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2014 is Here!

A Sparkling Christmas Eve…


Careful what you wish for…

From one of my wonderfully crazy DoA friends: A Dr Who Nativity


Mark your calendars!

Hallmark Channel’s going to have a cuteness overload! http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/kittenbowl

Filter is in the house!

OK…don’t remember what I’ve said where, but the sump under the freshwater tank caused a major spillage the other day and we finally took the hint and ordered an under the tank filter. Why we didn’t do this before…in a freshwater tank, it’s perfectly sensible. Well…it arrived last night and (typically) the outflow of the […]

Easy Fix (for once)

Our landline phone died Monday…right after we returned the old modem. Of course. We had internet, but no phone. The phone light on the modem was flashing. Since we’d physically changed nothing in the wiring, I tried doing a power-restart on the modem. Nope. So…tried plugging phones directly into the modem rather than going to […]

Wiishu. Wants. SNOW!


And the question was posed: is Pook a pairs or dance skater? I think, in typical Pook fashion, he’s developed his own unique style:

Timely Tank Woes…not!

When we upgraded the salt water tank, we moved the old one and made it freshwater. Now understand, it’s got holes in the bottom of the tank for plumbing for a gravity-driven overflow/pump. So, we’ve had a little ten gallon tank underneath for a “sump” for filtration and a pump. This worked fine, we found […]

Pooki Goes Skatin’!

Tell me this isn’t KEWT!!!!