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Changing the way User Registration Works

Like CJC, I’m changing this to setting up an account personally. The spammers are just getting to be a pain in the pituzza. So…It’s gonna work like this. Send me an email at myfirstname@myfirstnamemylastname.com. Tell me in your own words that you’d like to comment/become a ‘NetWalker, send me the user name you’d like to […]

The Future just keeps creeping in…

That day when the entire house is a computer is creeping up. Streaming the O’s while I work. How? Plugged the laptop into the TV via HDMI, made the TV an extended screen and put Firfox full screen on the TV, and WP fullscreen on the laptop. How wunnerful is dat?

I’m finding that the […]

Should be OK to comment!

We think we’ve got the problem solved. If you can’t login or get a password reminder, you might have to re-register. I went back through and zapped everyone who didn’t have a comment or a real name or a gravatar. Hope this fixes everything!

Meantime: beautiful blast from the past. Amazing to think it was […]

Goin’ Sleddin’

Dear Momma-D,

Pooki an’ me gots t’go sleddin’ today….

To the Flying Tomato