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New PR challenge is up

Dia de Muertos!  Morgaine HAS to do it. Ideas, anyone? I know I want to do sugar skulls…

I’m debating making her a new faceplate out of sculpy and doing one of the fancy paint jobs on it. Oooo…..

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  • chondrite

    You could always go as a luchador, one of the Mexican masked wrestlers. I’d lay odds of Morgaine laying the smackdown on anyone who n3eeded it 🙂

  • What has been seen…cannot be unseen!

    Is he a D cup? Hmm…no, but… ! Ay-Ay-Ay ! Eek!

  • Sculpy Question: At the end of the month or early next month, I’m thinking of getting some polymer clay. The BJD has me getting all crafty again, which is really welcome and fun.

    I see lots of packs of Sculpy (Sculpey? I need to recheck spelling) clay available. There’s a sampler of some 24 or 30 bars, 1 oz. each that looks good, and a pound of “beige” that seems like a good starting point. Amazon lists a kit of 11 tools for clay workers. They list several books too, but I’m inclined to just have at it and get a book later, unless there’s something really good I should get. I see also a gloss coat sealant. I have a cutting mat and a spare cutting board and plain old string.

    Jane et al., am I missing something else I should get? Is there a book I should get, tools, other items? I haven’t worked with clay, natural or polymer, since I was a teen.

    What I’d seen did suggest getting a toaster oven and not using your kitchen oven. Is that necessary to start off? I don’t quite want to plunk down for a toaster oven just now. The clay and tools are cheap enough I can tell myself it’s within budget.

    Advice, please? 🙂

    Re: Teen Titans: I had watched a few early episodes, many moons ago, and thought it was a fun kid’s show, but couldn’t stay with it. Time factor then. I liked Beast Boy and the other regulars. 😉 Loved that they were doing good animation and pretty good quality to the episodes’ storylines.

    Darn browser spell checker has never heard of “storylines.” It knows “storyline” is a word, but balks at the plural. Well, spell checker, I’ll teach you! Bang, you’re in! ( storyline , storylines ) There, much better!

    Huh, programmers usually are more up with science fiction, fantasy, anime, and manga. Somebody must have been out of pizza and Cokes that day….

    • Kitchen oven works just fine. The small one is just to conserve electricity. You’re essentially just heat-setting it. You can also boil it (Check you-tube) right on the doll! 😀

      As I say…I did all Wiishu’s Apollo outfit with a rolling pin (anything that will flatten it…I also used a highlighter pen until I got smart and went to the kitchen) and a seam-ripper. Polymer clay isn’t like regular clay. It’s…tougher? Yeah, I think that’s the word. You can also add to a piece and rebake, so you can do a base shape then add detail. Take a look at the tools and see if you really need to buy anything. An exacto knife is useful. Something long a pointy…a nail works wonders. I invested in a tool set way back when I was working on greenware and plaster casts…and still find myself just grabbing anything that looks likely.

      Find out how you want to use it, first, then worry about all the fancy tools. (You can probably go to Hobby Lobby and get just the one or two that you really want)

      I wouldn’t invest in the colored stuff. Just get the white and paint it. Colored stuff is for kids or people who are doing things like patterned beads. Instead, I’d get a block of the white, and a block of some kind of air-drying paper clay. It’s also sandable/carvable after hardening. It just takes a while to harden…like overnight. It’s also substantially lighter than the sculpy so is good for things the dolls are going to hold (I really should have made Wii-pollo’s bow out of it.)

      You can use sealant at the end, but you don’t need it in between. Just use acrylic paint. (Wiishu’s Apollo outfit was all rub-on metallics from the hobby store.)

      Hope that helps!

      • “Air-drying paper clay?” Paper clay, what’s that? Well, I can hunt on Amazon or ask at the local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

        Thanks so much, Jane, that advice saved me from buying a couple of packs at first, and pointed me toward the air-drying clay along with the Sculpy. It also tells me, hey, it’s clay, not rocket science. Stick to the basics, get comfortable with it, and then add things as the need arises. Good solid sound advice. Thanks much!

        Gosh, that means I can do it at the start of the month without fretting if I’m adding an unneeded expense to my budget. Hurray! — If I keep making progress, though, my budget *might* ease up a little sooner.

        • chondrite

          Paper clay is just a fancy version of Ye Olde Papier Mache, ground much finer and with extra binders that let you actually sculpt with it. I got a 2 pound package about the size of a standard brick that was sufficient to make a full sized mask once I added water to the right consistency.

          Regarding tools, don’t worry about fancy. Go back to childhood; anything that will make a pattern on cookie dough will be fine for sculpting. Use forks with all but one tine bent, chopsticks, toothpicks, X-acto knives, tiny screwdrivers, plastic silverware (what else you gonna use that spork for?) When I was doing clay work, I made a cut-off tool out of a chunk of dowel and a heavy needle that worked like a charm. My favorite gravers were a set of cheap manicure equipment from the dollar store.

          • Aha, thanks! What sort of sealant or varnish should I use on paper clay? Acrylic varnish? I found air-drying paperclay listed (as one word, no space) and I found air-dry clay, though that seems like it’s different from a polymer clay like Sculpy…or is it? Heck, I found Crayola brand air-drying clay. 🙂 (I’ve had good results from other Crayola products.) I found conventional clay also. Wow, the options.

            I’ll order Sculpy and air-dry paperclay, and I may order the Crayola air-drying clay, both for the resealable container and to try the stuff, all in small batches. (How can the browser’s spell checker not know Crayola is a word? Geez….)

            There was a book available…heck, forgot the title already, just a sec…two of them, actually:

            Dewey, Katherine. Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay: Tools and Techniques for Sculpting Realistic Figures. © 2013. Random House LLC. Kindle Ed.

            Dewey, Katherine. Creating LIfelike Animals.

            Oroyan, Susanna. Designing the Doll From Concept to Construction. © 1999. C&T Publishing. Kindle Ed.

            There were also two titles by Carlson, Maureen on doing clay characters, such as fairies and trolls, that might be of interest. I was intrigued enough by the reviews, I bought the ones from Ms. Dewey and Ms. Oroyan in Kindle editions. I’d guess I can wing it on clay/modeling compound techniques, but the ideas might be of use too. I thought I’d list these in case people were interested.

            And darn it, Amazon doesn’t seem to list ISBN’s for their Kindle editions, just their Amazon ASIN’s. But that ISBN would be really useful for book lovers. Sigh.

            Eureka, old habits coming back: Opt-G for the copyright symbol on the Mac. Wish there was a handy keyboard code for Thorn, upper and lower. But yay, I found the single and double guillemets again too.

            Not related to anything, but why couldn’t there be an HTML shortcut for the Checkmark and X-mark, a ballot box, and boxed check and X? These are used a lot in publishing. …Mutter, Mutter…

            • You might want to do a little research before going with Sculpey III I find that it warms and becomes very pliable very quickly, but the colors are great for projects. I use Super Sculpey for all my press molds because I like the detail I get. I bake at a slightly lower temp and cover everything loosely with foil. It makes for more even heat in a large oven. There has also been some debate about polymers contaminating ovens….containment stops those worries.
              I find self-hardening paper clay far too fragile for any project you might want to keep for any length if time, and have never been able to stop water reabsorbtion, no matter how much I coat it….of course i live in soggy New England!

              • P.S. If you create a face you like make a press mold of it!

              • Thanks for the advice, smartcat! I live in soggy near-coastal southern Texas, where it’s hot and humid nearly always, so…well, I’m still going to try the paperclay and see how it goes.

                About making a press mold: What I’ve seen on making molds involves a multi-step process to make an impression from the source to be duplicated, then to make the mold was one or two steps, and then to produce the duplicate from the mold. I’ll need to review on YouTube, where I’d seen video of a mold made from a clay sculpture used to make an alginate or resin copy.

                How would I go about making a press mold, then making the duplicate from the mold?

                Also, smartcat, I believe you’re registered for my ShinyFiction Forum, but that you haven’t logged in in a while. If you have trouble logging in, please email me or give a shout on one of the blogs.

  • Thanks, smartcat! You’ve got a lot more experience/knowledge than I have.

    I used a Japanese paperclay I got off ebay. It seemed pretty impervious once it was dry, but then I didn’t really test it for reabsorption.

    BCS: As for finish coat, you can use anything on the paperclay. You don’t have to coat it first unless you anticipate having to strip it down! 😀 It’s already got the tooth to paint.

    Initial coats on dolls are to protect the face from staining and to make it easier to wipe the faceup and start over…tho it also provide tooth on the smooth surface.

  • Dear Wiishu,

    Did your prezzie arrive in good condition so I can give feedback to the seller? 🙂

    • Oh, momma-D! I habent seeded nophin’! Oh Nooooossss (Goes running out of the room.)

      That’s because it’s wrapped and waiting for his birthday! One more week! 😀 But I did mean to tell you it arrived. We can hardly wait to find out what it is! He’s going to have quite a birthday! 😀

  • chondrite

    The little guy will be having quite the celebration. I put together a box for him, then added some other things, and shouldn’t forget Mr. Sparkle-spit, and… It’s taking the US Snail a while to get it there, they haven’t updated delivery status for more than 3 weeks!

    • chondrite – I don’t feel so put-out reading you’re having the same USPS problem!

      I have some Halloween outfits for my Pukifees from Thailand with the status ‘left sort facility’ in Kearny, NY since October 1st! Poor guys missed the Dolloween party completely since they had nothing appropriate to wear.

    • Psst, Wiishu has a shirt that should have arrived in the envelope with that Cat in the Hat robe. If it got “listed,” please let me know.

      Re US Snail – same here. Items I ordered since around Oct. 5th sent via US Snail have very hit-or-miss shipment tracking updates. No signs that’s improving either. Phooey!

      The MSC from JunkySpot arrived today. I will be very careful when I use it, if I use it. I’m going to try Liquitex Acrylic Matte Varnish first and see how it does.

      The Krylon Brown (etc.) is showing it won’t be shipped until Nov. 5th or 7th. I didn’t find it at my local Lowe’s. Will try Home Depot next week.

  • Hurray! Lookin’ good, Wiishu, buddy!

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