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Easy Fix (for once)

Our landline phone died Monday…right after we returned the old modem. Of course. We had internet, but no phone. The phone light on the modem was flashing. Since we’d physically changed nothing in the wiring, I tried doing a power-restart on the modem. Nope. So…tried plugging phones directly into the modem rather than going to the splitter that sends one line to the office phone and the other into the house phone wiring. Bingo! Dial tone! Tried going just to the house line: deader than a mackerel.

Oh goodie. Somewhere in the house wiring. Now this is an old house with its old house quota of wiring miracles. I wasn’t looking forward to tracking this down. But I checked the plates first , hand the one in CJC’s room beside her work station looked, shall we say highly suspicious. I know squat about phones, but I know there’s an electrical current and the bits of splashed coffee around it looked ominous. Seems she has periodic four-legged help emptying her coffee cup.  Fingers crossed, I pulled that wall plate. It looked intact, but…you never know. So…a quick trip to Radioshack for a new wall plate (not to mention simple land-line phone…her old one was kinda scarey…) and (Yipppeeee!) all better! Phones are back!

The underneath filter for the freshwater tank arrives today. Fingers crossed it employs as easily and we can get the living room put back together in time for Christmas.

6 comments to Easy Fix (for once)

  • Er, I’d also suggest finding another place to put that beverage, even if it means putting a little table, cubbyhole, shelf, anything, somewhere near her desk. Somewhere in easy reach, yet unavailable for feline assailants, er, assistants, or for accidental bump-tumble, oh-frell-that-was-the-latest printout / important paperwork / etc.

    Good techie detective work there, Jane. 🙂

  • chondrite

    Yes, indeed — good on the detective work! Did you have to rewire the socket, or was a vigorous cleaning with alcohol sufficient? If there is simply no room for the coffee cup elsewhere, I suggest a little preemptive waterproofing on the phone jack with a piece of plastic and some duct tape around the edges. Tape plastic around top and sides of outlet, allow wire to extrude from the bottom under plastic cover. It won’t be elegant, but should withstand all but the most enthusiastic coffee. You could also repurpose a dryer vent cover.

  • WOL

    “You could also repurpose a dryer vent cover.” Bravo! “Southern” engineering at its finest! Acquiring one of those no-spill commuter coffee mugs might also be apropos. As an added benefit, they keep your coffee warmer for longer, too.

    On the subject of “Southern engineering,” might there be a way to affix one of those automobile beverage holder doohickies (pardon the technical term) to the side of CJC’s desk? It would be more difficult for the feline in question to knock over a cup which is not actually on the desk.
    Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/World-Pride-Beverage-Bracket-Support/dp/B007LI8AKG
    or this: http://www.amazon.com/Hopkins-RETRO-CHA-Retro-Cupholder-Charcoal/dp/B000FGEF9G/ref=pd_sbs_auto_3

  • I had no idea how much coffee was flying in there! 😀 We’ll definitely do a bit of redesign in the room. She has a little side table. Mostly she uses the extended window sill we put in. Problem is, her window is kitty TV with the birds in the quince and sometimes they get a little enthusiastic. I didn’t realize this was resulting in flying coffee! 😀 The wall jack was old, so I just replaced it. A whole $2. I can handle that! 😀

  • chondrite

    We get the big ol’ doves coming in to clean up leftover dry kitty kibble in the mornings, sometimes as many as a dozen at once. This fascinates all the cats, both inside and out. I occasionally find poofs of feathers in the shrubs, so assume Froofy et. al are keeping their paw in, so to speak, but otherwise they seem content to watch Bird TV. With much regret, I have started running off Smartypants when I feed the rest of the cats. He has proven to have terrible manners, and I will not offer dinner until he develops better ones. Strangely, the cat fights seem to have disappeared.

    CJ’s favorite coffee cup must be made of adamantium.

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