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I think she’s ready to blush

23 comments to I think she’s ready to blush

  • Looks like it to me, too!

    I find blushing easy to do, but I just recall my theatre makeup class tips. Anime shading techniques help, too.

  • I’m not particularly worried about it. I fear I’m a bit arrogant any more in my assumption that I can do stuff like this. 😀 It might take me far longer than it would take a professional, but I’ve done enough artwork in enough different mediums (media?) and I’m critical enough that I think I can make it good enough for me. 😀

    M and V both have rather specific color palettes and layers…a yellow tone, then a blue, then a pink…M in cool tones, V in warm…and I’m curious to see how it translates to the 3D model. It will either make them very unique…or a total mess! 😀 Fortunately, if it doesn’t work, you just start over!

  • That looks spot on, and the lighting really gives the dramatic poses you were after. Definitely going in the right direction.

    I look forward to seeing her painted and at her best.

    Dare I ask, is Vanye also to be modded before painting?

  • chondrite

    Is Morgaine’s right eye drooping slightly, or is that a trick of lighting?

  • I think it is. I think I also need to open it up a bit more on the inside. The eyes look too wide apart to me. But I’m letting her sit a day or two before going back.

    I followed the line of the eyes already on the face, but the more you mess with them, the more you realize that they’re warped. This is probably the only time in their existence they’re be photographed this way, so in general that wouldn’t make a different…a straight-on photo is rarely very interesting…But I’m still gonna fix it.

    You’ll notice another photo-collage up there. Vanye’s getting his done, too!

    • So, did you open Vanye’s sleeping head or just work with his OE plate?

      It’s exciting seeing them coming into themselves!

      Always good to let art ‘sit’ for a few days, as all us artists know already.

      • Sleeping face. Once again..if I screw it up, I at least have SOMETHING to use for him! I did a little more work on them…opened M’s eye a tiny bit more toward the center…can’t do much because the eyeball is already showing…gotta get that 6mm bit and get the eyes forward…and took V’s chin down a bit.

  • They’re going to look so good when you’re done – everyone will be asking what sculpts they are because they have been modded into unique characters!

  • Home again! Done running all over creation for today, had lunch, now I can rest.

    I have everything (I think!) needed / ordered for the faceups and dye jobs, except 2 Rit Dyes. Tomorrow, I’ll spray seal the two heads, dye the other, and the next tray, if all’s well, do the faceups.

    More update later, after I’ve had some sleep.

  • Fun with cats:

    I shopped today, crafts supplies (for BJD) and a trip to the pet store, then dropped these off at home before the Dollar Store and groceries.

    When I got back home, what did I find? The cats had found the new cat toys! Two balls were nowhere to be seen, batted about hither and yon. A new cloth carrot-shaped catnip toy lay on the guest bed, still damp. (It didn’t start out damp.) AHA! Two someones had found the loot!

    These were to be Goober’s anniversary presents. He was given to me on Oct. 31st seven years ago. So they got their presents early. Heheh. Looks like they’re enjoying them thoroughly. I put up the carrot so it isn’t overused and stays fresher (maybe). I’ll have it out periodically. I’m just sorry I missed seeing all the fun as they whizzed around playing with the new toys. They quite successfully pulled the carrot off the card. I can’t recall what packaging there was on the balls, and won’t know until I find them. Hah!

    Thankfully, I did have the presense of mind to put up the dry food, to prevent such an occurrence with it. Now I’ll remember always to check for all pet supplies.

    The two cats are *very* pleased with themselves, having surely pulled a fast one on the hew-mon staffer. 😉 They haven’t had new toys in a while. (Their old toys are where they’ve hidden them in the house, to be found next cleaning session.)

    The catnip carrot was a hit. I get the impression I’ll be getting another. (It’s darn cute, too.)

    The balls were a type I hadn’t seen before. I don’t recall if they were catnip, don’t think so. A hit also.

    I’d love to see Shu fascinated by the sparkly lights. — He may love the Christmas lights this year too. — Attaboys, Shu and Sei.

  • Too cute!

    How large is the carrot? Ours have always liked things the size of a small body pillow so they can hang onto it and kick snot out of it! 😀

  • He’s being dyed, Jane. So far, 12 minutes.

    My fingers are a nice brown too. Forgot my gloves.

    Meanwhile, I’ll photo that carrot.

  • @ Jane — Hey, I need some advice on dyeing the BJD, please.

    To summarize the posts in my forum:

    I started the dye job with the Obitsu Pale White BJD doll. He’s plastic and vinyl, ABS and PVC. I used Rit Dye Cocoa Brown Liquid and hot water (not boiling, just very hot from the tap). I didn’t add salt or vinegar. 2 qt. water, 2 tbsp. dye, stirred. Removed a cup (8 oz.) to prevent overflow. Put Pyrex measuring cup on top to submerge doll parts.

    About 30 min. later, added another 2 tbsp. dye, total of 4 tbsp. and 2 qt. – 8 oz. = 1 3/4 qt. = 24 oz., IIRC conversion factors, qt. and oz.

    This sat outside in direct sunlight, steeping, and it was checked every 30 min. to an hour. At around 5 PM, it finally looked a bit more tan than the Natural Flesh Tone. At 8:15 PM, it’s still light, not tan. Nowhere near brown, light, medium, or dark brown.

    My questions:

    Should I add salt or vinegar?

    Should I try heating the doll parts and dye bath in a double boiler? I think the double boiler offers less chance of him (ack!) melting, though I’d still have to check him.

    I have a fairly new medium-large double boiler I’ve used a few times. It’s steel. If I use it, do dare bleach and soap it out after and use it to cook with again?

    Alternately, I have a small, maybe too small, old pot to perch precariously atop another pot as a makeshift double boiler. The old pot is older than I am, a green that predates avocado, harvest gold, and that burnt orange from the 70’s.

    It’s that, I think, or else I let him sit overnight, and in the morning, I find if he’s still stubbornly light or if he’s turned a deep brown while I slept.

    I’ll be up another few hours, until around 11 PM my time (Central). So IIRC, that’s about 3 hours later than Pacific, i.e. Central = Pacific + 3?

    Opinions and advice, please?

  • He’s in the dye bath overnight. I wouldn’t dare to judge color too accurately, so I don’t plan to double, double, boil and bubble this late tonight. But I did take photos again and I’ll have those up in a bit, or else tomorrow morning.

    I want to check RitDye.com and Google some more too, but not tonight. Definitely something I should’ve done differently for better (and faster!) results. Still, I learned what not to do and have some idea of what to do next time.

    Oh – An old small Pyrex ramekin did the trick for a weight that would submerge the doll parts, fit in the jar, and let me seal it, so no nosy felines can get into it. Also, I got the tea strainer ball unstuck, so it’s now usable, if a bit late for what I needed.

    G’night, y’all. — I’ll get a few photos uploaded and posted to my forum before bed. — Spray sealing doll heads tomorrow, if all goes well.

  • Oh….nonononono! I’m sooo sorry. I said I’d be available and was totally absent. I’m SCUM!

    I can’t find pix on the site anywhere and it’s not letting me login. I do not know why. But anyway…

    I do not know why, but the dying threads on DoA advise against anything metal. Again, I don’t know why, I just went to the local second hand store and picked up a pyrex sauce pan. I do not know how that applies to him.

    Good grief. He’s floating? Have you got some chopsticks by any chance? you could stick the parts on chopsticks and use those to hold them under. From what you’re describing, my feeling is, if he’s still pale this AM:

    You might try extracting the doll parts, upping the dye content (mine was super concentrated—the whole packet in a saucepan) and heating the water to boiling. (Tap water is luke warm, as far as dying is concerned. 120 or thereabouts vs 212.) Then take it off the stove, and put the parts in, using the stick to hold the under. Dipping and lifting and checking the integrity of the plastic. When you are dying, you do not want the surface you want to dye touching anything. The prevents the dye from getting to that spot.

    But he is picking up color, right? This is good. I think you need to get the dye hotter. And if you can shift it into a glass pan, even better.

  • Hi, Jane. Don’t feel bad, I’m a big boy, y’know. I can handle it. 🙂 I konked out this morning, after a busy day yesterday and some time awake overnight. Rested now.

    The pix are (1) in the Toy Box section of my forum. See post: Dyeing fabric, vinyl, found objects and (2) on the Toy Box Tales site itself at: Workbench Slideshow wb002 . You are registered for my WordPress blog, but not for my forum. If you can’t login at my blog, or can’t register at the forum, please email me or note it here and I’ll get you sorted. I don’t have a handy sorting hat, though; ‘twould be nice.

    Hah, I’m going to leave him to soak until 01:15 PM here, so he’ll have had 24 hours, just for grins, to see what’s what.

    No metal, that’s right. That means the tea strainer ball wouldn’t have been a good idea after all. Drat. Ditto with the double boiler the way I’d thought of it. Thanks, I needed the reminder.

    Hmm…. I could try a double boiler using an old Pyrex or Corningware casserole dish for the top and an old pot for the bottom. I bet that’d work. Might end up having to get a new casserole dish for cooking, but that’s doable. Seems less risky than putting the parts directly in a pot on the stove.

    Your recommendation, boiling the dye solution and pouring it into a vessel with the doll parts weighted, that makes sense. Probably easier than the double boiler, and I’d think at this point, it’d work as well or better.

    Yes, the doll parts tend to float partially, so some tip is out of the water. Thus the ramekin to hold ’em down. I have chopsticks, that’d work too. I’m supposed to have cheese cloth for cooking, but I’d have to hunt it up in the cabinet where I think it’s stored. (LOL.) That is, make a net or sachet of the cheese cloth, tie it to a chopstick, affix the chopstick so the bag is submerged.

    Before that 24 hour mark, I’m going to prep to spray seal doll heads. (Not the one being dyed.) Gotta get out the old muffin pan and label who’s who with masking tape on the pan. Also have to transfer medium into a sprayer bottle. (Sprayer bottle via the Dollar Store, as none on hand were close to empty.)

    OK, Jane, thanks for the advice, that does help point me in the right direction.

    I’ll have another photo or two after checking him this afternoon, before attempting anything further, and pix of the spray sealing and further dyeing will go in a 3rd slideshow. Goggles, face mask, and gloves against the medium, even though I’ll be spraying outside, check. Even a cook’s tunic (cheap!) to complete the “mad scientist” look.

    Oh — I ordered a new desk lamp for where I’ve been photo’ing the dolls. It arrived this morning. My office desk lamp is an old but bright fluorescent light. The lamp on the guest room table is either 40 Watt or 60 Watt, too dim for good photos or good detail desk work. Yay on the lamp.

    Heck, this is fun stuff!

  • Checked him. He’s quite pale. There will be photos. I’m going to try the double boiler method after I spray seal the other heads. Now to pur medium into the sprayer bottle. I’ll post more when I’m done.

  • I really don’t think you’ll get much action out of the dye without getting it hot. It’s not designed for cold water.

  • Hi Jane. Yes, I went for the double boiler method. I let him simmer for an hour, hovering over it for the first 30 minutes, then checking at intervals to be sure things were going fine. After an hour, he was still pale but showing signs of taking the dye slightly. I turned the burner off so as not to overheat things. Just now, he’s a bit darker. I will keep checking about every 15 minutes. If I don’t see much change, I’ll turn on the heat again and boil. He’s still in the “not very tan” vicinity. I’ll give it until bedtime tonight, unless I get good results before then. We’ll see. I would have photos to show, but my camera battery decided it needed to charge, just as he’s starting to turn. I took photos earlier and will have more once my battery is charged. On the list: spare camera battery.

    The Liquitex Acrylic Matte Varnish and likewise the Medium are very opaque and thick, like Elmer’s glue. The bottle says they should dry slightly translucent. I didn’t spray the heads; I opted for more research. I didn’t yet get the kind Donna had suggested, and need to look at where I wrote that down. I’ll likely go with it or order the Mr. Super Clear, or take a chance on the Liquitex. Turns out it may have been just as well anyway. Looks like we’re gearing up for rain earlier than predicted.

    Aside: The older-than-I-am muffin pans? Evidently I didn’t find them the last time I made muffins. But since I didn’t spray, I’ll have a chance to find the old ones or get another that’s cheaper than the good new pan. On the plus side, there are side benefits to all this. The new lamp arrived, and I’ll get it set up tonight.

  • Back to boiling BJD boys being browner.

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