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Trouble in log-in land

Do me a favor and don’t comment on anything until I say otherwise? We’ve had a problem trying to eliminate some very insidious login attempts. This has resulted in the possible deletion of some of our regular posters! I’ve tried to preserve the last couple of days’ comments and am going to see if Lynn […]

Eushu is definitely going to help Pook take over the universe….

So…last night we’re playing GuildWars2. We’ve got the phone on speaker with Lynn, we’re bashing some high level critturs, avoiding death by the slightest breath…

And this noise starts down near the floor behind my chair.

Now…I keep kitty treats for when the boys are being particularly cute…or when Shu has parked on my legs […]

If I Could Eliminate One Word

from my personal vocabulary, it would be hate.

Forget being careful about how I use the F-word, hate is far more insidious and (worse) socially acceptable four letter bombshell. No one calls you on it, but they will make assumptions about you when you use it. For me, it became, as a child, my personal […]

The Package Arrives…

American Idol might actually be worth watching this season!

I’m pretty stoked by what I’m hearing out of Harry Connick Jr. FINALLY someone is calling the warblers out. I didn’t know about the pentatonic warble before he said something…I just knew it all sounded alike and ‘disrespected’ the melody… and now I understand and I’m so grateful. I hate singers who mask the fact […]

Email Espionage

‘Bout time for a Wii-Pook update, yes?

Sometimes...it's smarter not to ask why....

I think Wesley just didn’t like how I was handling the scene. It really was only one scene that ended up lost (whew) and when I hit it again, I took a substantially different approach. I’m still doing 52 card pickup on the scene, but I think it’s going to be much stronger for the […]

Point: computer…again

…in the on-going battle of lost digital information and challenges to sanity.

Even Wiishu has been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks because I’ve been working on (sound the trumpets) writing! CJC and I went on a little reading road trip and I finally got deep enough into Homecoming Games to start attacking the […]

Lynn's Solstice Message is up!

Catch up with her. Encourage her. Let’s get that book out of her this year. Bwahahahahaha!

Meantime…I’m working on some really dicey scenes that are FINALLY making sense and will hopefully be writing forward this weekend. Yippeee! Wiishu has got about half of his “tour” photos taken. I’ll try to get the rest tonight and […]