutch tends to think of Dutch Old Masters painters and a few scientists from the Enlightenment. Heh. — I think I’ve seen Marjolein Bastin’s work on cards here, which is a plus.

    Sure, try some other colors. If I think up something as a uniform, I’ll send a sketch. It should be later this month or early next month when I try the grand adventure of getting the post office here to mail something overseas. (No, it’s not food, it’s crafts, cloth. And paper. LOL.)

    Hmm, try a dark brown for the long pants, please. The rust-brown and khaki were both good, and might do for, say, a jacket or pants later.

    BTW, behindthename.com seems a little short on Dutch names. I went looking for character name inspiration.

    • Hanneke

      Okay, you did get the one of the Bastin cards then, like I sent to my family. Next one will be more Dutchy.

      Here’s a Dutch wikipedia page with just a list of names that are used in Holland. Some are originally Dutch, but a lot are imports; meisjesnamen = girls’ names (at the top), jongensnamen = boys’ names (at the bottom).
      If your browser translates, here are two sites that give the old meanings of the names (not that anyone remembers those, and nor do they signify much about the person carrying the name); this list is very long but it is clear about what are girls’ names, what boys’ names, and which can be used for both; this one is much shorter but doesn’t make the gender it’s used for clear, for that you have to check the categories in the left margin.
      This can sometimes be surprising, especially if you factor in the Friesian regional language (spoken in the dairy province where the black-and-white cows come from), where Anne is a boy’s name. Usually in Dutch names ending on -e or -a are girls’ names, and names ending on -o are for boys, but Frisian has a lot of boys’ names ending on -e, like my (non-Friesian) neighbor’s son Auke. Friesian Hielke and Sietse are a set of young teenage twin boys from a well-known series of kids books from my youth, having adventures with their boat and around their rural village – last year they were turned into a movie for a new audience, making this style of naming familiar to non-Friesian Dutch kids. Sorry, I haven’t found a site which adds this kind of extra information about the names, like the historical or regional associations, while that is much more present in people’s feelings about a name than the old ‘meanings’.

  • :O Those name lists are great, thanks! I’ve bookmarked them to look further. Hmm, even without translation, I can pick up a few words here and there and guess at the Dutch pronunciation, between a tiny bit of German plus English and French.

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