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Eushu is definitely going to help Pook take over the universe….

So…last night we’re playing GuildWars2. We’ve got the phone on speaker with Lynn, we’re bashing some high level critturs, avoiding death by the slightest breath…

And this noise starts down near the floor behind my chair.

Now…I keep kitty treats for when the boys are being particularly cute…or when Shu has parked on my legs and I really need to put the foot rest down to go do something. (It’s taken him a long time to start doing that and I don’t want to discourage it.) I keep them in a flip-top box along with some of my stitching supplies. The noise is Shu trying to get into that box. I don’t think much of it as I”m being killed.

All of a sudden, a different noise. The distinct sound of teeth in a treat bag…and Shu is off like a shot across the room, treat bag firmly in mouth.

The little snot! I run away, park my character…and chase after my cat. He follows me back, watching like a hawk. I put the bag back in, tell him “no” and go back to bashing. A couple of bandits later, he’s off AGAIN. I tried burying it under the sewing supplies…didn’t even slow him up. I tried putting things on top of the flip top. Hah! By this time it was a game and I was being beaten on both fronts!

I finally had to give him a good pop to get him to stop, but I’m still giggling about it this AM. It was the snatch and run tactic that just did it. 😉

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