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Happy Late Eat Too Much Day!

Pooki gave thanks for his new Pervy Sage wig:

Wiishu gave thanks for his first parade and a Eushu, er, Toothless balloon:

Me…I give thanks for all of you!


New Editions up on Amazon

Reviews (obviously) welcome. If you’ve liked the changes and find them worth it, would love it if you could mention that.




Ring of Lightning

Will get the rest of the Ring books up and try to remember where I left CJC’s marine book. I thought I’d put it up, but remembered, when […]


Cuz we haven’t had one in a while:

Wireless AC

So…I go up to LinkSys to see what they’ve got for routers now and I find “Wireless AC”. Pros and Cons oh techno-folks?

Luck ran out…

Sicker than the proverbial puppy. Wah. Thought I was going to get away, but noooo. Managing so far to keep nose open enough to breath, but it’s not happy. And so, what arrives? The new comcast modem. I have a month to set it up and iron out the kinks I’m sure there will be.


Wiishu Gets a New “Do”

Another YouTube time waster

Been meaning to post something on these for a while. Donna just reminded me about them. This is just one to get you started. I don’t know if companies are doing these or individuals. Some are definitely series with the same dolls. But beyond the special effects and, in some cases, the special sculpts of […]

Thank you BCS!

And we will get those wigs done!