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Filter is in the house!

OK…don’t remember what I’ve said where, but the sump under the freshwater tank caused a major spillage the other day and we finally took the hint and ordered an under the tank filter.  Why we didn’t do this before…in a freshwater tank, it’s perfectly sensible. Well…it arrived last night and (typically) the outflow of the tank, the one piece of plumbing that can’t be replaced, is causing a problem. It’s a 11/4″ inner diameter and it has to go down to a 3/4″ ID. If we’d had the sense god gave a newt, we’d have picked up what we needed before it arrived, but we weren’t absolutely certain of the hoses it was coming with, so…we waited.

This AM we went to Ace to find a 11/4 to 3/4 adapter hose barb. Wasn’t happening. We ended up with a 11/4 to 1 and another 1 to 3/4 with a little bit of 1″ hose connecting the lot. I knew it would work, but whether it would compromise the downflow was another issue. Problem is, space is limited. So…we headed to Lowe’s to see if they had a 11/4 to 3/4 barb. Nope. Booo… Came up with a different rube goldberg combo to try, just in case. But when we got home and I looked at the lot, I decided the one from Ace was the one to go with. Surprisingly, tho the middle hose had been eliminated, the overall length was greater than the one with the hoses, so…those parts will go back. A bit of fiddling to hook the hoses up, plug it in and worked like a charm! Ypppeee! I stirred up quite a bit of crud from the bottom doing a water change right in the tank, and by the time I got the lights on, the water was clear!

The filter is pretty cool. The hoses connect to a little piece that pops out so you can extract the filter from under the stand to clean it out. There’s a little lever that lifts up and rotates little ball valves into the attachment to stop the water. Doesn’t aerate the water as well at the little sump we had, but a nice brisk bubbler takes ccare of that and entertains the fish. So…Tank is pushed back into the corner (sounds so easy in a little phrase like that…) and we’re finally getting the living room picked up and ready for Christmas!  Ypppeee!

I’ll let Wiishu take you all on a tour of the decorations in a day or two.

6 comments to Filter is in the house!

  • chondrite

    Looking forward to the Wiishu-guided-tour. I don’t want to think about tank overflows and Christmas Tree lights in the same vicinity *shakes head violently*

  • Yiiiiii!!!! — What she said!

    Looking forward to the Wiishu tour too. (Wiishu + Pookie = Two-er 😉 ) (Or Seishi + Eushu.)

    I’ve been busy with (various stuff), ~finally~ connected with my cabbie (bad juju going on in his life, not his fault, I am ~trying~ to be patient and work with him). — Didn’t brave the lines at the post office.

    @Chondrite: The Adventures of Dr. Katzarrived the other day, but I haven’t read it yet. Expecting a quick, fun read, there. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Still working on (various stuff) but this weekend, I expect I’ll have some fun with my new acrylics (yay!) and so I should get some more done on the BJD crew.

    (I’ve been studying SVG graphics some and have made good progress, but haven’t determined if Inkscape still doesn’t love me or if it’s changed its mind. I haven’t made headway yet with PHP, but it’s on the To Do List.)

    When I sit down next with SVG, I hope to have a couple of things halfway ready to show off. But I think that needs PHP to do what I really want. Maybe. Dunno yet for sure. — Dang, it’s been forever since I programmed any. Pointers->scary;

    Writing has been on other things, world-building’s going OK, but not much story writing going on. Dunno if this is good or bad; i.e., building up to progress, or just twiddling my digits. But enjoying it, even so.

    Font production hasn’t had much happening. This weekend, I’ll have another round of work on it, and during next week.

    Slight progress on the house chores. The cats don’t know what to make of this. I’ve explained I’m getting it ~clean and tidy~, which (hah) should make some sense to cats, if only they knew what I was saying. They are busy investigating, when they haven’t decided I’m too noisy or I must be in one of those unaccountable human-weirdness moods again 😉 and therefore the bed, window, or hiding somewhere out of the way are good ideas, feline-fashion.

  • Also — You both would make fine ship’s captains and crew, you know that?

    …Darn, wish I could find a roommate or significant other who was handy with all things mechanical…[1]

    [1] Dream on, Ben, gotta be out looking. Not expecting him to magically appear under the tree[2] or on the doorstep.

    [2] Tree? No tree up again this year. I’m otherwise doing well this season, but wasn’t ready for a tree again this year. Next year, I think.

    [3] Really, I’m not expectin’ Mr. Right to simply appear. But golly, sure could wish… (Not sure I’d trust that if he did, or quite know what the heck to do with the situation, if so. At least that’s what I’m saying now. If I were lucky enough to be in that situation, well…it could be a whole ‘nother thing then, I s’pose. Er, possibly gives some clue to my too-single status, beside budget and general chaos of life, finally beginning (I think/hope/wish) to settle down. Yeah, um, so, well… ::subsides into quiescence:: Yeah, I still feel like a mess, but I think it might be improving a little.

  • Hanneke

    Jane, I sent your Christmas card to the PO-box for Closed Circle, with a little something for Wiishu as well, but I rather expect it won’t get there in time.

    BCS, there’s an envelope on its way to you; if it arrives as fast as last time it might just make it for Christmas. I tried to get it sent off in time as I thought that for only the second Christmas without your grandmother a little unexpected extra cheer might be welcome, but with all the extra mail at Christmas there’s no saying how much it might be delayed; on the other hand the postal services hire lots of extra people for this hausse, so it might make it on time.
    I tried to send two complete sets for each of the boys, ‘khaki’-style pants with both a T-shirt and a long-sleeved shirt but didn’t get the last T-shirt finished in time. They both get a sports-style set as well: as the try-out pajamas immediately turned into some kind of oriental sports outfit I thought those might come in handy as well. And I tried to make a second set of short pants from jeans fabric, but that stuff is really too thick and stiff for use at this size. I rather think that one will have to be thrown out, and probably the dark blue trousers I tried to model on the skinny jeans as well: those looked wrong to me, but I sent them anyway just in case they do fit – please just throw them out if they don’t fit or look wrong.
    I really hope the long-sleeved shirts do fit, as I used a new pattern based on the T-shirt size (slightly slimmer at the hips).
    I’ve got a few more T-shirts cut, and a few more trousers, including one more short pair and some fine ribcords – those I’ll have to make without pockets as the fabric is a bit thicker, though less thick and stiff than the jeans-stuff. I’ve come to the conclusion I can make fairly good ‘khaki’-style trousers (and jogging trousers without pockets or waistband are easy), but not jeans, so I was happy to see you’ve found another source for jeans. Maybe you could get a second pair of jeans there for the other boy?
    I think I’d like to try for a hooded jacket next, unless you’d like me to make something else?
    To adapt a pattern with a hood, could you send or post two more measurements?
    I’d need a measure from one shoulder to the other shoulder over the top of his head (for the opening of the hood), and one from his forehead to the neck (at collar-height) in back, over the top of his head, for the length of the crown seam.

    • You folks never cease to amaze me with your generosity. I echo your good wishes to BCS. Christmas is the hardest. I still actively hope that somehow Mom hears the Christmas music and it’s been ten years now.

      We’ll just let Mr. W open it on New Years. We always leave a couple for then, so it’ll be perfect. Thanks so much.

      • Hanneke

        Oh Jane, it really isn’t much, certainly not worth one of Wiishu’s photos. It’s just some scraps that might come in useful someday, and one little (historic-looking, ‘magic’?) item that kept telling me it would like to go to this fantasy-rich dolls’ household…
        It looked to me like it might make a useful prop sometime, if not in one of Wiishu and Pooki’s adventures then maybe in the historical background for Morgaine and Vanye, and at the price of a quarter in the secondhand shop it just shouted Wiishu’s name to me. So please don’t get your expectations up too high, but I do wish you and everyone in your household a very happy Christmastime, and good health and happiness for the new year.

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