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If I Could Eliminate One Word

from my personal vocabulary, it would be hate.

Forget being careful about how I use the F-word, hate is far more insidious and (worse) socially acceptable four letter bombshell. No one calls you on it, but they will make assumptions about you when you use it. For me, it became, as a child, my personal expletive for being unhappy with something. But unhappy and frustrated is a long way from hate. I use it now, too often, without thinking. It makes me sad that some people think I’m really that negative, sadder that I’ve hurt people all too unintentionally because of the appearance of vehemence. I’m 60+ years old and only now realizing how much I’ve used it and how inappropriately, and how much it has made my blood-pressure rise in completely unwarranted situations.

So…while we’re watching our use of expletives, maybe we’re .blindsiding those we love by the more subtle nasty nuances of language. Let’s quit worrying quite so much about the obvious and start worrying a little more about the baddies lurking in the bushes.

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