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Point: computer…again

…in the on-going battle of lost digital information and challenges to sanity.

Even Wiishu has been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks because I’ve been working on (sound the trumpets) writing! CJC and I went on a little reading road trip and I finally got deep enough into Homecoming Games to start attacking the truly dicey thread-pulling section that has had me spinning my wheels for months. I knew I had the fundamental structure in which to develop my cool denoument, but had no confidence in how it was reading or whether it remotely made sense.

Mostly, it was pretty good, but there were definitely some sections with some fossils to be weeded out and discussing it with CJC gave me a lightbulb moment for making the whole section smoother. So…I’ve been writing away.

This kind of writing is slow and tedious, because you’re refining the wording in sections you struggled with in the first place…which means you’re rewritten and rewritten and… But I’ve actually been making progress…which brings us to yesterday…and specifically last night, right before bedtime.

I’d been tackling a really, really delicate sequence…delicate enough that I saved it down into a new file before taking it on. Fortunately. Because after I completed it, I saved and brought up Guild Wars 2 (my current gaming passion) to pound snot out of baddies. This continued off and on all day in between sessions of de-Christmasing the house and watching the US Figure Skating Nationals. Then, I trotted off to bed, computer in hand, to take a few notes that had been percolating, brought up the file…and Word Perfect crashed.

Oh. Joy.

I restarted the computer and tried again. I tried several ways to bring the file up…No go. I tried bringing up the previous version and it was fine. I didn’t know whether to rejoice or cry because that meant the file was corrupted, not the installation of WP. I went out online, found WPLook, a little utility that resurrects corrupted WP files, ran the file through it, was able to bring up the result…but whole end of the book is gone.  From about the middle of the day’s tedious work. And if I try to “fast travel” to the end of the file with ctrlEnd…the program crashes. I suspect a lost sector pointer, tho I can’t really prove it.  Whether that had anything to do with bring up GW2 while the file was engaged in another open program, I have no idea. I wouldn’t think it, but at a certain point, you just throw up your hands, whine a bit, and be thankful you have a very recent version saved. I could probably find a program that would go after orphan file segments and turn up the missing work, but I think seeking it out and figuring how to use it would be more destructive to my writing than just trying to redo the work.

Who knows, maybe Wesley did it cuz he didn’t like what I’d done!


6 comments to Point: computer…again

  • Oh no!

    I HATE when that happens!

    I wiped out three WIP Gravi pieces when I was doing a backup a few years ago. My brain still hasn’t recalled the details of them, which chaps my arse. I was almost done with two.

  • Jane, I hope you find the rest of the file, or can re-draft it to suit you. I really hate when that happens, either the computer or my own dang-fool mistakes.

    @Onna — It’s good to see you around again.

    My latest writing has been very up and down, very scattered. I get a new idea and write some on it, or I return to an existing idea, and write some there. …And I’m writing more quantity, it flows, but then I don’t have confidence whether it’s good. That, and I wonder if it’s too much of my own internal nonsense, versus a story worth reading. — I have been in a period where my own internal stuff, either past experience or wishful thinking, was intruding into my attempts at writing. I kept fighting that, and finally thought, OK, what if I just go with that, let it write itself out, and throw it out or keep it, whichever seems suited. That has (maybe) helped. Then I hit a lack of self-confidence and my ideas weren’t doing more than spinning around, or not generating. But just this past week, I think I may have hit on a way out of the dilemma with a new approach, and so I’ve been trying that with one story idea (draft). It might be working. I’m not sure it’ll make it out of my ideas and drafts folder, though. But it’s going. That had other ideas going again. — I still have not reached that point where I can stay focused again on one story and find a whole plot as I go, and complete it. I really, really wish that would happen.

    I’ve been neglecting font work and other things, because…I want so much to get past the hurdles I have with writing. If I can get several pages in a day on an idea, I ought to be able to complete a story, dang it. And yet…so far, it still isn’t happening. I’m not aware of any ADHD in the rest of my life, but for writing, I get a piece here, a piece there, usually unrelated, and, ooh, shiny, I’m off on that and leave the other for a while.

    Ehhh, I don’t know. I’m a mess! :-/ 🙂

    Also, I am really hoping that meanwhile, the Toy Box Tales are percolating in the back of my brain. — I’d thought I could do them as scripts, plays, where it’s strictly dialogue, but I am going to have to try writing them as fiction, novel/short format, and working from there to get the photostory or illustrations. So far, there’s a block or lack of experience with an audio / photo play format instead of more usual fiction, that’s getting in my way. But the Toy Box Tales are still on. I’m still getting ideas on how things connect, what would go into the stories, and I think the characters and situations will work themselves out, with some adjustments. …I got ahead of myself, didn’t plan enough before committing / announcing. So it’ll still happen, just…out of whack like everything else I’ve done lately. :-/

    Getting there somehow, apparently by the long way around, with multiple detours and switchbacks along the way.

    So see? You’re doing fine! You’re organized, compared to me, the wannabe writer. 😉

  • Greenwyvern

    This data recovery program may be useful. It’s is small, fast, free, and very easy to use.

    Here’s a portable version, so you don’t even have to install it.

    I posted this link on CJC’s blog earlier, but it didn’t appear – it seems to have been caught by the spam filter, or something.

  • WOL

    So, take your pillow and whop it on the bed and whop it and whop it until you get all the frustration out. (Switch pillows at some point so both get whopped evenly.) It takes out your frustrations without damaging anything, and gets your pillow good and fluffed. Oh, and a big E-hug, too, for afters.

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