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Morgaine's faceup begins

But first I have to mod the faceplate. My first faceup (I don’t really count Tink) and what do I do? an eye opening, shape modding on one of the tinier faceplates around.

I’m officially out of my mind.

morgaine1This is what I did last night. Obviously, the goal is to get something approximating the shot from the comic. I’d like to build her nose up just a bit, but can’t find anything remotely close to the FLl natural skin color to do it with, so will probably content myself with having sanded down the ski-jump nose she had. In addition to opening the one eye to her more heavy-lidded, look down her nose at you expression, I enhanced her cheekbones and began to sand down chin.


morgaine2After tonight: other eye open, the slight cleft in her chin is beginning to happen, more cheekbones and her collogened lips are a little less full. I’ll probably take a little of the cupid’s bow out of the mouth as well, tho that c/b dicey.

23 comments to Morgaine’s faceup begins

  • At the risk of a virtual beating…..have you thought of making your own faces out of polymer clay? I know you have so much ‘free’ time on your hands that you will want to jump right into a new project. (I’m ducking!)

    • Actually, I’m considering it a lot more now that I’ve worked with it. Shrinkage is a problem—I just don’t have a good feel for that—but if I make it thick enough, fit could be adjusted.

  • dhawktx

    Just be careful of the resin crumbs Jane! That stuff is toxic to breathe and the dust easily gets into everything. I always do my mods with a sink full of water that I can safely drain – making sure to rinse down the residue in the bottom so it doesn’t dry and become airborn!

  • Uh, oh…I think I’m dead. Seriously.

  • chondrite

    Nice work on the mod. The changes are subtle but working; I agree that Morgaine is more chiseled, less Angelina Jolie bee-stung pout. She’s a fighter, not a fashion model! On my computer, the first pic where you opened her right eye is directly over top of the original drawing, and the resemblance is remarkable.

    If the thought of snorting resin dust now fills you with dread, I’m pretty sure that one of the little paper masks for other sanding projects will keep most of it away. Damp cloths for a mopdown, and you’re good to go.

    Froofy was up on the roof last night, miaouwing pitifully because she was up here, and the food was down there; she was downstairs for breakfast, however. I hear the herd thundering about up there sometimes, or at least one or two of them. I’m not sure how good that is for the shingles.

    • dhawktx

      chondrite, the issue with the resin dust is that it turns nasty when it gets in your lungs. There’s any number of doll mod artists who scoffed at the warnings, let the resin dust fly with merely a paper mask or less, and taken minimal concern over cleanup – shake things off, toss the clothes in the wash and vacuum… then 1 or 2 years into their ‘career’ have to quit ‘due to health reasons’. Only a few have been brave enough to post ‘I’ve been stupid about the resin dust’ on the boards.

      That said, as long as Jane is more cautious going forward she should be fine. Any large mods (which I don’t see happening here) would be best done outside of the main house (like a garage w/out the cars in it or even on an outside deck/paito), with a disposable painter’s tarp down, proper filter mask, protective clothing, etc, then a careful brush down of all the stuff from the work clothes and shoes, clothes straight into the wash, self straight into a shower and the tarp rolled up and tossed.

  • WOL

    Help me get some perspective on this. We’re talking about an inch, inch-and-a-half long as the size on this face?

    • Hopefully the pic of Vanye’s face with my hand in it will help. These dolls are taller than Wiishu, but because of the adult proportions, and in fact super hero proportions, the faces are much smaller. They’re a bit larger than a Barbie.

      I’ll go take a comparison photo.

  • How did you drill out the eyeholes? I’m thinking of that as an option to painting in eyes or decals, since many heads I might like don’t have pre-cut eyeholes, and those that do are more expensive.

    She looks excellent so far. — The comic illo looks so good that size.

    I “organized” last night, got a fair bit done, but didn’t take photos, so that’s for tonight.

    I’m going to try putting eyes in the heads. Bwahaha!

    Oh, and…last night, I was taking the head off the first BJD, pulled and *AAIIEE!!* the waist joint pulled apart! You should’ve heard me yelp. You’d have thought I killed the poor guy. Funny how taking the head off didn’t do that, but an unexpected result did. I’d had to put the head on initially, of course. But (laughs) my reaction… *snicker*. Very manly, yessiree. I’m fine now. (lol) The doll was quickly fixed.

    OK, off to take photos of all the loot….

    (Also, is it bad that I’m already craving pumpkin pie and cranberries?)

    (Ooohhh! Just had a *great* idea (haha) to add to that 2nd episode.) (…Gotta find the cookie cutters. Think they’re in the “cooking gadget utensils” drawer…)

  • chondrite

    For drilling out eyeholes et. al., try looking for the small Dremel bits on Amazon or ebay. I have a set of diamond bits that have proven invaluable for small fiddly sculpts, and diamond cutoff wheels for when bigger parts need to be removed. For better control, you can put them in one of the jewelrymaker’s adjustable screwdriver handles, if a Dremel is just too much, too fast, and maneuver it by hand. Files are jeweler’s files. If you want to do intricate cuts, look for jeweler’s saws, which can make lace out of anything sturdy enough not to crumble.

  • Thanks, Chondrite. I looked up a Dremel set last night and found it was about $90. Not this month, but a future item, I think. I’ll look about jeweler’s tools.

  • What’s your obitsu actually made out of?

  • This says that the Obitsu are made out of ABS and PVC, plastic and vinyl, rather than resin. I am not sure if all Obitsu are non-resin, however.

  • dhawktx

    BCS, which head are you wanting to put eyes into?

  • dhawktx

    Yeah, that kind of eye you have to usually cut with a very small sharp xacto blade and then sand down. If you can find a 6mm dremel abrasive ball you can make eye wells. Eye putty (aka poster tack) will keep the eyes in place.

    • I have that same Ares head with the eyeholes already cut out. It doesn’t have enough vinyl to make even shallow eye wells for them.

      I also cut out the neck ‘pillar’ because the head wouldn’t move otherwise. I have pics but I haven’t had the chance to get them post-ready.

      It’s been a busy few weeks and it’s not over yet.

  • Hey all. 🙂 Those first eyes, blue and green, arrived without the stems, which is fine, actually might help in this case, though yes, for positioning the gaze/focus, stems help. A later order had eye stems, so all’s well there.

    I’d ordered putty, the dissolved putty, from JunkySpot and found out it’s quite thin. What did I know about eye putty? I can pick up some poster tack at the store easily. The other will come in handy sometime.

    I was asking about drilling out the eyeholes, in case I get a head with closed eyes and want to try opening them, rather than painting the eyes in or using decals. The openings and acrylic or glass eyes have depth, glow, and realism that I like. Not ready to try that yet, and there’s still much prep (sealing and faceups) for what I do have.

  • dhawktx

    BCS – You can actually buy a small hand chuck to put the Dremel bits and grinders into so you have a LOT more control.

  • If/when I do that, I’d better write that down. Pens and pencils, those I’m used to. Power drills? Not so much. 😀

  • You can actually get through most resin that I’ve come up against with a steady hand on the bit. No power necessary. Slower, but it can be done. And it also keeps the dust under control, if yu have water in a bowl to rinse everything in.

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