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Vanye's faceup begins!

Carolyn finished Deimos this weekend and we put his eyes in tonight. He is TOTALLY ADORABLE!


I spent most of today learning to airbrush on Tink and Phobos, but got a good start on Vanye. I didn’t have his wig along and got his eyebrows kind of red, but I can fix that with shadow and highlight. I gave a stab at his eyes, but found I was tiring and my eyes weren’t focusing as well as they needed to, so quit for the day. So all the detail work around the eyes and mouth have yet to be done.

I’m approaching his faceup the same way I did his coloring in the comic. I lightly airbrushed a warm yellow all over, then a true blue coming in from behind, I then came in with pastels in a warm brown, a rosy brown and true yellow and true blue to contour him out. I’m not thrill with how he’s photographing, but I think that’s the weird light I have on him. Going to try him in natural light tomorrow.

I apologize for the goopy eyes. Just too tired to to fix it.

I’m also using acrylics for the eyebrows and other line work. I just like the line it gives better than the pencils. Anyway…overall, I’m pleased with how this very outre approach is working out! He’s photographing a bit yellow, so I’ll be adding a light pinkish tone over just about everything.



14 comments to Deimos Done and Vanye’s faceup begins!

  • That’s really handsome. He already looks great. Once you’re done, I’m sure he’ll be…greater. 😉

    Your first airbrush work was on Tink and Phobos? Then that means the work you did on the comic was all hand blending? Wow! You know, the art on that comic is really impressive.

    Deimos looks fantastic. And suited to Vanye and Morgaine. (Oops, I mean Morgaine and Vanye! Beg pardon, milady.)

    • I did a little way back when…had a good Iwata brush that I can’t find now to save my soul! But all I did was spray an acrylic background for a couple of oil paintings, back when that was all the rage. Thought I was going to do more, but moved on to writing and the paints just sorta dried up! Never anything like this.

      The graphics were all water color and colored pencil…on really rotten, unsized paper. The watercolors were vital to smooth out the spotting cause by the paper. 🙁

  • chondrite

    For realistic faces, I think your technique of opening up the eyes on a sleeping template looks better than going with the premade open-eye face. The wide eyed kawaii/chibi/Barbie look doesn’t work with every doll personality.

    Deimos, the little rascal, looks like he should have his own children’s book *hint, hint*

    • TabbyCat

      I second the motion …

    • What this allowed me to do was totally reshape the eye. The one on the Rou OE plate isn’t bad…quite adult, in fact, and actually narrower (I think) than what I ended up with, but I really was going for a specific look on these two. Figured if I blew it, I’d always have the originals as OK subs. Now…I can play with the OE plates and see what happens. Not sure they’ll be more M&V. Probably make them into someone else.

      Theoretically, you could add epoxy to the eye and change the shape, but I’ll probably just work with what’s there. The biggest difference, at least for me, is less the eye shape than all the rest. Cheekbones, NOSE, more shape to the jawline…oh, and getting rid of the pouty mouth. What is it with doll sculpters and these pouty mouths?

      Re: children’s book. I totally agree! Been saying that since she started. He really looks like he popped out of one. I really want to get the time to do a children’s book based on Wiishu’s diary, of which Deimos and Phobos, Pooki and Tink, would all, obviously, be part.

  • Deimos is beautiful! Vanye is beautiful and rugged!

    Photostories turned into children’s books – photos digitally painted in some areas.

    Yeah, not waxing poetic. Brain is a little off at the moment.

  • dhawktx

    I love comparing the Rou default open eyed plate to the Vanye plate…Shows what you can do when you set out to make a face with character rather than just another pretty Fabio wannabe!

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I chose Rou not because he was the closest to how I see Vanye but rather because he looked to have enough resin in the places I needed it. 😀 Carving away is much easier than adding. Not to compare humble self to one of the greatest ever, but it’s like seeing David in a block of marble rather than the core of a clay sculpture. The BJD sculpts tend to be soft and rounded…which is actually a good thing for modding! But Rou had a hefty chin and nose, which Vanye really needs. Getting Morgaine’s slightly bowed nose out of one of the inevitable skijump noses they give female sculpts was a lot more problematic!

    I really want a Wiishu FP with a Pong style mouth for when he’s singing at the top of his lungs, but the proportions are all wrong. And to mod a Shiwoo FP won’t really work because the jaw drops when the mouth opens. So I’m going to try making a whole new FP! (Someday….)

    I really don’t think it’s that hard, just requires patience and a lot of sanding with really fine sand paper. The scary part is forgetting how much the FP costs! 😀 OTOH, the possibilities of sculpting my own faces and hands, maybe even casting them in resin, is just…really tempting. The FP and magnet system makes it a lot more viable option.

    I’m a little humbled. Autumn, who has done LOTS of faceups professionally, was really interested in how I did him. It w/b nice to be able to add something new to the BJD database.

  • chondrite

    I remember The Pook’s befriending the little dragonet, which you said was apparently based on Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. CJ’s little gargoyle reminds me of the Tiny Terrors from the same movie, if only in the color scheme.

    • Oh, yeah!

      Ever since someone…who was it you-all?…suggested kitten ShuShu looked like Toothless (which he still does, sometimes!) we’ve been addicted to Toothless around here. We hadn’t seen the movie; it’s now one of our favorites.

  • Jane, I think it’s super you’re getting eager to try making your own. You’re good with hand skills and crafts. I think you’d be a natural.

    This has me thinking of learning a 3D program, and needing to get serious with Inkscape and re-retry Illustrator. (I *miss* doing vector art on computer, but really lost my cool and felt stung, with Illustrator. I think I had to step away to get my creative head screwed on straight again, and it feels like I’m ready to jump in again. Odd thing, I had no problem with Fontographer’s tools, which were sister or cousin to the original Freehand, same company back then.)

    (I’m so glad I saw How to Train Your Dragon. I think I’m due for a rematch.)

    I will be trying out some Sculpey and some of that paper clay next month. I’m hoping to get enough skill to create a few things that are halfway realistic. Exciting!

    I had wild delusions of trying to sculpt a figure, then to try out resin, alginate, or some such. Yes, you see where that’s going.

    No idea yet how good at it I’ll be, but it should be fun playing with it to create something.

    Be it resolved — I’ve been doing the BJD photos in my guest bedroom. My goal for November is to get my office back in shape, so I’m set up to do crafts there.

    I seem to be putting down roots in my house again. Still not sure if I’ll be staying or moving. But this has given me an impetus to *do* something about it all.

    • I don’t know if it’s still free, but you used to be able to get DAZ 3D for free. It’s a really good program, from what little time I’ve had to play with it. Makes its $$ off the plugins, I think.

      I want to make a Vanye sized articulated horse. 😀 This, you understand, is a joke. If it could be done, someone would be making a mint off it already! 😀 Altho…I do wonder if ultimately the 3D printing will be the answer. One of the problems of making something jointed that size is weight. I’ll be interested to see what comes out of the people making the 3D printed pets. Right now just the cats are prohibitively expensive for someone like me, but…who knows?

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